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  1. Did anybody else question the price? It's a neat looking old saw but I wouldn't pay over $800 for it if it was cherry. Based on what info I could find, the BORK will not work. I will follow up with Shane via email.
  2. I've developed an insert for the Emerson-built Craftsman contractor saws. It has a rear clip and front screw. I'm using polycarbonate and because the insert is so thin (3/16"), I use a center rib for reinforcement. I notch the rib to fit under the table top in place of the clip.
  3. I bought a Craftsman CS to use to develop a BORK or splitter system for these saws. I've had more inquires from owners of these saws than any other make/model. I don't need these parts so I will pass on my good fortune. Keep in mind that these prices reflect included shipping costs. Local pickup welcome for reduced prices. I'm 30 miles east of Cincinnati. Align A Rip XRC 24/30" Fence with micro adjust. Dirty but undamaged. Mounting bolts and nuts included. $155 shipped lower 48. 120/240 volt, 13/6.5 amp motor with switch and cords. Runs strong, no play in shaft. Outer insul
  4. With a minimum purchase of $100, use the coupon code- Whisper -and receive a 20% discount. Thanks.
  5. Hi Jerry, Sorry, I do not know. My intent was to provide a couple sizes that would cover the majority of the saws out there. I've had inquires about inserts as long as 15" and as wide as 5". Within reason, these larger sizes are not a problem and I will not charge extra. Also, the slot through cut can be sized to your specs. Thanks for asking.
  6. The BORK Store Use coupon code Whisper for a 20% disount through 12/31. Thanks for a great year.
  7. Hi Brett, Now that you mention it, airgunning is(or was)a hobby of mine. I have a Brazilian made Daisy 1000fps .177 break lever rifle with scope and I had Crosman build a scoped CO2 pistol for me. We moved and I built a barn and I haven't shot much in a year. Doing this stock reminded me that I cut some walnut blanks for the pistol and I need to get those carved and mounted. Happy Thanksgiving.
  8. I used the cutting board from the top of a portable dishwasher and it's 27" x about 24". I'm 6-2 and it's 38" off the floor.
  9. SIL stopped by yesterday. He wants to teach his 4 & 6 y/o boys (they look like me ) safe shooting with a BB gun. Problem is the stock err..stock is too long for them. Grandpa to the rescue (and lovin' it)
  10. Hi Trace, I've actually been debating using cement. At this stage, I've built some jigs to drill accurate holes and I'm using #4 sheet metal screws. The mounting hardware in the upper half also adds stability. I've settled on a 3" inside width for the production model and it will have a dust port that will accept 2.5" or 2.25" hose. Other sizes will be made to order. I've also settled on a name: The BORK Dust-Collecting Blade Cover or DCBC. It is now available through my store and I'm offering a sale price in addition to the Whisper coupon code discount. DCBC at Edit
  11. Hi Rob, I used the translucent fiberglass panels on a lean to on the back of my shop for storage. It was an oven in the summer and fairly warm on sunny winter days. I would go with the conventional roof and consider real sky lights or the tubes that transmit light. Congratulations on the new digs.
  12. Here's a cover at 3.5" wide. The saw blade is at 45* bevel and fully raised. The added width allows direct connection of a 2.25" shop vac hose.
  13. The post by NorwegianWoodworker got me off my butt and I devised this blade cover that I've been thinking about for quite some time. I'm building these with 3/16" polycarbonate to make them sturdy and the weight tends to act like anti-kickback pawls. The design permits the cover to be suspended at any desired height. It moves right or left to accomodate different cuts and will allow the use of a crosscut sled with a fence up to 3.5" high. Designed to work with the BORK, it will work equally well with saws with factory riving knives. The cover will be custom made to
  14. Mine is not quite ready for the market but I am developing an overhead dust collecting blade guard. I'll keep you posted. Bob Ross Please pray for our troops. Semper Fi!!