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  1. All I know is that miter joints on large picture frames will come apart over time, unless splines or keys or dowels or half laps or something like that was used to reinforce the joint. I think we've all seen that happening. A butt joint is going to be weak regardless of grain direction.
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    Air lines are like moisture magnets. I wouldn't want that in the same conduit with my power lines.
  3. I got them from a local guy who appears to be no longer in business... I just tried to find something similar on Amazon and ebay to no avail.
  4. I use unbranded drill guides and make my own jigs according to the application. I can position them anywhere using edge guides and/or screws. I use dowels a lot in my projects with good results.
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    I live in Argentina, near Buenos Aires city.
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    That's a silverside fish, known as "pejerrey" down here in Argentina.
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    I had a nice fishing day last saturday. Sunrise: Several nice catches like this one: Returning home near sunset:
  8. I favor steel (or bronze) over aluminum for my planes and marking/measuring tools. That's the reason why I was never tempted by those BCTW planes and most of the Woodpecker stuff. Lie Nielsen and Starrett are my favorites. That said some BCTW planes have become reasonably priced and they look really nice!
  9. You can ask a machinist to enlarge the arbor hole to 30mm.
  10. AFAIK the hole on the blade should be 30mm so it will fit in the bushing included with the table saw. Here's a pic of such bushing from my Bosch saw (European version):
  11. Most of the time I just clamp my router upside down in my vise and use the edge guide as a fence. Yeah, the redneck way, but it works. When I need some quick joinery done, I use my PC dovetail jig. A Leigh would be a better choice and I'm considering the upgrade. My Incra fence has been in storage for years.
  12. Yes, you can use the Incra TS LS as a router fence, but you will need to get some extra accessories from Incra, at least the Wonder Fence Split Router Fence that mounts in front of the table saw fence. Or you can just buy a combo:
  13. That saw is great when you're cutting thick material. You can start the cut, go do something else while the saw is doing its job. I'd sell it if you don't need it. That said, Adam Savage added a stand to his portable metal bandsaw, maybe you can get some ideas out of it:
  14. Winding sticks are very useful for that and they are easy to make.
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    Caught in the act:
  16. Yes it is. Download the Voice Recorder app from the Galaxy app store and use it to create a silent note and change its name accordingly. Then go to settings / sound / ringtones and click on the "+" icon to add the recently created silent note. Note that doing so will set the silent ringtone for all calls, so set it back to whatever it was. Finally go to the ringtone settings on your contact and select the newly created "silent" ringtone.
  17. I have the Bosch Go screwdriver but for drilling is a no Go... even though it is quite powerful there is no retention mechanism on the bit other than a magnet. As a screwdriver works fine though, it's nice and compact and charges via USB. Just checked and there is a new version, the Bosch Go 2, but most likely it's a no go too :p
  18. Nah, I won't make furniture for him. I'd only make him a coffin if he was dying for it.
  19. I went to visit my niece last evening and had to cope with her annoying partner who's also a vegan and a flat earth supporter. He mentioned he was in need of a stool or bench or something like that, I don't know, I wasn't paying attention. I wonder if it's possible to use pork ribs for joinery, as in loose tenons, make that stool or whatever and gift it to him
  20. No. All tools were available for ordering. If the tool was not in stock, they would send you an email with the estimated delivery time and give you the option to remove that tool from your order or just wait.