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  1. Whichever one I can find is my favorite!!! Actually I've become fairly fond of the Home Depot brand HDX. They have 1/32 markings throughout the entire length of the tape versus only having the first foot as other brands. I work with sheet metal so I need the 32's.
  2. I have stayed away from it because of it's reputation for being very unstable. It gows very fast and is commonly grown as wind breaks.
  3. Yes, I agree with that statement but you still have the depths and widths to deal with and you have to make sure you don't rabbet or dadoe in the wrong place!!!
  4. IMHO I would use dadoes and rabbets simply for the "practice" Utility cabinets aren't has critical as kitchen cabinets so it's a good opportunity to try different techniques and hone your skills as well. If you don't need the practice then I would go with pocket screws.
  5. MikeM, Where do you get this tape? I usually use turners tape but it definitely is not re-usable.
  6. I apologize if you feel I came across too strongly but I do feel strongly about it because for 11 years I worked part-time retail and was affected by customers that would do exactly that. It sucks to spend time with a customer explaining a products features and then have them by it on-line or at a big box store. When sales are down the first thing that happens is that employee hours get cut. I have no problem buying on-line myself but I'll read on-line reviews instead of using a stores resources to determine if the product suits me. Personally I feel that customer service is very important
  7. I really disagree with that thinking. The brick and mortar stores have their expenses including paying for that employee that helped you plus the cost of having the Saw Stop display that you looked at. If enough people have that attitude then there won't be any B&M stores.