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  1. I spray Kem aqua with a 1.5 Tip. and a 2 stage Turbine. a BIT of thinning was required. and i mean like 3-5% I just got a 4 stage but i havent sprayed with it yet.
  2. So Sherwin in their infinite wisdom only sell the Kem Aqua top coat in 5 gallons. It will take me for ever to go through 5 gallons. What should i spray over Kem aqua Plus white?
  3. Only other wood worker near me had to move =( Anybody around the north side of atlanta? im hoping to find someone to just generally hobby with or help me with hand plane things. im great with metal and i make knives so sharpening isnt an issue.
  4. Cumming, on my map Atlanta says Thar be dragons.
  5. My one wood working friend is leaving me =( damn i need to find someone else that lives close, all my friends dont have any hobbies.
  6. Hey i got the rigid carbide blade at a wood working show for $70, fantastic buy i love it.
  7. Does anyone have 18" of 6" flex tubing they want to sell. i dont want to pay $40+ dollars to buy a 5 foot run.
  8. I am going to vent outside but i need a hard 90 degree elbow and there doesnt seem to be any 5" elbows The measurement on my outlet is 4.75" you guys know of anything that will give me ridge 90 degree eblow that will work with a 4.75" outlet?
  9. I exclusively use this to cut up sheet goods. So combo blade. Ridgid carbide? What are your favorite blades?
  10. I ended up going with the HItachi i just couldnt justify the $200 extra for the dewalt.
  11. I Dont need a full table saw atm and i dont have room for it. I mainly do trim work and cut anything to large with my track saw. but i found i still need a damn table saw. Im leaning to a DWE7491RS, but i dont need the stand. Do they make the same saw with out the stand? Any ideas on what i should buy vs not buy.
  12. now that im thinking about it. i have some diamond plate i would actually like to front the wood with so this is seeming like the best option.
  13. I need to make some drawers fronts and doors, but i dont ahve a router table. What are my options will i be able to get this done with a hand held?