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  1. Another option is a power inverter for your car so you can power up an electric chainsaw or even a circular saw. I think a 2000 watt unit is about $ 150 or even less.
  2. I made a couple of projects with eucalyptus, my tool chest and more recently a bedside table. It's on the soft side, very easy to work with power and hand tools, just be careful with the splinters.
  3. You have to click on the components button of Sketchup web. Search the database and when you see the model you want, click on the download button and wait... after a while the downloaded model will show up on your drawing.
  4. Looks like the test subject has been testing this technology for a while
  5. Pretty much something like this: Maximum rip capacity = D - 33.5" Where D is the distance between your blade and the wall, with a 32" carriage and a 1.5" fence.
  6. If you do multiple passes with your SCMS chances are you'll get a nice burn. I saw that happening on my dado walls, mainly because I was being extra cautious, pushing the blade too slowly.
  7. The exact number will depend on your setup, but with 8" clearance on the right side you will be loosing around 20" of rip capacity. The Incra positioner TS carriage is 32" and needs to overhang in order to give you maximum rip capacity. BTW I don't have a TS-LS but a 25" LS system for my router table.
  8. My two cents: I only clamp the left side of the board and cut with my right hand, so my body is in front of the left side of the board, my left hand plays no role. I wear full face protection. I've been using my SCMS (12" Bosch glider with depth stop) to cut dadoes lately. I did not feel unsafe doing it. I never do the pull back stroke thingy. Honestly it doesn't feel right when I see it on video. About cutting thick hardwood stock on the SCMS, I've never done it so I have nothing to contribute.
  9. Nice! Out of curiosity, why not just use your SCMS instead?
  10. I bought a plan for chair once. Still sitting on it.
  11. Looks like an edge clamp, like the Bessey KT5, used to clamp edging strips with regular bar clamps.
  12. I'm not sure, but looks like those knife hinges will require more clearance between the doors, a more visible gap. But again, I maybe wrong.
  13. SOSS invisible hinges may work and are truly invisible in closed position.
  14. It's always a bad idea to take a nap on your table saw with the power on.