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  1. A question for @difalkner. He made his own super pro CNC machine a while back:
  2. It can be done but it's not as easy as with conventional planes. You need to fine tune the pressure on your lever cap in order to do that, without tightening it to much. Now the lever cap will become loose over time, especially after retracting the blade... And that sucks.
  3. A bit late to the party but merry Christmas to everyone
  4. I have the LN one and it's a nice general purpose hand plane. I don't like the Norris style adjuster on LV planes, but YMMV.
  5. The red thing is a Woodpeckers ruler stop. The beading blades are scrapers, all they usually need is a couple of passes laying flat on a honing stone. You may need a ceramic stick or a dowel with sandpaper if you have to touch or clean the profiles, but I haven't used them enough to need that.
  6. I made a holder for my beading tool blades. Each slot can hold upto 3 blades.
  7. If you have a DIY table saw without miter slots, you may want that contraption. If your miter slots are not parallel to your saw blade and you do not know how to fix that, ditto.
  8. Looks like more 3D printed crap.
  9. Nice markers! I once made a similar one but the CA glue didn't last. It came apart after a few uses. So recently I made a new one using wood for the top part and epoxy for glue. I don't think this one is going to come apart, seems pretty sturdy, but time will tell.
  10. I have those blades. They're intended for modelers and they work OK on balsa wood. I did cut some 3/4" dovetails with those but they have the tendency to wander a lot and they are slow (they will break easily).
  11. What size is recommended for dovetails? 3 or 5 inches? I'm asking about the fret saw with swivel blade clamps.
  12. I want that saw too. I use a jewelers saw but the blade doesn't swivel. Make sure you order the right saw, check this thread:
  13. When something works, then stops working after a while, then again, the problem is often in the capacitors. I see 3 of them on your board, the black things standing upright. But in order to test them accurately with a multimeter they have to be removed from the board... Bad capacitors often have a bulged appearance, I can´t tell if yours are OK from the pics. That said I wouldn't mess with a power supply board like yours, I would just replace it or have it inspected by a technician.
  14. Since I don't have large quantities of anything but small quantities of everything, I bought five double sided organizers from Wallmart. The price was low and so is the quality (no metal parts, plastic everywhere), but after a couple years of intensive use no one has failed yet.
  15. Same here, but I use a piece of MDF instead. My bench top is home center pine so I don't have to worry about keeping it pristine, but that layer of MDF gives me more confidence when doing things like removing the waste or paring with chisels.
  16. I added a bidet to my b'day wishlist.
  17. If you need a block plane to start a fire you may as well use a lighter
  18. Immortan D


    Long time ago my wife wanted a medicine cabinet for the bathroom and she also wanted it painted. So I made it out of pine and pocket screws and painted it white. End of story.
  19. I did the same thing a week ago to plug my new lamp and other tools. Great minds think alike
  20. I made yet another dovetail marker. This version is by far smaller than my previous contraption and looks nicer too. The reinforcement on the front also serves as a tiny handle of sorts.
  21. I transformed a desk lamp into a workbench lamp. It slides on the t-tracks at the side of my workbench.