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  1. You could rip the top and use the stripes for the edges (miter joints), wrapping a fresh rectangle of plywood. Finally you will have to edge band the entire top.
  2. Right now this is how my setup looks like: In the bottom case I have my circular saw, jigsaw, drill, oscillating multi tool, impact driver, a compact set of sockets and ratchets and a whole lot of hand tools and accessories.
  3. I've been working on my daughter's new home almost every weekend for the past two months. An endless list of repairs will keep me occupied for a while.
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    I have Photoshop perpetual but I've been using Snapseed a lot on my Android tablet. Very easy to use for quick results.
  5. A new toolbox for my growing packout system. I'm setting this one up for electrical tools.
  6. I don't know if they're available for the required sizes, but engraved (or flat) Chicago screws are very nice and cannot be easily removed from the outside, especially if you use red Loctite to lock the threads.
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    My "compact" setup is my Sony A6400 with a Sigma 16mm f/1.4 attached to it.
  8. I'm considering making the new top from PB... I have and IKEA style desk in storage, I may use that material if it's still good, it's been there for two decades...
  9. I was ready to start with this project but noticed that my router table top is not flat anymore. I blame the MDF, the weather and especially the woodworker, who didn't laminate both sides with melamine, just the top. I put some weight on it and will wait a couple of days, but I know it's no go. I guess I will have to make the new table from scratch.
  10. My router has a dust collection attachment which I haven't been using: Is it worth the effort to connect both the fence and this attachment to the shop vac?
  11. I don't think I'm ready to make that decision, but if it comes to that I'd probably use my bandsaw. Perhaps selling the whole thing and getting a new fence for half the price would be a better choice.
  12. I'm in the process of converting my full size router table into a benchtop one. Still in the planning stage though, so suggestions are more than welcome. The reason for the conversion is that the big table never gets used. It requires a lot of assembly steps before being able to use it, including but not limited to retrieving the table from storage, setting up the Incra fence, etc. Here's an old video of my table: It remains pretty much unchanged, I only added a t-track in front of the router plate. The plan is to remove material from all four sides, reducing its size by a considerable amount, get rid of the Incra Positioner, install t-tracks for a fence and make a new fence. I'm also considering riding the Incra fence on the new tracks, without resorting to the positioner. I think that might work and I will benefit from the built-in dust collection of the fence and all the accessories I already own. The problem is the length of the Incra fence, I will get a lot of overhanging and that will pose yet another storage inconvenience... The router plate will remain unchanged. I will make a box for the top to stand on.
  13. I have the PC 12" dovetail jig and even though it is not "state of the art" , I like it. I made several drawers with half blinds with it, they came out nice.
  14. I made a Packout add-on to carry my tracks. Loaded: Unloaded: The bottom piece has a hook that engages on the loop at the bottom of the Packout box:
  15. Just received a Milwaukee packout rolling container: I'm impressed with the size of this thing. I wasn't expecting it to be that big, but I like it. I won't have to spend 20 minutes french fitting my tools after using them, I should be able to just drop them in. I also got a couple of small boxes for screws.
  16. I have only one and it's a big one. I store it under my drill press since I use it sometimes to hold small parts. I don't have many other uses for it.
  17. Welcome to the forums! You need a minimum post count in order to post new content on those areas. I don't remember the exact number though.
  18. I guess it depends on the situation. A template for a PC guide bushing will ensure repeatability and handle the stops. A friend of mine needed to make a single stopped flute centered on all four sides of four very narrow tapered legs. Only solution we found was to make a template, with fences on the sides so the legs fitted in like a globe.
  19. I used to have a 1" auger bit in my camping kit, pretty much something like this: A branch was inserted in the eye of the bit to use as the handle. Unfortunately I lost it and never replaced it. It was a nice a tool for making contraptions and temporary stoves.
  20. For those interested in tire repair kits, here is a recent video from Project Farm (a very useful channel BTW):
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    Very nice shot! Did you use an ND filter?
  22. Right now my wrenches are on my bench. I spent a good part of the weekend cleaning them and painting the engravings to improve visibility.
  23. I needed to replace a broken ratcheting screwdriver (Bahco) and went for a Milwaukee 9-in-1, just because it was 40% cheaper than the newer 10-in-1, which only adds a (gimmicky) wire striper to the handle. I also picked up the stubby version. First time ever buying anything Milwaukee, I hope they don't disappoint.