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  1. I was in a similar situation, a small hardware store with plenty of dusty items hanging from the walls. I bought a Bessey portable vise which included a pair of tk-6 table clamps, paid less than the cost of such clamps.
  2. My drill isn't either. 14.4v, the best of both worlds, ha!
  3. I made a disk sander long ago that still works fine. Do I enjoy using it? No.
  4. He's a great woodworker. He has a lot of excellent tutorials in his website ( It would be nice to see the "mentor" badge under his name on these forums.
  5. Sorry to hear that, Coop. My prayers are with you and your family.
  6. I made a box over the weekend. It was a hand tools only project and it's full of flaws, hence the tiny pics
  7. Just make sure you have enough room for the new router table or you may end up buying a new house
  8. If there's such an option I suppose it's only going to be available to the original poster. But I haven't seen it.
  9. What's the "solved count"? It's only visible on certain threads, e.g. the concealment frame one.
  10. Looks like a single piece of MDF routed with CNC. But apparently you can get it done without a CNC machine, check this link:
  11. I did that and the logo got fixed, but now the buttons on the right side are hard to read.
  12. On the desktop version the logo on the top of the page is almost invisible:
  13. Each and every time I read "Hammer K3" this one comes to my mind:
  14. It is very heavy and meant to be a stationary cabinet. If I remove all the large planes from the "tunnel" I can move it myself when I have to.
  15. I made the lid and it hasn't warped so far. Now it's time to remove the box and sand it.
  16. One can never have enough storage space, so I made a box that replaces the shelf where my #3 and #4 used to be. Those planes will now sit on top of this new box. Now I have to make the top lid and I'm not sure how to do it. If I use a single piece of wood I'm pretty sure it's going to warp (the material is a bit over 1/4" thick and it will have a 1/8" rabbet all around).
  17. My workbench top is 3x8 pine and it looks like crap, again.... I need to flatten it, again... But the dog holes are OK since I have a 1" hardwood insert placed in that area.
  18. Looking great Paul. Did you get the required templates with your pantorouter or you had to make your own?
  19. I guess that if you are only going to use the saw with those 360° saw blades you don't need to pay extra cash for the swiveling function.
  20. They sell saws with or without "swivel blade clamps". The item # ends with CS for the swivel ones instead of just a C. Yours must be the 124.005C instead of the 124.005CS.
  21. I made a quick and dirty rack for my Japanese saws. It's temporary hanging from the lid's handle just for the pic. I will probably attach it somehow to the back of the chest.
  22. Holy Hole in a Doughnut! Looks great, Cliff.
  23. I've used my Bosch glide to cut dados a couple of times and it worked out just fine. But I agree, a table saw or router table are by far better suited for those cuts.