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  1. Immortan D

    What type of hinge would you use

    I'm not sure, but looks like those knife hinges will require more clearance between the doors, a more visible gap. But again, I maybe wrong.
  2. Immortan D

    What type of hinge would you use

    SOSS invisible hinges may work and are truly invisible in closed position.
  3. It's always a bad idea to take a nap on your table saw with the power on.
  4. Immortan D

    Stringing, Fluting, Beading and such

    I'm looking at the LN-Latta stringing kit... man, that's pricey!
  5. Immortan D

    Bench Dog brand planes

    Richard, do you have any Bedrock planes?
  6. Flip-top table hinges may be suitable for your project, like these ones:,43586
  7. Immortan D

    6" Carpenters Square

    I wonder about the precision of those Chinese knock-offs. A Swanson speed square is $10.
  8. Immortan D

    Advice on finding the right set of tools

    I don't know anything about those enclosures for reptiles, but If your plan is to build them with plywood, you can start with a track saw, a drill and a pocket hole jig, such as the Kreg K5.
  9. Immortan D

    Sketcup line color?

    That works (I tried it on Sketchup 2017). I found this step by step animation:
  10. Immortan D

    Adze - Anyone recognize this maker's mark?

    I googled "old adze makers" and gathered a list of 6 or 7 candidates from a forum post, then googled images for each one. Your adze was the first result for "Verona adze".
  11. Immortan D

    Adze - Anyone recognize this maker's mark?

    Apparently it's a Woodings-Verona adze. Edit: yep, that logo's been registered by a WOODINGS-VERONA TOOL WORKS (Verona, Pennsylvania) according to this Canadian trademark site.
  12. Immortan D

    Stringing, Fluting, Beading and such

    I have the LN beading tool and blades and I've used it for fluting a couple of times. It works well to establish the profile but once I've reached a certain depth, it became difficult to use or too slow. I ended up holding the tiny blade with my fingers for those final passes, playing with the angle, it worked fine.
  13. Immortan D

    makita cordless jig saw

    I have the old Makita LXT jigsaw (this one), had it for years, and the blower, if there is one, has just enough power to clear the cutting area. The saw works very well though, I use it mostly to break down stock at the parking lot.
  14. Immortan D

    Exact Dado Width Jig

    For my last project I used the SCMS to make dado cuts, with a depth stop. I was very pleased with the results and perfect repeatability. Setup was also very easy.
  15. Immortan D

    Clubs Tab

    Yeah, but without Marion Cotillard.