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  1. Nice markers! I once made a similar one but the CA glue didn't last. It came apart after a few uses. So recently I made a new one using wood for the top part and epoxy for glue. I don't think this one is going to come apart, seems pretty sturdy, but time will tell.
  2. I have those blades. They're intended for modelers and they work OK on balsa wood. I did cut some 3/4" dovetails with those but they have the tendency to wander a lot and they are slow (they will break easily).
  3. What size is recommended for dovetails? 3 or 5 inches? I'm asking about the fret saw with swivel blade clamps.
  4. I want that saw too. I use a jewelers saw but the blade doesn't swivel. Make sure you order the right saw, check this thread:
  5. When something works, then stops working after a while, then again, the problem is often in the capacitors. I see 3 of them on your board, the black things standing upright. But in order to test them accurately with a multimeter they have to be removed from the board... Bad capacitors often have a bulged appearance, I can´t tell if yours are OK from the pics. That said I wouldn't mess with a power supply board like yours, I would just replace it or have it inspected by a technician.
  6. Since I don't have large quantities of anything but small quantities of everything, I bought five double sided organizers from Wallmart. The price was low and so is the quality (no metal parts, plastic everywhere), but after a couple years of intensive use no one has failed yet.
  7. Same here, but I use a piece of MDF instead. My bench top is home center pine so I don't have to worry about keeping it pristine, but that layer of MDF gives me more confidence when doing things like removing the waste or paring with chisels.
  8. I added a bidet to my b'day wishlist.
  9. If you need a block plane to start a fire you may as well use a lighter
  10. Immortan D


    Long time ago my wife wanted a medicine cabinet for the bathroom and she also wanted it painted. So I made it out of pine and pocket screws and painted it white. End of story.
  11. I did the same thing a week ago to plug my new lamp and other tools. Great minds think alike
  12. I made yet another dovetail marker. This version is by far smaller than my previous contraption and looks nicer too. The reinforcement on the front also serves as a tiny handle of sorts.
  13. I transformed a desk lamp into a workbench lamp. It slides on the t-tracks at the side of my workbench.