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  1. I'd try the Rambo approach: use your multitool to cut a slot, just wide enough to fit your machete. Then go batoning all the way down
  2. Immortan D


    Nice sunset: Then it lighted up:
  3. I'm sorry to hear that Paul.
  4. Yeah, I like the knob on the end better, I have a vintage Disston bevel gauge with that feature and works great. The problem is that the thing is huge when compared to the Starrett. The main advantage of the Starrett one is that you can slide the blade on the stock. That's very useful in certain situations. I even used it for dovetail marking until I made my markers.
  5. If one has to choose function over form, the Starrett 47 universal bevel beats them all. I have one, it's a great little tool.
  6. Every single day I spend 10 to 15 minutes either solving chess puzzles or playing sudoku. Been doing that for the past 20 years. I have other occasional hobbies (woodworking, fishing, photography, etc), money pits all of them. They come and go.
  7. I bought a Sony a6400 mirrorless camera. It arrived yesterday. Far from top of the line but a huge improvement over my 20 year old Sony F828.
  8. Yeah, I even have a wish list labeled "Do not buy". I feed that list with items I was interested in but after doing some research I concluded they were useless or low quality.
  9. I did what you said and discovered I bought a "SK 7780 6 Piece Cam Lock Retaining Ring Plier Set" on September 13, 2013. I don't know what I was thinking, I've never used those pliers and I have no idea of their whereabouts.
  10. Yes I can slide it to that position. But if it's just for that purpose seems like overkill to me, I mean a short piece of wood clamped to the fence is all that is required.
  11. The attachment has a t-track and the fence has 3 holes for the included bolts.
  12. Thanks for the info. My table saw came with an L-shaped aluminum fence attachment. I always thought it was an L-fence... now I know it's not, since the height cannot be adjusted. I don't know what is it good for.
  13. "They'll be dry enough by the time for them to go up", at first I thought he was talking about number two.
  14. 100 yards from your home? I'd plan for a toilet in your new shop, especially if you have a coworker or two.
  15. I don't have a sawzall either, but I did buy a Dewalt cordless angle grinder with two included 18v batteries and charger just because it was only $20 more expensive than getting just the batteries.
  16. Use your drill in hammer mode and make sure the tip of the bit is in contact with the tile when you start drilling. Watch your angle, it must be very close to 90º when you start drilling. I use Bosch multiconstruction drill bits for tiles (they have blue stripes). As most construction drill bits, they have tungsten carbide particles on the tip (also known as Widia).
  17. Just google the comments on this and the other threads where this "new member" has posted. Try with his comment on the "Protecting Lumber While it Seasons" topic... And about his comment on this thread, see He basically copied and pasted sentences from that blog post.
  18. People and their phones.
  19. Very impressive Ross, I wish I had your patience and commitment!
  20. I'm not sure I like them, but google silestone integrity sinks.
  21. Yup. The picture from the Jet website shows something in there: (part #70412H)
  22. I think Pop rivets will outlast those plastic handles anyways and you can install them in a split second. I wouldn't spend the extra time and effort setting pins.