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  1. Greeaqua The stuff on the table is mostly for big blue water diving (Socorro, Cocos, Galapagos, etc). I have a roll aboard that never gets unpacked,for warmer water diving (Caribbean, South Pacific). With a really compact 18lb lift, wing and back plate, short stiff travel fins, a 1 mil wet, and 3mil shorty, 2 masks, regs, and computer. After having 2 trips in a row (Roatan, & Philippines,) with some of my dive and camera gear not making it. All the important stuff is in that roll aboard or my backpack. We'll have to go diving someday. Mike
  2. I haven't turned my lathe on in a long time, maybe a couple of years. My wood shop time is coming to an end until next winter, and I have a couple of pallets of bowl blanks, so I wanted to rough out a few bowls for next winters finishing. It is amazing how little I remembered about how to hold a gouge, mount a blank, sharpening, and every thing else. But most of it came back, one mistake at a time. These are some large maple blanks from a tree we had removed a couple of years ago. thanks Mike PS : After a day of those blanks beating my arms shoulders I was tired. So I went to town and had a beer. You should have seen the look on the bartenders face when she asked if would like to have another, and I said no I have to get home and wax my bowls. I did some real quick explaining, but I'm not sure if she believed, or understood Mike
  3. I finally got around to put some finish on this little night stand I built a couple of weeks ago. It is supposed to match a bigger box I made earlier. I hope it does when they are in the same room Thanks Mike
  4. Probably the most famous woodworking poster that is available for sale, is the one of some piano makers tool box, his name escapes me now. But I'm sure you could Google tool box poster or something like that. It's a really cool box. name; H O Studley
  5. Kurt. not exactly signage, but some of these I just called and ask for, and some came with something I bought. I also have a Delta clock that Quite working after about a month Mike .
  6. I found these old pictures yesterday they are probably about 4 years old. Sport was just a puppy then, and now weighs a little over 100 lbs, but cat still sleeps with him when they are in the shop Thanks Mike
  7. lathe, duct work, and happy place thanks mike
  8. If the first ones didn't bore you? Thanks Mike
  9. After seeing all the beautiful shops here, and all the new equipment, I find my self in awe of all the shiny tools and machines. But I just swept the floor so I took some pics. It will probably take a few post to show the pictures. I would like to show you a computer rendering of the shop layout, but that tech is far beyond me. (see weekend night stand, in project showcase, for an example of my sketch up skills)
  10. K Cooper The base, legs, and top trim are all made from poplar.
  11. I made this little nightstand last weekend out of some left over VG Douglas Fir. It matches a bigger box I posted a few weeks ago. I had heck of a time all day last Saturday, do to a new pair of cheap reading glasses that I wore all day with the thin plastic protective coating still on them. It made cutting the dovetails really tough, as I had a really hard time seeing my ruler, and could not see my knife marks at all. When I finally discovered the plastic was still on the glasses it was time to quit for the day. But i was relieved I wasn't having a stroke .
  12. I made this last winter to keep my scuba stuff in ( it was posted on another forum the)
  13. This is the third time I've tried to post a pic. Did I mention I always have trouble resizing. ( I don't even text). I am new to this forum, and after looking at projects on here all night, I'm hesitant to post a pic.But I finished this two days ago, so what the heck. It's from Woodsmith and is made from vertical grain Douglas Fir. The closest place to get VGDF is Des Moines about 135 miles away it comes unplaned with chain sawn ends,so it's difficult to match grain (Three trips) but I now have enough left over to make a couple of other things, with slightly different grain. Thanks Mike
  14. My name is Mike I live on a farm in south west Ia. about 25 miles north of the Omaha, Council Bluffs area. I've been wood working for about about 33 years. (first craftsman tablesaw arrived in 1982). Things and tools have changed alot since then, and many projects and mistakes have been made. With mistakes leading projects about 5 to 1. I've been a member of another forum for quite awhile and never really ventured out. It seems as if there is a lot more activity here. I am a farmer by trade, so my shop is empty, spring, summer, and fall, but I am normally there 7 days a week in the winter. I go out in the morning and the wife calls at seven for supper. I normally eat lunch in the shop, I have a microwave, toaster oven, small electric grill, deepfryer, and frig. along with 2 tv's hooked to sat. I hate to come in. My other hobbies are scuba diving, I've been all over the Carribean and western Pacific,( with Galapogos being ticked off this Aug. ) and bicycling anywhere between 3 and 5 thousand miles a year. I will try to post some pics of my shop and some recent projects, with wifes help, ( I don't even text ). I know I need to join the 21st cent. Thanks for reading this babble. It's 8.00 AM and I should have been in the shop an hour ago.