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  1. would you guys be willing to put a package together without the frame? just gantry and X rails? I take it the electronics you have now dont have a DHTC?
  2. I sent Nate an email a few weeks ago i really want a 4x8 version of the saturn table when it comes out. but i want to be able to slide a vacuum table in it or swap it out to a water table and run plasma or a 3kw spindle
  3. So im back all ready, it looks like purple has a manufacturing problem, but they are making it right after letting the mattress air out. The king size is only 76x76, their website dimensions are 79.5x 76 as a king size should be, but damn im tall and my feet dangle off this. So they are expressing me a new mattress.
  4. My Purple Mattress showed up today. Will report tomorrow.
  5. I bet its a $600 dowel Jig.
  6. If you serious you can start peeing on it now. ill be there saturday to get it.. LMK.
  7. Its probably better than me wheeling everything out in the drive way as i do now... They love it when i do metal work with a 7" grinder... makes the people in the front of the neighborhood REAL happy... (i live in the back) While its going to be "attached to the house" its not really going to be i plan on making it really insulated anyway since i want to be able to work in the shop all year and i hate the cold, i hate working in a hoodie.
  8. How much of the 3/4 stuff you have? ill pay you 30% more the scrap copper price for them? =D
  9. I just ordered the Purple on friday. WIll let you know in 2 weeks when it comes in.
  10. So just sent off my plat and other stuff to an Architect, Hopefully putting on a garage addition on my house. 36 wide along the front section on the left is 12 feet wide by 24 deep then 24 feet wide by 31 deep. Needed 27' to park the boat.. i have a good 12 x 31 feet shop area for tools and such. i also have a whole wall on the other side i plan on putting the jointer and planer. Next stop HOA =/
  11. socoj2

    Used Festool

    Yep and not a peep. i think its on Page 2 now.
  12. socoj2

    Used Festool

    Hell i had an LS for months that nobody wants and i only wanted like $250 for it.
  13. he is selling the whole lot for $5000 Which isnt bad. I was meaning more or less buying it and parting it out at normal prices to break even. His individual prices are ludicrous.
  14. I have no use for the big ass Powermatic planer... but for $5k i wouldnt mind parting it out as long as i get 1 dust collector and the jointer. Any of you guys interested in anything else if i can come up with roughly $4000 in presales ill make it happen. Sheesh edit timer is going crazy
  15. Makes me sad that, in the south we dont have any 140+ year old barns. Some @ss came through and burned them all =/
  16. I missed this by 2 days Again. This is the 6th 8" jointer i have tried to buy off craigslist this year that i have missed by <48 hours.
  18. no way to tell with out current pics of what you are using now table saw or otherwise...
  19. Thats pretty good job of explaining it. for the layments terms. A hub is stupid, Its basically a Network version of your TV splitter any traffic comes it its sent out all ports. If you have a lot of heavy talkers this can cause issue ( you generally run into a problem with about 30-40 devices depending on what they are doing) A switch learns the physical address that is on each port. So if it gets a frame that is destined for another port it only forwards that specific packet to that port. You wont run into a device count with a problem until like 300-400 devices. *its worth a mention that you would actually have to work hard to find someone selling a HUB
  20. I could but this does a better job. forgot to mention i have a 4000 square foot house with 2 story with a basement. on .8 acre. Both my neighbors get usable signal and one is a good 300 feet from my access point. I placed it in the center of my house on the celing pointing down.
  21. Stop using crappy wifi gear just get one of these.
  22. no the other one eventually sold it was listed at start for $1500 and had the mobile cart with it. The guy was firm on $1500 i guess he got someone for $1400 or sold it for what he asked but its not that great a deal at $1500. for that one i think i would offer $1200 He is posting the Amazon price and thinking he is giving someone a good deal when it really isnt.
  23. Can you TN boys keep an eye out for an 8" jointer for me. They had a powermatic come up the guy was to proud to sell and a Delta that just wasnt that great a deal for me to drive up. Like wise if you are looking for anything around Atlanta id be happy to go and look at something for you or pick it up.
  24. yeah you need to ask to look at Remnants and it should be really easy to find a remnant piece for that . unless you want a routed edge on it. It should be under $100