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  1. I did one out of cypress milled to 3/4. The second time I left it 7/8. I like them sturdier. Used Norm's plans too.
  2. good luck on the opening for your friend. Nice way to showcase your work!
  3. Hello again! Made these last summer for back to VT for my daughter. Made another set for her older sister almna too. Basic 2x4 and ply following the international regs for cornhole - Built a box projector to get a stencil for the VT bird to outline on the 2nd one. Wife had to do most of the painting on the details......good weekend project.
  4. wow, that is cheap. heat them up in some hot water to stretch. helps put them on easy.
  5. t12s in basement with mix of cool and warm for good color temp mix. Out in the garage T8s. No buzz
  6. I've used most of the above. Also consider what is the use. Cypress is nice and light if you need to move it around. Seal any end grain with epoxy to keep moisture out.
  7. I thought the same thing. We'll have to see but they seem to keep the premium around the brand. Rebates are another tactic used by overseas suppliers during currency fluctuations. Japanese camera makers like Canon and Nikon have been running deals lately but they produce a lot more product than Festool.
  8. too bad. must be overflowing with business.....sheesh.
  9. Those came out great! Enjoy the forum!
  10. wow, jointer too! someone local w/phase converter should grab these for us!
  11. nicely done and matches the environment well.