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  1. If you're using Windows, you can use the Snipping Tool (SnippingTool.exe). It let's you capture a part of the screen and then draw on it. Finally you can save the image or copy it to the clipboard. The app is part of Windows, no need to install anything. If you don't see a shortcut for the app, press the Start key, type snipping tool, and then press Enter.
  2. I think the ARBORTECH Turbo Plane may be what you're looking for.
  3. Yeah, my workbench is not good enough for flattening either. Happily the janitor here has one heck of a workbench down in the basement, which I borrow for those tasks.
  4. Since you are a beginner, I don't recommend getting the extra blades. You won't need the high angle blades unless you're working with expensive figured woods, and the LA plane is not a good choice for that task either, it just doesn't have enough mass. The scraper blade is a PITA to use with this plane, use a card scraper instead. As for the toothed blade, I have one and it does a nice job, but make sure you have a solid workbench with good material holding capabilities before even attempting to use it. As for sharpening, there is a lot of good advice on these forums. I recommend getting
  5. My first LN plane was the LA jack and I still use it for end grain. I like the fact that the blade is easier to remove, sharpen and replace than it is with my BD planes. For everything else I use my BD planes, especially my 5 1/2 jack plane and my #4. I get better results with them.
  6. Nice plane! I wonder, is that plane a substitute for card scrapers? Or it is something completely different?
  7. AFAIK you can only use paste wax to buff your french polished piece and protect it a bit more. I don't think lacquer would stick properly since the shellac used for french polishing is not de-waxed. And even if it works, it doesn't make any sense to go through all the trouble of french polishing something just to apply lacquer on top.
  8. The Bosch are OK. I also have some Whiteside, CMT and Freud bits, they're all good.
  9. I'd try the Rambo approach: use your multitool to cut a slot, just wide enough to fit your machete. Then go batoning all the way down
  10. Immortan D


    Nice sunset: Then it lighted up:
  11. I'm sorry to hear that Paul.
  12. Yeah, I like the knob on the end better, I have a vintage Disston bevel gauge with that feature and works great. The problem is that the thing is huge when compared to the Starrett. The main advantage of the Starrett one is that you can slide the blade on the stock. That's very useful in certain situations. I even used it for dovetail marking until I made my markers.
  13. If one has to choose function over form, the Starrett 47 universal bevel beats them all. I have one, it's a great little tool.