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  1. No. All tools were available for ordering. If the tool was not in stock, they would send you an email with the estimated delivery time and give you the option to remove that tool from your order or just wait.
  3. I have the LN medium and large. The large is about 60% heavier than the medium one, so yes, big difference. I prefer to use the large one whenever possible. If you're using them upright, for tasks other than cleaning shoulders, they're not the easiest planes to use... I think the Veritas shoulder planes have better ergonomics.
  4. I needed an attachment to hang my small tripod from my bag, so here it is, the final product and the materials I used to make it:
  5. I meant using the hardware to support the vertical member, so the poles will be pointing down. I don't know if it is going to be strong enough with just a screw, maybe epoxy on the poles could help. No guarantees though.
  6. Floating shelf hardware may work.
  7. I've been successfully using dowels for years and they can withstand a good amount of load, for example these shelves I made 3 years ago for my daughter out of pine wood: Old pic, but they're still as good as new! But I know everyone here hates dowels ha!
  8. Long clamps (24" and up): parallel or pipe clamps work a lot better than bar clamps.
  9. Seems like their goddess Cardea is still protecting those hinges. "Cardea was the ancient Roman goddess of health, thresholds, door handles, and hinges. Her name comes from cardo, meaning door-pivot. She protected children against vampires and witches, and was also the benefactress of craftsmen." (from
  10. Immortan D


    I was taking pictures of the moon and on one of them I captured what looks like a shadow on the surface of the moon. It could also be something that got in the way between my camera and the moon, like a bird or a plane, I wouldn't know. I'm posting pics with and without the shadow.
  11. Looks like some form of Brazilian mahogany, or maybe Cumaru wood.
  12. You can assign a keyboard shortcut to any windows program, I have CTRL-ALT-S to the snipping tool but I seldom remember to use it.
  13. I have a shortcut to the snipping tool on my taskbar and since 99.99% of the time I only need to capture a part of the screen and not the entire screen or window, I've found it to be the quickest and easiest way to do it. But YMMV. BTW I've always used better alternatives to Paint, Notepad and other legacy programs, even on Win 3.1
  14. If you're using Windows, you can use the Snipping Tool (SnippingTool.exe). It let's you capture a part of the screen and then draw on it. Finally you can save the image or copy it to the clipboard. The app is part of Windows, no need to install anything. If you don't see a shortcut for the app, press the Start key, type snipping tool, and then press Enter.