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  1. Generally you can, but factor in another $300-$400 for a 3 hp motor it may be worth it for you to just buy a new saw by the time you get that much invested.
  2. Unless you live an in industrial site you probably cant get 3 phase. So you would be working with a Converter anyway.
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    actually now that i think about it. I dont know that you need any internal sleve with plastic fittings either.
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    If you use metal fittings elbows etc, you dont need it.
  5. there is like a 45 lb tool that has a serrated edge, my carpet guy has. he just runs it along the floor and it pulls up staples like nobodies business. even the single leg ones between the serations its basically a nail puller as well.
  6. jesus for what they are charging im going to pull the welder out and make my own with some shocks from a minivan door.
  7. So they have a lift that pops up from below like for a kitchen aid mixer. I have a really tall Pantry think 10 foot ceilings. with like 2 feet of dead space. is there a reverse lift i can put stuff on and it will close and move out of the way? Did i explain that well? i have a tall space i dont want to have to get a stool or a ladder to get stuff off a shelf? what are my options?
  8. Here is the problem with face book. im a member of a local 20k user group with 500 active post a day. No way or they organized or can you read them all. 300 of them are Can you identify this snake or whats a GOOD restaurant. Your duplicating the same information over and over again and it gets tiresome. Facebook is for Soccer moms or people who are not invested in the community. Forums are how you BUILD a community of like minded people.
  9. I have an 8'x36' and wish i had done a 10'x42 =P Yes its a heavy SOMBITCH, took 4 people to move it. The bench is 18" wide and it weighs over 100 lbs. kids cant Tip it over though. its damn near impossible.
  10. The clearvue is also a 5 hp vs the Laguna 3 hp. Yet the laguna claims higher CFM.
  11. The Front wall, and the 11.5' Wall are hard and set. they can not be moved. do to Constraints on where the rest of my house is located. Also. HOA constraints on Design. In the winter, i might park the boat where the truck is, but that means i have to winterize it and remove the platform and do a bunch of other stuff. that would make it not feasible for me to grab it and go out on the lake during the week. In that case i can get it down to about 23" Also those are outside wall dimensions. with 2x6 studs and drywall. im going to lose another 13" so even though its 24 its really more like 23
  12. thats best estimate for length, its probably plus a foot or 2.
  13. The boat is to long to go where the truck is. and i cant push that back wall in front of the truck any further back.
  14. layout for the downstairs of the garage. the truck is a 2500 crew cab. the refrigerator looking this is the only way i could get a pictograph representation for a boat.
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    Why I avoid FAS

    i cant even Get 8/4 common... Steve unless you know i source i would actually like to get some.
  16. Welcome several of us around atlanta. Im actually up in Cumming.
  17. Is there a primer on what to get started with to get started in sharpening?
  18. dont hate the messenger..
  19. So fitbit says im sleeping MUUUUCH better on the Purple than i was on the old mattress. I was average times restless of about 30 a night and 20-25 minutes awake/restless a night. Since i got the new mattress i am under 8 times restless a night and under 5 minutes. i dont wake the wife up and she doesnt wake me up rolling over now. I can jump into bed from 5 feet and wont disturb her.
  20. Its actually DTHC, some how autocorrect managed to change it up. Digital Torch Heigh Control.
  21. Pop the lever off the lid dump in to Huge Rolling garbage can. I usually try to empty them at half other wise they are damn heavy. HAH based on TWW facebook post im not the only who does this!
  22. i got 2x 55 gallon steel drums with removable lids for $35, thats what i use 1 for the big DC one for the CT26.
  23. So Purple has sent a new matress and told me to keep the old one. first night sleep was fantastic i forgot to wear my fitbit but i think i moved one time.