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  1. socoj2

    Where to buy sandpaper

    I wish klingspor carried a 2x72 belt in 1200 Grit =/ I love their PSA rolls though.
  2. need a 12" x 30" Guide that will take a router collet and allow me to plug holes for an MFT. Thanks
  3. socoj2

    Hello from NW GA

    Can we finally have an Atlanta Party? i mean there are like 20 of us.
  4. socoj2

    router bits for slab flattening

    No such thing as a Fly Cutter for a hand held router eh? =D
  5. socoj2

    Who here does the most hand planing?

    This would be just a new blade for an existing plane.
  6. i have started making knives and i want to try my hand at making a plane but i want to gift it to someone that will really put it through the ringer for testing Any of you guys finding you have to sharpen your A2 or O1 planes everyday? Send me a Pm.
  7. socoj2


    Sadly, no i realized i installed all my draw slides wrong to so i just said $#$#% its to hot to work this weekend where is my beer. Fixed the drawer slides havent gone back to the cabinets.
  8. socoj2


    Hmm now there is an idea i actually have some more 3/4 just seems like a waste using 3/4 as cabinets backs. but i dont want to wait!
  9. socoj2


    That face you make when you screw up an entire sheet of 1/2" prefinished plywood and you dont have any more. NOBODY sells prefinished plywood that is open on sunday!!! Damn it this is annoying.
  10. socoj2

    Bosch Glide Mitersaw users ?

    You want to borrow mine for a few weeks to try it out? i have it on a portable base.
  11. socoj2

    Major score ! 5 hp Oneida cyclone !

    WHen i hook people up i go all the way =)
  12. socoj2

    Major score ! 5 hp Oneida cyclone !

    This was the same haul i got my chisels and other stuff from. Vinny bought me two veritas Dovetail saws as a commission. I also picked up some stupid expensive marking gauge, an Air compressor, and some other miscellaneous items.
  13. socoj2

    new to sharpening

    Chisels have never touched wood. The shaptons may have sharpened a single item. I ended up hooking Vinny up with the guy as well and he dropped a fortune. so i ended up with 2 Dovetail saws as a referral fee. Vinny bought a power matic jointer, Drill press, a Oneida 5hp Dust collector. etc and a bunch of other crap.
  14. socoj2

    Table/Pergola wood selection

    Pretty much if its a Structure thats permanent. Otherwise its just furniture. Unless your hoa has a furniture ordinance.
  15. socoj2

    Table/Pergola wood selection

    how would you join those together?