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    Foggy night, a view from my apartment:
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    Without anything better to do, I grabbed my 17 years old Sony DSC-F828 and started shooting boring objects around the house. My goal was to get the "perfect" pict right out of the camera, without any post-processing whatsoever. Here are a few examples:
  3. I've been using part of my quarantine time to put things in order. That included getting rid of tons of useless technical manuals from products that do not exist anymore. I kept the Apple II and the IBM PC manuals for sentimental reasons though... I also kept the following book for no reason
  4. Fortunately it was only MDF. I guess my new drill press fence will have to wait until I have the time to setup my router table.
  5. This is what happens when you forgot to fully adjust all the knobs on your fancy recently acquired edge guide...
  6. Nice design but for most applications you need a wider router plane than just 4 inches. My LN is 7 1/2" wide and sometimes I wished it was even wider.
  7. I use my LN dovetail saw. I like Japanese saws too, they were my first choice when I started cutting dovetails, but I found out I make more accurate cuts with my LN.
  8. I fixed this: Fine woodworking & attention to detail
  9. I use the flat one (LN Boggs) mostly for rounding corners. It's more comfortable to use than a block plane.
  10. I don't need a tracksaw, I just have the guys at the homecenter to cut down the panels for me. I don't work with sheet goods very often though.
  11. That seems like a great idea. What brand of spade bits do you use? I must try that, I get a lot of recoil when I use spade bits with my regular drill.
  12. Yeah, the screws will go in no matter what, without pre-drilling, they are great for construction lumber. Those impact drivers also protect your wrists, they will never kick at you, one can hold them with 2 fingers and they will still do their job.
  13. The drill I use the most is a tiny Bosch barely the size of my hand, you can see it in this pic: The other drill has a hammer function which I need from time to time. I also have an impact driver, I was excited when I got it, but honestly I can't remember the last time I used it.
  14. If you need to make a thousand holes a rotary hammer is the way to go. But for the occasional user like me who only needs to make a few holes for fischer fixings or whatever, a hammer drill is all you need.
  15. Impact drivers come with a 1/4" screwdriver bit adapter while impact wrenches come with a socket adapter (3/8", 1/2", etc). I have a small impact driver but I seldom use it. It is noisy and since it doesn't have torque settings, it can ruin your work. I guess it's more for carpenters/framing tasks.
  16. All brands have cordless drills with a hammer function you can turn on and off. I currently use a Bosch one most of the time.
  17. If you use the right drill bit, it does make a big difference. I use Bosch "construction" drill bits (the blue ones). With the hammer function I get a clean hole on concrete walls/columns. If I don't use that function the resulting hole is almost always oversized, takes more time and the drill bit gets wasted sooner.
  18. I guess you can't set the guide on the wrong side using that method
  19. I like stick framing and metal roof and siding. Check the RR Buildings youtube channel for ideas, they make great stuff.