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  1. This should make it a nightmare for people going to the woodworking shows there this weekend. Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  2. I absolutely love my chiropractor. I've been going to him for almost 20 years off and on. It's usually when I'm in pain that I decide to go. He never makes me feel guilty for not coming in more often. When I was going on a regular basis I definitely had more range of motion in my back and neck. My chiropractor is awesome that he doesn't ever push any supplements or oils. My wife, on the other hand, went to one who constantly told her that she needed to buy all of these supplements and come back in several times a week. Sometimes every other day. She quickly saw through his lies and scams. But it took her years to get to the point where she regained trust in chiropractors in general. We would both love to be able to go on a more consistent basis, but we usually are too busy to go. I'm very fortunate also, to have one who shares my spiritual beliefs as a Christian so we are able to connect on that level as well. I'm also able to call anytime I want and get in within an hour. My insurance covers chiropractic care as well otherwise I'd never be able to afford to go. Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
  3. I agree. I live in Michigan and don't mind it at all if it's cold in my shop. I can always add a small space heater, which is what I did, and it does enough to keep the chill off. If it's 90 degrees outside, I don't enjoy working in the shop and don't have a way to cool it down other than fans. Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
  4. Here is a link to John Heisz' video. Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
  5. I made my own Table saw fence for my craftsman contractor saw. I made entirely it entirely out of wood. It locks down and stays where I put it. I first started by finding the dimensions of a biesemeyer fence and went from there. I made a video showing an overview of it on my YouTube channel, Luther ToolWorks. Here is the link to the video. I've been using it for a couple of years now. I used a vertical bed post as the main fence and other scrap wood I had in the shop to make the rest. People who have watched my video have asked for plans and a build video. I have been working on a sketch up drawing of it but since I don't see myself making another one in the near future, a build video isn't going to happen. I would point you to John Heisz. He has a website, as well as a YouTube channel. He built one very similar to mine and has plans with step by step instructions on how to make it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with using a good quality plywood for constructing it.
  6. You probably have sawdust caked onto the threads of the tilt shaft. Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
  7. I'm not planning on doing an inlay nor round ears which is why I made a template of a Mickey coaster that I already have. I agree it would look silly with round ears. I will make a template then use a pattern bit or flush trim bit on the actual piece.
  8. The west system is too pricy for me.
  9. So the epoxy doesn't separate from the wood?
  10. I'm also looking at this epoxy system.
  11. I'm wondering if this stuff will work. TotalBoat Penetrating Epoxy (Pint)
  12. Where would I get an automotive pearl?
  13. I agree with both these thoughts. Much quicker and it would be reversible where you could use both sides. Also would look cool with a black dye. A dyed epoxy would probably hide any air bubbles too. Any suggestions for a brand and type of epoxy? One that I could pick up in a store and not have to wait for it to be shipped to me?
  14. I've also been thinking of using epoxy for the Mickey head.
  15. I'm planning on making a set of Mickey coasters for a good friend of mine who lost his wife unexpectedly last month. She was a huge Disney and Mickey Mouse fan. The idea will be to take this design and make them out of wood. Minus the myriad number of circles on these. I have a set of these exact coasters to go off of. Last night I took a piece of paper and did a crayon rubbing of the top of it so I can transfer it to wood. My idea is to use forstner bits for the Mickey head and glue a contrasting color of wood there. The Mickey will either be a complete insert or an inlay. Probably will be easier to make a complete Mickey insert. I also plan to enlarge the Mickey head a little bit as well. I'll be looking through my wood collection/pallet wood, to see if I have something that will work to keep grain continuity throughout all six coasters. I'll either make my own shop sawn veneer or buy some. It will all depend on what I have in the shop. I'll definitely be making a template first. I might also be investing in a pattern bit for my router. I am going to try and get them done for a Christmas gift but it won't be the end of the world if I don't. I'd love to hear any kind of feedback, tips or suggestions. What kind of finish should I apply to these? He's mostly a coffee drinker and I suppose they will see some use from cold drinks that will sweat and get them wet, so will I need to put something that will hold up to any water that will get on them?
  16. Here is a link to my first Weebly blog post featuring my bench vise that I made a while ago and got a lot of use out of.
  17. Nice job. Looks really good. I'm wondering if it would be possible to make a replacement sliding screen door?
  18. So I wanted to show my workbench here that I just recently finished this week. The whole build took me longer than it should've just because of everything else going on in my life. Right when I was nearing the end of the build, I came down with pneumonia that really took the wind out of my sails. Literally. So I was really happy that I was able to get out into the shop over the weekend and finish it up. I am still in the process of flattening it with my Stanley Bedrock 605 and putting a finish on it. Also what finish would you guys recommend for this that isn't too expensive? Would BLO be ok for it? Anyway, here is the video that I made and posted to my YouTube channel. Hope you enjoy it!
  19. I just saw this sale pop up in my email the other day. Woodcraft has the Bessey F-style clamps on sale. Proverbs‬ ‭16‬:‭20‬
  20. I did check out grizzly's selection of switches and they are more than I want to spend for a switch able to handle 1 hp or more. Proverbs‬ ‭16‬:‭20‬
  21. I've decided to go with a mechanical switch. My saw is 1hp and I am not about to spend more on a switch than I did on my saw. Proverbs‬ ‭16‬:‭20‬
  22. Where then can I find a magnetic paddle switch that can handle a 3/4 hp motor? Proverbs‬ ‭16‬:‭20‬