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  1. Congrats Mark. Awesome pieces!
  2. I have a Samsung Dex station hooked to my TV, I use that instead of a computer at home. All I have to do is hook my phone to the station to get a full screen, MS Windows-like user interface with mouse and keyboard (I have a wireless keyboard-trackpad combo attached to the station). As for the "smart" part on my TVs, I connected a "Google Chromecast with Google TV" to each one of them. It is far from perfect but a lot better then the built-in smart apps on my outdated TVs. I get a common user interface on all my TVs and decent voice recognition with Google assistant. And unlike older versions of Chromecast this one has its own remote control, so no need for the phone whatsoever.
  3. Looks like that Stanley plane has a Norris-type adjuster. If so, it won't be compatible with LN parts. LN block planes do not have a lateral adjuster mechanism since there's really not much room for lateral adjustment.
  4. Yeah, but using the #3 single handed was the cause of my "accident" Never again. Block planes are better designed for single hand use.
  5. The LN 60 1/2 Adjustable mouth block plane. I have one and I love it. Just for the record, a couple of years ago I lost control of my LN #3 which ended up on the floor with a broken knob and a twisted brass screw. They sent me the replacement parts for free.
  6. AFAIK white gas and naphtha are the same thing, so something like Coleman's camp fuel should work.
  7. @Mark J you should get a basic multimeter and use it to test your batteries. It will save you money and time.
  8. I use Nova Launcher on my Samsung tablet and it lets you create folders on the app drawer. they call 'em "drawer groups".
  9. I often take the no measuring philosophy to extreme measures:
  10. Yeah, and my grandma just got a new doormat.
  11. Exactly and with the sliding dovetail the board is compromised from end to end.
  12. Ken I think that sliding dovetail so close to the end of the board is a recipe for disaster I'd use dowels but I know you are not confident about getting them right, so dominoes maybe the way to go.
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    One ugly flower and its resident:
  14. Now that you mention that, I noticed that some modern Allen key sets come color coded out of the box. I wonder if those colors have been standardized or just random picked by each manufacturer.
  15. My favorite cheap/generic tools: A cheap tip: I always read the online user manual of whatever I'm intending to buy before ordering it.
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    Count me in with 33 years.
  17. No, that's a bike part, a cheap aluminum foot rest I had laying around.
  18. I broke the plastic handle of my band saw fence, so I made a new one.
  19. Yeah, but you don't have a Roubo workbench
  20. Last time I checked I'm not a Spotify shareholder
  21. I do not know if the free subscription has an offline mode. I have the family plan which gives me 4 users and that's just what I need, so it's not really expensive for me.
  22. My car is way older than that but I have an Anker Bluetooth-FM Transmitter-Dual USB charging ports, all in one small package that plugs in the cigarette lighter socket. Pretty handy little thing. It even has a built in microphone, lets me answer phone calls hands free. I use Spotify and my favorites list is set to be available offline on my phone, so I don't need an internet connection.
  23. Picked up a set of double ended ratcheting box wrenches, four metric sizes per wrench.
  24. Yeah, fewer posts, but still a great place to hang out. I'm taking a break from woodworking so I don't have much to contribute, but I visit every day because I really like this community.
  25. If you need more depth after using a template, you can always remove the template and make another pass using the mortise walls as a template, that will leave a lip you can easily remove with a chisel. You may need to switch to a smaller bushing to do so (and also adjust the depth of cut).