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  1. Immortan D

    I need a power scrapper!

    An oscillating tool with the scraper accessory is a power scraper of sorts, but I guess it would take forever to do the job on a table top.
  2. Immortan D

    Two questions (Just for Fun)

    1. Fasteners. 2. Particleboard and MDF, in that order. Someone has to make the cheap stuff.
  3. Immortan D

    Free wood, is this Red or White Oak?

    Les! Long time no see. WB man
  4. Immortan D


    @drzaius is our soundproofing expert.
  5. Immortan D

    Don't Ask

    After the 1000 grit stone, I noticed I was sharpening the chipbreaker.
  6. Really? I think they did a pretty nice job etching those tiny graduations in their rules.
  7. Agreed. Incra got it right:
  8. Immortan D

    Polka Dot Box

    That fourth dimensional knife block is blowing my mind.
  9. Immortan D

    Boat Builder's Bevel Gauge

    That tool offers very limited usability. Not cheap, but in my opinion, this is the best small bevel gauge ever made, boat builder or not:
  10. Immortan D

    Tool stand

    My crappy drill press wouldn't survive a flip top stand. The head is attached to the column with a single screw, I'm pretty sure it would fall apart if I turn the thing upside down.
  11. Immortan D

    Drill Press vintage question

    I've found this one using Chet's link:
  12. Immortan D

    Planer motor - any idea on what this sound is?

    I'd try removing the belt and checking the pulley at the motor end. It maybe loose.
  13. Immortan D

    Jigsaw vs bandsaw

    A bandsaw is a lot safer to operate than a table saw, e.g. no kickback, so don't be afraid of it. Of course you will have to pay attention, but it's not a particularly dangerous tool.
  14. Immortan D

    Finish for Walnut veneer

    We need pics of your drum kit!