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  1. Exactly and with the sliding dovetail the board is compromised from end to end.
  2. Ken I think that sliding dovetail so close to the end of the board is a recipe for disaster I'd use dowels but I know you are not confident about getting them right, so dominoes maybe the way to go.
  3. Immortan D


    One ugly flower and its resident:
  4. Now that you mention that, I noticed that some modern Allen key sets come color coded out of the box. I wonder if those colors have been standardized or just random picked by each manufacturer.
  5. My favorite cheap/generic tools: A cheap tip: I always read the online user manual of whatever I'm intending to buy before ordering it.
  6. Immortan D


    Count me in with 33 years.
  7. No, that's a bike part, a cheap aluminum foot rest I had laying around.
  8. I broke the plastic handle of my band saw fence, so I made a new one.
  9. Yeah, but you don't have a Roubo workbench
  10. Last time I checked I'm not a Spotify shareholder
  11. I do not know if the free subscription has an offline mode. I have the family plan which gives me 4 users and that's just what I need, so it's not really expensive for me.
  12. My car is way older than that but I have an Anker Bluetooth-FM Transmitter-Dual USB charging ports, all in one small package that plugs in the cigarette lighter socket. Pretty handy little thing. It even has a built in microphone, lets me answer phone calls hands free. I use Spotify and my favorites list is set to be available offline on my phone, so I don't need an internet connection.
  13. Picked up a set of double ended ratcheting box wrenches, four metric sizes per wrench.
  14. Yeah, fewer posts, but still a great place to hang out. I'm taking a break from woodworking so I don't have much to contribute, but I visit every day because I really like this community.
  15. If you need more depth after using a template, you can always remove the template and make another pass using the mortise walls as a template, that will leave a lip you can easily remove with a chisel. You may need to switch to a smaller bushing to do so (and also adjust the depth of cut).