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  1. looking great Ross, i would have spent an hour marking out those, but that's just me, critical cuts for sure. how do you plan to cut the dadoes ?
  2. You might try a search, I know it’s been talked about and I think Sherwin Williams paint was used don’t remember witch one
  3. Scraps of wood, some glue, maybe some small containers of different latex paint and some foam brushes. You should be good for awhile. ( worked when my kids were that age)
  4. Yep that’s the way my wife felt for about a day and a half, me hardly any effect, I think it’s because I have a lot more mass than she does
  5. treeslayer


    Went to the recently renovated Veterans Memorial today, thanks to all who’s served and Welcome Home
  6. Looking great, I always dread putting on hardware on any project, always figured it was my last chance to screw something up, get it , SCREW something up
  7. For small holes or gaps I’ve been mixing Schellac with fine wood dust of the same species of wood, small amounts, lake a paste and fill, work fast as Schellac dries really fast.
  8. “All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing” you did good Coop, I hope they throw the book at those people, well done sir !
  9. Great work @Coop ! I thought I was the only one who counted the pieces in a project, nice to know I’m in good company, and you should be good on points with Sharon, at least for a little while
  10. well that's our goal isn't it, to make our wives happy and its a great goal ! those came out great. my wife has a favorite thing that i made for her and its not the one i would have picked as the best thing but she's happy with all the things I've made for her over the last 45 years so i can't complain
  11. Some final contouring and sanding and you’re on your way to some great gifts, just beware they are addictive
  12. Well @sapling111276 I’ll be honest, it could be better I think but it’s not bad IMO, what’s the other side look like? I ask because maybe your edge isn’t square to the face, how long is the board and what’s the length of your joiner ? And welcome back
  13. Well, beautiful work as expected @Chet, I always enjoy your builds lots of great new ideas to up my game, what I also really like is your No Soliciting sign in the background, speaks for itself, well done sir !
  14. I try to keep them about 1/4” thick off the bandsaw so they end up a little less than that, width is 1 3/4” for the wide ones I make and 1 1/2” for the narrow ones but that depends on the wood I’m using, would love to see some pictures of yours when they are done.
  15. just send that money south Drew , great woman you have that you have there, i wish mine wanted a pressure washer!
  16. Mi-T-M products are made about 5 miles from me, like the little one you have @Tom King, I don’t know why I don’t have one yet, seems it would be ideal for washing vehicles and small jobs
  17. Never thought much about YouTube @Coop until I had to change a headlight bulb in the daughters car, it would still be burnt out if I didn’t look it up, the people that designed some of this stuff never had to repair it
  18. Well done Dave, nice work. Be sure to sign and date it, you’ll be glad you did in 20 years
  19. I agree, what a great ride, beautiful work !
  20. Blum Soft-Close , cool doors @collinb
  21. Happy Anniversary @Tom King and many more !
  22. treeslayer


    I had the pleasure of a visit today from @Ronn W on his way back from woodworking school, great time, much wood talk, and a great lunch provided by my wife. Thanks for stopping by Ronn, always good to see you and talk wood stuff.
  23. Way good start @Chestnut, full extension BB drawer slides or something else ?
  24. wow! that's cool @Coop and the fact that they survived is amazing
  25. Completely agree with @Tom Kingi love my Leigh but the settings must be right, watch the videos several times, boards correctly milled for thickness and square, record your settings when you get one right and keep your test piece for reference when you get on to it it’s a great tool IMO, I use mine for all kinds of joinery