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  1. new to sharpening

    Chisels have never touched wood. The shaptons may have sharpened a single item. I ended up hooking Vinny up with the guy as well and he dropped a fortune. so i ended up with 2 Dovetail saws as a referral fee. Vinny bought a power matic jointer, Drill press, a Oneida 5hp Dust collector. etc and a bunch of other crap.
  2. Table/Pergola wood selection

    Pretty much if its a Structure thats permanent. Otherwise its just furniture. Unless your hoa has a furniture ordinance.
  3. Table/Pergola wood selection

    how would you join those together?
  4. Table/Pergola wood selection

    They are going to have a lot of Torque on them from the pergola, my S.W.A.G engineering degree says i shouldnt.
  5. new to sharpening

    I picked up a whole set up DUO sharp and a 1k 5k and 8k Shapton stones, Stone holder, Flatner and a 10 set of Narex chisels for $200. OMG i should have gotten into water stones years ago. Spent the last 3 hours sharpening every kitchen knife to the point i had to caution the kids about touching one. These things are addictive.
  6. Table/Pergola wood selection

    Thankfully Thomas Lumber is here local to me about 10 minutes away. looks like they have everything i need lumber estimate is about $1200 for this table.
  7. Table/Pergola wood selection

    Of after i show the HOA its a table. im going to bolt it do the Deck =)
  8. My Hoa is run by the Little Colonel, and wont let me have a pergola over my deck. I need to build a table for my Big Green Eggs anyway. im looking at doing a 12'x32" table i was going to use 3x 8x8x8 and build a cantilevered pergola with 3 foot on the back side and 9 foot on the other side. What wood would you guys consider for this. First person that says teak Gets shot. The HOA doesnt have a restriction on furniture so as long as its not permanent no permission required. Pergola would be something like this but 3 uprights and a table build into it.
  9. Shop Fox 8" jointer wc1741

    Ill also take a partial Trade for Chisels and sharpening stuff.
  10. Shop Fox 8" jointer wc1741

    Straight blades on it, Cuts great, Parrallel beds are in good shape no rust. I forgot to take pics when at the office. will post them up tomorrow. $800 Just north of Atlanta.
  11. Way to frigging big for me but man i want it. 3 phase as well with the blade welder. $1350
  12. Not them either, i recently gota tapamatic with no college wrenches. these are cut really narrow and you can litterally ONLY use their wrenches... $50 =/
  13. 26"x23.5" ( number of holes (36))- qty 20 and 33.5"x 9" ( number of holes (52)) qty 20 and probably a run of 20 more down the road
  14. i dont want to drill all the holes....
  15. I need some sheets of 1/4 acryclic or maybe something else just as stiff (and cheaper) dimensions 26"x23.5" roughly and 33.5"x 9"