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  1. Sorry to ask, but can you make the actual plugs with that set?
  2. That food will choke the toilet too!
  3. I have an Incra Fence (27'' positioner), Woodpeckers' plate and a Makita RP2301FC router, which doesn't require a router lift.
  4. Sucks! I was about to create one of those "post a picture of your drill press" threads but I think I'll wait until yours arrive!
  5. Bandsaw, resawing, if it fits. Then lots of sanding.
  6. Plane SETS come in wooden boxes, not individual planes. At least until a couple of years ago. Checked their website and they offer only one plane set right now: "the plane set" but states nothing about packaging.
  7. You can also use 1/4'' hold down clamps attached to the t-tracks on the fence or the table.
  8. If you want toys, then get a set of LN planes and don't open the wooden box until Christmas! Man, those guys at LN sure know what quality is.
  9. You can allways make your own shoulder plane with a chisel and a piece of hardwood
  10. Oh, I see now. Both my block and shoulder planes are Stanleys and I have no complaints.
  11. You need a shoulder plane or a rabbeting plane. The regular end grain block plane does not make a good job inside rabbets because the blade does not extend to the full width of the plane.
  12. That depends on your line of work. One item to consider is the resolution you need to repeat a cut after you changed your setup. If you need exact repeatabiliy with a resolution of 1 degree or even less, then you should go for the 1000HD or even the 3000SE. If 5 degrees of resolution is enough for your repeated cuts, because your angles are always multiples of 5, then the 1000SE should satisfy your needs. I know nothing about the sled, never seen it face to face, save for the pics at Amazon.
  13. Nice job! Also love the Sennheiser's. I have a similar model and been using them every single day for years without issues. The original AAA rechargeable batteries lasted for two years.
  14. That's one nice looking piece of furniture!
  15. You're not alone. Same thing happening here. Page reloads but always at the beginning of the list. (Mac OSX Yosemite 10.10.2 / Safari 8.0.3)
  16. B. But mostly I use my bandsaw, although not recommended, just because it's my one and only power saw.
  17. If pine is good enough for building homes and Christmas trees, then it must be good enough for everything else. When I started this woodworking hobby, all my projects were pine. Since I didn't have table saws, jointers and/or planers, all my "raw" material came from the homecenter in the form of shelves or steps made of pine. But that was a week ago. Now I'm fully established and working with hard woods (but still don't own any table saws, jointers and/or planer machines).
  18. I have 4 DMT Dia-Sharp continuous diamond stones and I've been thinking about embedding them in a single, long enough piece of wood. But I'm afraid rust will build under the stones as water slips through the joints. Any recommendation?
  19. What I meant with table display is sort of something like this: An inlaid glass and some stuff under it.
  20. What about a display at the center of the table? Your wife can then fill it with dried flowers or grains.
  21. Is weight affected by UD too? Because a 7 year old will have a hard time trying to lift a Bessey K Body Revo and put it in place. Maybe those new UD clamps are made of lighter materials.