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  1. Immortan D

    Stringing, Fluting, Beading and such

    I have the LN beading tool and blades and I've used it for fluting a couple of times. It works well to establish the profile but once I've reached a certain depth, it became difficult to use or too slow. I ended up holding the tiny blade with my fingers for those final passes, playing with the angle, it worked fine.
  2. Immortan D

    makita cordless jig saw

    I have the old Makita LXT jigsaw (this one), had it for years, and the blower, if there is one, has just enough power to clear the cutting area. The saw works very well though, I use it mostly to break down stock at the parking lot.
  3. Immortan D

    Exact Dado Width Jig

    For my last project I used the SCMS to make dado cuts, with a depth stop. I was very pleased with the results and perfect repeatability. Setup was also very easy.
  4. Immortan D

    Clubs Tab

    Yeah, but without Marion Cotillard.
  5. Immortan D

    Clubs Tab

    Anyone can create a club and become its owner. Only admins can create a sub forum. Admins have to approve new clubs though. Only club members can post in a club thread or create a new one. Anyone can become a member though, no invitation required. The club owner can somewhat moderate posts within the club and appoint other moderators or owners. Club owners can create sections within their clubs. etc.
  6. Immortan D

    Clubs Tab

    Man if you can see the "Workholding Kit" topic you got your answer, since that topic is in the Woodpecker's club.
  7. Immortan D

    Random Tip #15 - Shop Made Flip Stops

    A predefined set of tags could help locating useful topics. Tags are disabled on these forums, see I think only Mentors and up should be able to create new tags. Regular users will be able to tag their content with existing tags only.
  8. Immortan D

    Smoothing plane

    Aside from block planes, my only experience with BU planes came from using my LN LAJP, which is never my first choice. I find BD planes easier to adjust, even on the fly, and get what I want. But that's me.
  9. Immortan D

    Smoothing plane

    You don't need to buy the extra planes, just the extra frogs ($75 each vs $325 for another 4 1/2...). Personally I don't own any of the high angle frogs. I have a LN #4 and a #3 I use for smoothing, both with the 45° frog. I resort to fine tuning (and mineral spirits ) when dealing with difficult woods, which is not so often. But if I could go back in time, I'd prolly get the 4 1/2 with the 55° frog instead of the #4, since I already own a 5 1/2 with the 45° frog. I wouldn't mind switching frogs, but YMMV.
  10. Immortan D

    Smoothing plane

    The frog comes out easily. The whole idea behind interchangeable frogs is that you don't need a plane for each pitch, you can just switch frogs. That's why LN offers frogs for sale as separate items. So if you bought your 4 1/2 with a 55° frog, and at a later time you get your 5 1/2, 6 or 7 with the standard 45°, you will be able to switch frogs.
  11. Immortan D

    Smoothing plane

    One huge advantage of the LN 4 1/2 is that frogs are compatible with their 5 1/2, 6 and 7 bench planes, while the LN 4 frog is only compatible with the LN 5.
  12. Immortan D

    Marking Knife Suggestions

    I use the LN marking knife: I've found it to be great for dovetails.
  13. Immortan D

    Un Safest Tool In a Woodworking Shop

    Ha! Former member Particleboard's dentures got sucked into the dust collector... he also suffered at least a couple of accidents on his table saw... twice he lost his very same finger... it ended up looking like an alien body part.
  14. Immortan D

    Un Safest Tool In a Woodworking Shop

    Safe tools come in systainers and stay there.
  15. Immortan D

    Un Safest Tool In a Woodworking Shop

    Nah, but a money pit just the same.