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  1. The main purpose of the Gripper is to aid preventing kick back. If I need to cut a single 1/4" strip, I cut it on the left side of the blade. But if I need say 10 strips, I cut them on the right side and use a couple of grippers.
  2. A scrap bin project: I made an attachment for the drill bits I use the most. It rests on one of the side handles of the chest. The countersink bits tray slides out so the bits can be removed.
  3. Immortan D


    I have this Tesa caliper I bought from Amazon on 2013 and I have yet to change the battery. It's a very basic model, but I don't need more functions.
  4. I made a stand for my spokeshaves and marking knife:
  5. I have a small cordless ultra light Bosch drill I use to drill small holes up to 8mm and sometimes to drive screws. The built-in non replaceable battery seems to last forever. Here it is compared to its big brother:
  6. I made a new dovetail marker I was going to trim that long "nose” but I think it looks kinda cool
  7. The Makita Rp2301fc has a built in lift too. I use it mostly on my router table. Great router.
  8. There is a matching recess on the side panel so you don't have to remove the entire end. With that recess both the side panel and the bottom panel will be resting on the foot molding instead of just the side panel (if you removed the end completely).
  9. I have the 12" triangle but it doesn't have the "true blue" logo, I guess it's an older model. It is blue, but not true .
  10. I have a couple of those and they're great, but sometimes when the nut is really close to the wall they become difficult to use because you need to apply constant pressure on the handles or they will release the nut.
  11. I have many hobbies, fishing, woodworking, etc, but these days my main hobby's been shopping to feed those other hobbies.
  12. This one arrived yesterday: Without a doubt, the coolest multitool in my collection.
  13. I have a white Santamargherita countertop, which is quartz same as Silestone. It's been in my kitchen for more than 5 years and no sign of decoloration whatsoever, it looks brand new.
  14. Seems like they allways give you a five, so I guess there's no chance of set up errors
  15. I found a woman just like that, quite a babe she was. I ended up buying overpriced tools I didn't need. And no, she was not interested.
  16. That's just a gear from a broken spinning reel I took apart a couple of years ago. BTW the tool is not a center punch, it's a scriber I use as an awl, and that gear serves as a protective cap for now.
  17. Been doing more tool fitting over the weekend in order to accommodate my dividers and a few more tools:
  18. Nice saw! A while ago I ordered Japanese saws from Germany. They sent me a set of Dicks.
  19. I have a 12" Bosch glide and never used it even close to its full capacity. But overall I'm happy with the saw, I don't think I would ever step back to a smaller one.
  20. I made an attachment for my Starrett combination square heads and my LN side rabbet planes, here's a short video: For those of you who haven't seen my tool chest build, here's a link:
  21. That's why I use a bucket. And as a rule of thumb, someone else on the boat will catch a fish while I'm using it.
  22. Yeah must be for number one. You strap it to your leg, no need for adult diapers.