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  1. Sorry @Coop somehow that picture got reversed the hinges are on the left, drawers are front only, good catch though you’re the only one that noticed ! All drawers are full extension Accuride except the top right drawer for 1/4” bits that’s just a wood slide, I was going to put the switch there but it was a poor choice for it so I moved the switch to the end on the right side and made that spot a drawer for 1/4” bits. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, pkinneb said:

    Hopefully I can finish both up tomorrow I also need to do the burn in on my new pellet smoker.

    yeah that's a huge glue up for sure but well done. i friend has a pellet smoker and is a master at running it, i never turn down in invitation for supper at his house

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  3. Really coming out very nice Paul, what a great final resting place for your dad, he would be proud. Quick question, the auxiliary fence that’s over your factory rip fence, how is it held in place ? I’d like to make one, seems like it would come in handy, thanks in advance. 

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  4. beautiful work Paul that will really pop with some finish on it, and i'll chime in on that style of clamps @Chet, i had some custom made many years ago by a friend and i much prefer them to the band clamps, i think they are easier to put on and can be set before the glue up among other reasons, mine are made of aluminum and use 1/4" threaded rod

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  5. 7 hours ago, Coop said:

    So only the motor fits into the lift and not the entire fixed based router? I’m slow at catching on! :o

    That’s correct Coop just the motor, I think all the big names sell just the bare motor, no base, we’re not slow, we’re pacing ourselves :P

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  6. 3 hours ago, Ronn W said:

    We played mumbly peg 50 years ago. 


    20 hours ago, Coop said:

    Mumblety-peg with a knife.

    my wife thought i was crazy when i told her my dad taught me how to play that, all us kids carried a pocket knife, we had to have something to cut up the watermelon and apples we liberated from the local farm

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  7. Good info @Chestnut I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with it, you don’t hear much about the Rockler brand of lifts and I don’t know why, mine has performed great and the price is reasonable, nice score, be sure to post some pictures when you get it installed

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  8. Time to get with the plan @Coop and get a lift, I hated going under that table to make adjustments, giant PIA in my opinion, very fine adjustments and bit changes all from the top of the table, no bending down again. I put a PC 690 variable speed router in mine, I don’t often use large bits but when i do it handles it quite well I think, you’ll never regret a lift

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