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  1. I found a woman just like that, quite a babe she was. I ended up buying overpriced tools I didn't need. And no, she was not interested.
  2. That's just a gear from a broken spinning reel I took apart a couple of years ago. BTW the tool is not a center punch, it's a scriber I use as an awl, and that gear serves as a protective cap for now.
  3. Been doing more tool fitting over the weekend in order to accommodate my dividers and a few more tools:
  4. Nice saw! A while ago I ordered Japanese saws from Germany. They sent me a set of Dicks.
  5. I have a 12" Bosch glide and never used it even close to its full capacity. But overall I'm happy with the saw, I don't think I would ever step back to a smaller one.
  6. I made an attachment for my Starrett combination square heads and my LN side rabbet planes, here's a short video: For those of you who haven't seen my tool chest build, here's a link:
  7. I guess vegans don't need TP anymore.
  8. That's why I use a bucket. And as a rule of thumb, someone else on the boat will catch a fish while I'm using it.
  9. Yeah must be for number one. You strap it to your leg, no need for adult diapers.
  10. Immortan D


    Foggy night, a view from my apartment:
  11. Immortan D


    Without anything better to do, I grabbed my 17 years old Sony DSC-F828 and started shooting boring objects around the house. My goal was to get the "perfect" pict right out of the camera, without any post-processing whatsoever. Here are a few examples: