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  1. Is it possible to just drill and countersink a hole in those rare earth magnets?
  2. Maybe Steve decided to join Don in ShaperLand, like Trip and many others. I hope not.
  3. I have a set of wood handle Felo screwdrivers I use all the time, 2x phillips, 3x slotted. I have them hanging from one of my tool chest handles, I use them pretty much all the time. They're German made and I paid less then $30 for the whole set about 6 years ago.
  4. I experienced the same problem with a Dozuki "Z" saw. I switched to a Gyokucho Dozuki saw and it is more robust although a bit slower. And no, blades are not compatible.
  5. What can possibly be the advantage of one of those rules over a good old combination square? I know it can stand upright, but dealing with a 12-24" ruler just to measure up to 1 3/4" is not practical.
  6. When I make a new jig it becomes the brightest star in my "shop" so it gets hanged in place of one of the former brightest stars, which in turn gets dumped into a storage room, never to be found again.
  7. I never found the fence on my LN router plane very useful. In fact, its whereabouts are a mystery to me, I haven't seen it for at least a couple of years.
  8. I have that plane and I like it. It does remove a lot of material with each pass but it has a tendency to dig, especially when cutting with the grain. I use my shoulder planes to even things up every 3 or 4 passes of the rabbet plane.
  9. Hanger bolts: E-Z Lok flanged threaded inserts:
  10. Hand tools are nice to have and master but they're very time consuming, so don't force yourself into having to use them all the time with no power tool alternatives, considering you already have them power tools. When the wife wants some woodworking done, it has to be done quickly, right after buying all the required tools, of course.
  11. Use the brass screw to set the tension. The lever on the cap is a quick release mechanism, you pull it to remove the cap and the blade and push it to lock everything back in. Before removing the cap for the first time (pulling the lever), loosen the screw at least half a round. That's because LN ships their planes with the screw over tightened to prevent damages during transportation.
  12. Great plane, I have one and use it all the time.