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  1. Good info @Chestnut I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with it, you don’t hear much about the Rockler brand of lifts and I don’t know why, mine has performed great and the price is reasonable, nice score, be sure to post some pictures when you get it installed
  2. Time to get with the plan @Coop and get a lift, I hated going under that table to make adjustments, giant PIA in my opinion, very fine adjustments and bit changes all from the top of the table, no bending down again. I put a PC 690 variable speed router in mine, I don’t often use large bits but when i do it handles it quite well I think, you’ll never regret a lift
  3. I can use the regular flat wrenches on mine Coop the lift raises the collet up just high enough, but offset wrenches would be nice, I hold the bit just off the bottom and tighten the collet by hand till snug then wrench it tight
  4. Just north of that RR bridge was one made for cars and wagons but before that people used to cross there on the ice on a regular basis, different times for sure
  5. Went for a walk by the Mississippi with the “boss” on her birthday, ice is starting to break up in spots but it’s going to be a while till it’s all open water
  6. @Chestnut this is what holds the height on the Rockler lift, tighten the brass gear/nut to the desired tension to keep the height “locked” lock it with the Allen screw, as I’ve said I have had to tighten mine a couple of times over the years and mine has screws for the inserts but I don’t have to remove it for but changes, I like the idea of no screws on the model you’re looking at, good luck,
  7. I have an older Rockler lift @Chestnut and for the most part I like it, my version has no lock for the height, I’ve had it slip a couple of times in the last 6 years, it gets loose and can be tightened, just something I have to keep my eye on, the hex height adjustment is in the top of the table and always gets filled with chips-dust and has to be cleaned out to get the wrench in. Plastic inserts are ok and have not been a problem for me, I haven’t checked out the newer models but I know I’ll never be without a lift again
  8. You do great work Ronn and this piece is beautiful, the walnut has some very nice grain and the whole table is in proportion, an heirloom for sure. Jan an I use the gift you gave us every day and am still in awe of your veneer skills
  9. Not so fast Mick, the gun may come tomorrow lots of people shoot 45ACP and it’s in short supply right now, convert it to woodworking supplies, should be north of 30 bucks a box
  10. nice stack of frames Drew, what method do you use to mount the glass and backer boards ? i use a Fletcher Framemaster that I've had for many years and really like it for mounting glass and backer boards.
  11. Isn’t evaporust powerful stuff? I’ve never used it but I have heard it’s used to freshen up the points on wood files, just seeking knowledge as usual
  12. I would try 0000 steel wool and some WD40 and if that works re-coat with a good paste wax. If that doesn’t work I would try some very fine wet-dry Emory paper with WD, I’m sure others will chime in with better ideas
  13. Looks great Paul, I don’t know how some people work in an unorganized shop, having things where you need them in an organized fashion really improves work flow IMO
  14. i've heard good things about these, i could use a larger compressor and definitely a quieter one but the one i have just won't die
  15. Looks great Mick, and I like the lay-out lines to prevent any mistakes like I have made. What kind of wood is that?
  16. Beautiful table, nice clean lines and that cherry beautiful as it is will only get better over time, well done !
  17. Good news Ronn, we got our first last week, a small light at the end of a very long tunnel but it’s a start, and maybe my lumber guy will let me back in the building instead of bringing me out the wood he picks
  18. Very nice @gee-dub I have got to try a sculpted top like that. I have used chain stops before and I agree, meh, but they work, look ok and the price is right, well done!
  19. Yeah you could make a really nice drill press table for 50 bucks unless you don’t want to make one or there’s something about the Woodpecker that you really like and can’t make
  20. Probably closer to 7/8” Coop, thanks for the compliment, I do like to build them, I should have sent you the patterns I use with them but I’ve seen your talent and I’m sure you can figure it out, great gifts, quick build, not much wood all a plus in my book, glad Sharon likes them !
  21. Talented man, invite him to the forum @Coop I know I could learn from him
  22. I’ve used the bendable ply @Coop but I’ve never applied veneer to it but I don’t see any reason it couldn’t be done after it was bent. Looking close at the pictures it appears that what they used was thin also, you can see blocking inside on the curve and at the corners and edges. I’m guessing a shallow rabbit on a frame and thin ply glued to it, I’ll look closer tomorrow, nice looking piece if done right
  23. That came out great and a very nice compliment to that table and you’re right that is some of the best figure I’ve seen in a while, well done !
  24. well if the dog sled mailman makes it thru they will be at your house in a few days, have Sharon make some brownies with them to keep you warm
  25. yeah, kind of a spoon and spatula combination, stir, mix stuff. wife and kids use theirs all the time