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  1. I guess it depends on the situation. A template for a PC guide bushing will ensure repeatability and handle the stops. A friend of mine needed to make a single stopped flute centered on all four sides of four very narrow tapered legs. Only solution we found was to make a template, with fences on the sides so the legs fitted in like a globe.
  2. I used to have a 1" auger bit in my camping kit, pretty much something like this: A branch was inserted in the eye of the bit to use as the handle. Unfortunately I lost it and never replaced it. It was a nice a tool for making contraptions and temporary stoves.
  3. For those interested in tire repair kits, here is a recent video from Project Farm (a very useful channel BTW):
  4. Immortan D


    Very nice shot! Did you use an ND filter?
  5. Right now my wrenches are on my bench. I spent a good part of the weekend cleaning them and painting the engravings to improve visibility.
  6. I needed to replace a broken ratcheting screwdriver (Bahco) and went for a Milwaukee 9-in-1, just because it was 40% cheaper than the newer 10-in-1, which only adds a (gimmicky) wire striper to the handle. I also picked up the stubby version. First time ever buying anything Milwaukee, I hope they don't disappoint.
  7. I'd make them thinner, something like this:
  8. All I know is that miter joints on large picture frames will come apart over time, unless splines or keys or dowels or half laps or something like that was used to reinforce the joint. I think we've all seen that happening. A butt joint is going to be weak regardless of grain direction.
  9. Immortan D


    Air lines are like moisture magnets. I wouldn't want that in the same conduit with my power lines.
  10. I got them from a local guy who appears to be no longer in business... I just tried to find something similar on Amazon and ebay to no avail.
  11. I use unbranded drill guides and make my own jigs according to the application. I can position them anywhere using edge guides and/or screws. I use dowels a lot in my projects with good results.
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    I live in Argentina, near Buenos Aires city.
  13. Immortan D


    That's a silverside fish, known as "pejerrey" down here in Argentina.