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  1. Yeah lets calm down im not going to go cutting down Columns. Im mainly asking if its possible or if i needed to reinforce the spans etc. Looking at the building code for GA. the middle one has to stay but i need to do some measuring if i can get ride of the other 2.
  2. Around the window is correct. because they cant secure it to the an ARC. On either side of the ARC are Double 2x8 sister-ed together, and then outside of the arc is another sister-ed 2x8 spanning the portion of the ARC which is basically a floating ledger.
  3. The 2x8s on either side are attached to the header. Then the sistered 2x8s are connected to the 2 joist.
  4. there should be a pic in the original post. Can those 3 columns be removed.
  5. i looked i cant find anything relevant to what this should be.
  6. I have a Deck that attaches to a unsupported bow window. On either side of this sistered 2x8 are 2x8 joist that run the entire length of the deck and have a column and attached to the side of the house. To me the 3 internal supports are largely worthless because its hunt to the joist. What say Woodworking talk to removing the 3 internal supports?
  7. If vinny doesnt pick it up by then. its yours =P
  8. Vince is taking it you vultures =P
  9. i have about 200 board feet left from a project im not going to use and id rather see someone else use it rather than me store it. What i dont want is someone to take it then resell it. I know you guys will put it to good use. I dont care if you make a project and sell it. Just dont resell the wood. I texted Vince the offer first so he has first right of refusal.
  10. So im ordering some spiral bits, down cut and up cut, will plan on making 2 passes., whee this is going to be fun. i love new tools. Granted i did have an older skill Router that was like 2 horse power, i just rarely used it, because well NO dust collection, and well it sucked.
  11. So i got a 1400! now i need to get some bits. Any suggestions on bits for routing Dados and rabits in plywood?
  12. Depending on the state Cypress would have been more popular in louisiana. Georgia - Pecan Chestnut would be baller as well but its going to be reclaimed. and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ you thought walnut was expensive...
  13. So follow up. TWO oF1400 came up on craigslist this week. (i havent seen a festool router come up on craigslist in over a year). im going to try and pick one up for $350. today
  14. How much you want for it. One just poped up on craigslist here for $400.
  15. Dados and Rabbits and stop dados are primarly what im getting it for.
  16. all kidding aside. is there a reason to get one over the other? You have no router which would you buy? you already have vacs sanders track saws track etc.
  17. i can buy 6/4 quarter sawn white oak Rough for $1.50/bf
  18. i never went on a cruiser took a disney one. now we book one every year. kids are 5/8 they love it. We did Caribbean last year doing Mexican Rivera this year. Mad the mistake and did a Royal Caribbean for me and the wife for my 40th. it sucked. compared to Disney. I would take the Disney cruise with no kids. They dont Jam Mickey down your throat.
  19. I havent seen any commercial or school tables that have what im looking for.
  20. Except why do we build furniture when we can buy it? Actually now that i think about it i can do this with the bench crafted Leg Vise with some modifications, Well if it doesnt work ill have to build a Roubo
  21. Looking for something like bench crafted. i want to make a Tilting Top that works via a hand wheel. Any online hardware stores have these?
  22. I have walnut framed built ins in my living room that i put in my self. My neighbor loved them. 'we want the same thing you have how much' $2000 cause i have to order the doors. OK lets do it. i order the material, get all the panels cut. then i get a call we dont want doors we want to put cage like doors so we can use one of the cabinets as a kennel. Ugh ok. So fine. Now im planning on doing all the hardwood work this weekend, and i get a call today Them: Should we paint the cabinets first? Me:you mean like the inside? Them: well yeah like the whole cabinet. Me: you realize you ordered Walnut right? Them: send us pictures of yours Me: !! Them: yeah we are going to paint them. im half tempted to go buy poplar but im not changing the price at this point.
  23. darn that was fast it already sold =x MFT3 for $225 =/
  24. Something i want to buy but it needs to be picked up ill send you the money and extra to pay for your time.