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    Using limited tools and materials to complete projects for my home. Also, trying to share as much as I can through Social Media such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

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About Me

I grew up learning woodworking from my Dad. He knows how to work on anything.  The main thing that I have learned from him is the only thing that keeps you from doing something or trying something new, is your mind.  Before the days of the internet, he was constantly learning new techniques in woodworking, now it's metal, by reading books and magazines. 


I also remember when I'd visit my Grandfather's house, I'd always like to go into his garage and tinker around with his vise and walk around on his farm seeing the things he had collected over the years.  The way of thinking that they had of fixing and doing things yourself is the one thing that was passed on to me and has stuck with me. 


My dream and goal is to be the one whom friends and family come to for woodworking and diy advice and knowledge. 


I also hope one day to be able to make small and medium furniture and other projects to give away and sell to help support my hobby and family.