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  1. Immortan D

    Morris Chair Pair

    Great looking chairs!
  2. Immortan D

    Miter Saw vs. Table Saw

    What are those other things? Sorry but since we've never seen a single pic of your work, I need some context.
  3. Immortan D

    Miter Saw vs. Table Saw

    The Bosch Glide does a decent job at cutting half laps. The stop is solid.
  4. Immortan D

    The Pekovich Cabinet

    Great looking cabinet!
  5. Immortan D

    Miter Saw vs. Table Saw

    Wrong answer. You can rip with a miter saw if you take the time to convert it to a radial arm saw. It only takes a few nails here and there and a few scraps of pallet wood. Remember, safety first.
  6. Immortan D

    OTT - Precision Framing Square

    I get my framing squares from the Homecenter, those unbranded ones made from steel with no scales. I check for squareness in situ, before buying. The main reason being that I don't need them for precision work, I'd rather offset my lines from the sides or use a t-square/combination square if I absolutely have to. So I wouldn't even pay for the Chappell one, those squares are not an important part of my workflow.
  7. Immortan D

    Bench Base

    What door? Just make sure they're actually ladies.
  8. Immortan D

    Bench Base

    Great looking bench. I built mine out of pine too and it works, although after four years of use it needs urgent re-flattening. But it isn't half as nice as yours! I made mine over a weekend with half lap joints. I inlaid a piece of hardwood for the dog holes, to make them a bit more resilient, here's an old pic:
  9. Immortan D

    You're going to want to check this out

    Apparently Harvey's been making a subset of BCTW tools for several years now (Link). For the international market they said. Clearly labeled "made in China" they said (Link). I wouldn't know, I've never came across one of those items.
  10. Immortan D

    New Bosch goodies coming soon

    AFAIK the PNG image format is royalty free. It was the GIF one that involved royalties to Compuserve based on the compression algorithm, but I think that's all over.
  11. Immortan D

    New Bosch goodies coming soon

    I don't know if it's a new product, but I just picked up a "Bosch Go" screwdriver the other day and it's a keeper. Amazing torque for its size, USB charging, and it' doesn't take much space in my tool case.
  12. Immortan D

    Shop Storage Shed

    One can never have enough storage space for Christmas stuff. Can't wait for someone to invent an holographic Christmas tree that fits in a drawer when not in use
  13. Immortan D

    Shop Storage Shed

    Is the top floor going to be accessible from the outside of the shed? If you're going to use that space for lumber storage, looks like it's gonna be easier to push it from the outside, through a loft door of sorts. Just an idea.
  14. Immortan D

    My first chairs - LOL

    Well done! I guess you can add "doll furniture" to your list!
  15. Immortan D

    Identify this, please

    This one looks like the digital version of that: