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  1. No clue as to what happened but sure would like to know what you find out
  2. Congratulations on your retirement, it’s pretty good on this side of the fence, I retired in 2004, where did the time go ? Doing whatever I want of course ! Good luck with the move
  3. I have a couple of the Freud flat top, using them for years with no problem
  4. @BillyJack are you getting any bowing in the rails ? That’s a long span and are they solid or hollow tubes on the top ?
  5. Looks like an awesome time Drew, what’s for supper ?
  6. Sounds like a great project for father and son and that’s some beautiful wood, as to the fiberglass, I’ve never done it so I don’t know but IMO I wouldn’t think it would be necessary, it’s going to get dings eventually anyway and will have a great story to tell, be sure to post some pictures of the build as you go and welcome to the forum, great bunch of folks here we’re glad to have you and your son
  7. Nice work Coop! Now if he can just remember where he put the box, maybe next to the munchies will help him find it
  8. Welcome @roughsawnand @JennyS glad to have you here, tell us more about yourselves, woodworking experience, tools you have ect.
  9. My compressor is in an unheated garage, I have an overhead heater that I use when working in there, the only issue I have is condensation in the tank from it going to cold to warm every day, I pump it up and pull the tank drain and let it blow off to get rid of the water in the tank but it runs every day no problem
  10. Hats off to you Ross, that’s old school stuff right there
  11. Stunning work Joe, I’m in awe, what’s the final resting place for it ? It should be on display somewhere so others can be as amazed as we are
  12. dig 90' down, if there is a stone marker with strange markings call the History Chanel ASAP, if it were me i would have to dig, at least some way down, i love a good treasure hunt
  13. Smart *** Coop, keep it up and I’ll send some sub zero temps your way
  14. I would get off the fence on this one, I like it and I think it’s only going to get better with age, great work so far as usual
  15. You might touch base with @CoopI think he has used them or something like that
  16. Congratulations on the baby news !! Always good to follow your projects Drew
  17. Made a couple out of all cedar, made shingles out of cedar and used pin nailer and TB3 to secure them to the roof, treated with 2 coats of Watco natural oil, holding up quite well after 3 years
  18. I think you’re right on track Ross, thinking felt or veneer for in top of the MDF ?
  19. Looks great @Coop, consider that idea stolen
  20. Titebond 3 because ? Longer open time or other ?
  21. treeslayer


    We get that frost around here, eastern Iowa ,@wtnhighlander, pretty cool stuff, that’s some great pictures
  22. treeslayer


    Well I know way back people used to “ shave” or file the edges of coins and so the ridges let you know the coin hadn’t been shaved, I don’t know about pennies or nickels but you have my attention
  23. Keep rubbing it in Coop and I’ll come down there with my tent, high temp of 9 today with windchill of minus 20 and it’s only going to get worse, I check the temp in Houston every day and can’t wait for spring to come here
  24. Looks great! I wish I could get half that much done in a day, never had shop envy but yours may push me over the edge, well done
  25. Always wanted one of those, how do you like it?