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  1. Way to frigging big for me but man i want it. 3 phase as well with the blade welder. $1350
  2. Not them either, i recently gota tapamatic with no college wrenches. these are cut really narrow and you can litterally ONLY use their wrenches... $50 =/
  3. 26"x23.5" ( number of holes (36))- qty 20 and 33.5"x 9" ( number of holes (52)) qty 20 and probably a run of 20 more down the road
  4. i dont want to drill all the holes....
  5. I need some sheets of 1/4 acryclic or maybe something else just as stiff (and cheaper) dimensions 26"x23.5" roughly and 33.5"x 9"
  6. $18 Festool hose sleeve

    is the cable for teh TS75 difference size than other PlugIT cables? at least i have to use the cable that came specifically with the saw?
  7. Festool domino dust collection

    I want to buy the large one. I mainly do large furniture.
  8. Festool domino dust collection

    ill sell you my Domino 500 for $750+shipping. its probably done less than 150. its this setup
  9. So the rear of my house is full sun all day. Issue is, i have dark brown Trim. a couple areas going on 4 years the Trim is up to 1/2 gap and pulling away from the house. Time to replace it, i dont want to do this ever couple of years. Whats the lowest maintenance alternative PVC is out as in the summer this stuff gets cooked. ill snap some pictures and post shortly.
  10. New SawStop Goods Announced

    AND the cost of my saw just went up by like $2000 =/
  11. So Canadian import tariff

    may have used the wrong word. Cabinet... let me know when you plan to start i may swing down. i have to go to india for a week next month though on the 13th.
  12. So Canadian import tariff

    The next time you get a Casement job. i really want to come help.
  13. Woodpeckers new crap

    So i have been looking at the festool parallel guides then these pop up. am i missing something when i saw them i thought they would be cheaper than the festool ones. but the Festool ones is cheaper by $60 with the extensions =/ then i really like the domino offset base system though i dont see myself dropping $400 for it.
  14. should i run out and stock up on wood. Cant believe this wasnt already posted did all you guys wake up late this morning? I see this as a favor to the chinese to help deal with Korea, as its going to drive up all wood prices. thoughts. i may buy a pallet of plywood i use for cabinets
  15. What would you build with...

    Heh that was my plan...