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  1. Immortan D

    Drill Press vintage question

    I've found this one using Chet's link:
  2. Immortan D

    Planer motor - any idea on what this sound is?

    I'd try removing the belt and checking the pulley at the motor end. It maybe loose.
  3. Immortan D

    Jigsaw vs bandsaw

    A bandsaw is a lot safer to operate than a table saw, e.g. no kickback, so don't be afraid of it. Of course you will have to pay attention, but it's not a particularly dangerous tool.
  4. Immortan D

    Finish for Walnut veneer

    We need pics of your drum kit!
  5. Immortan D

    Sharpening System

    My plates are Coarse, Fine, Extra Fine and Extra Extra Fine. The latter is about 8000 grit.
  6. Immortan D

    Sharpening System

    That's my favorite method too, DMT plates do not require flattening or maintenance and the free hand method saves a lot of time. I do use sharpening jigs sometimes though. Here's my sharpening station: The plates can be easily removed when required.
  7. Immortan D

    Sharpening System

  8. Immortan D

    Need help with thread inserts.

    Assuming you got the "EZ Knife" inserts (designed for wood, not metal), their site provides additional instructions for hardwoods:
  9. Immortan D

    Feeling stupid re LN102

    Unlike some Stanley block planes, LN's have a single notch on the blade, so no way he could do that.
  10. Immortan D

    Feeling stupid re LN102

    Like Nut said, there's no mouth adjustment or even lateral adjustment on that plane. However it's not possible to make it work with the blade upside down because there is a notch on the back of the blade, which locks to the depth adjustment knob.
  11. Immortan D

    Blowout from dado

    If you're cutting box joints on the long grain, chances of blow out are very high even on hardwoods even with a backer board and a new blade. And even if you succeed, you will be making a weak joint.
  12. Immortan D

    Stanley depth adjustment

    Maybe those planes were designed for left handed woodworkers? Just a long shot.
  13. At least that knock-off seems to be made out of aluminum. I see plenty of crappy 3D printed "tools" lately and I don't like them a bit.
  14. Immortan D

    Woodworking without woodturning

    I have the same concern since my drill press is on the cheap side. So when I have to turn a small part, I use an old power drill mounted on a base I originally made for a disc sander: I don't have space for a lathe, but I think I would enjoy turning on the real thing.
  15. Immortan D

    Universal Cross Dowel Jig

    It's only a matter of time before they offer a red, aircraft aluminum, stainless steel bushings pocket hole jig ha!