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  1. Thanks, all. With what I'm saving us on cabinets, the wife said "get what you want." She may regret that decision.
  2. All- Just a hobbyist here with no spray finishing experience, but am currently building bathroom vanities for a master bath remodel in my home. My wife wants gray cabinets, so I'm going to make them gray. Instead of paying the trim folks to paint them, I think this will be the perfect time to invest in a spray system and do them myself. Can I get opinions on the systems out there/that you've used? I don't have or want a big compressor, so a HVLP seems like the way to go. I want this to be my paint/clear finish solution all-in-one. I only seem to accomplish a few projects per year. I am very comfortable in the $400 - $600 range, but biting off $1k for the Fujis may be a tough sell. Apologies if this is redundant, but my quick search showed that the last discussion was a couple of years ago. Thanks for all of your input.
  3. I thought I'd share my experience from this past weekend at The Woodwright School. I was fortunate enough to take Intro to Handtool Woodworking with Roy Underhill. It was a fantastic experience. He is an incredibly nice, hilarious, humble, gracious host and is (obviously) incredibly knowledgeable. I can't stress enough how much fun the class was. I only took it to get the opportunity to hang out with Roy for 2 days. It's obvious that he loves teaching and his craft. We spent the first day starting with green walnut logs. We chopped out 3" x 6" x 1ft chunks, and worked them down to a pair of bench hooks. It was ridiculously tough. I sweated profusely. I wasn't a huge fan of breaking my back for something I'll never use or would never want, but I learned a ton of technique (which was the point of the exercise). Day two was spent making a small dovetailed poplar box and lid. The exercise was hand cutting dovetails and using different planes, including the use of a an antique fillister plane. Materially, all I got was a crappily dovetailed, crappy box. The class more than met my expectations, if only for the philosophy lessons, history lessons, and corny jokes. It was great to come away thinking that the person from the TV show is even more awesome than you could have hoped. Well worth the money. If you ever thought about doing a class with Roy, it would be worth it. He's 67, so he probably doesn't have that many full years of doing this on a full schedule.
  4. Benchcrafted harware is here. Only relative "hangup" is the lumber at this point. My local guy is currently out of hard maple and has air dried soft maple in 8/4 that hasn't hit the kiln yet to finish it off. He does have 3" thick ash slabs and all the 8/4 oak i could want. What are you guys' thoughts?
  5. Hobbyist here. I don't have a set budget for hobby stuff and buy whatever I want (within reason) in the $100-$200 range. I don't go crazy, but if it's once or twice a month, not a big deal. When it comes to the bigger stuff, I have thus far stayed in the lower end of the big boy tools (Grizzly, Rikkon). Once a year or so, if I feel like I "need" an upgrade or addition, I typically use PayPal credit. All purchases over $99 have 0% for 6 months. Sometimes they run a 24 months thing. With that stated: 1) I always make sure that in I am able to cover the cost all at once if necessary, 2) I am obsessive with making sure that I pay everything off before the 6 months is up, and 3) I have a great paying job that is more stable than most.
  6. Benchcrafted vises ordered. Wood guy contacted. Clock starts now. At my current project rate, I will finish in about 2.6 years.
  7. 5 boards from 3 different slabs. As for it being flat in clamps...I'm embarrassed that I didn't really check. You may be on to something there. Since it's live edge, just clamping up took a lot of work and "creative clamping." I will include some photos later today.
  8. Advice Needed. I’m in the final stages of Cremona’s farmhouse table build. I left the live edges on the 1.75” Thick table top and hadn’t planned on breadboarding the ends. Top has been glued up for 5 or 6 days and has developed a slight cup (1/8” - 1/4” over the 46+” of the width of the top). How should I deal with it? A. Attach it to the base with spax screws in elongated holes and hope that there is enough force to “clamp” it flat. B. Do A, above, after re-flattening the table top with my router sled. C. Clamp it flat, cut and install breadboard ends and hope that the ends are strong enough to hold it flat. D. Install breadboard ends after re-flattening. E. Something else. If so, what? thanks for any advice
  9. I built this from his plans. There is no racking or dust issue. It takes up a ton of room and wall space, though. For my space (about 2/3 of a three car garage), losing that footprint to cabinets and a miter saw was a killer. I am slowly breaking it down to build more mobile work surfaces.
  10. This is a fantastic coincidence, as I just Googled "Supermax 19-38 cabinet" this morning. Mine is still on the stand that came with the sander. It's got a busted weld on one of the caster mounts and is a PIA to push around. I guess I should have known that TIODS did a journal on one. He does everything and is my hero. Thanks again for the link.
  11. Thanks for all of the replies. I was hoping to hear, "it's the best ever." It looks like I'll just need to suck it up and keep using the stones.
  12. Ladies and Gents- I'm looking for some opinions by those folks that use any of the "motorized" sharpening systems (Tormek, Worksharp, etc). How do you like it? Would you buy it again? What did you gain, if anything, by going this route? Any other input is welcome. I have been seriously considering a Tormek T4. I am lazy and, ideally, want a robot to do it for me. Since that is not likely to happen, anything that would get me closer to "not doing anything" than my current water stone setup would be great.