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  1. Go 36" at 3hp. Thats what I just got and finished setting up. Super nice and I know I will never want for more power. The 36 is also much better rails and fence system compared to the 30" Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  2. Yeah, I wear a respirator the whole time. Thats also what I had been thinking. They also told me if I got the extended warranty and they came out with a new model that I could upgrade to the new model free of charge provided I bring my old one in. I looked at the guy and was like, "Seriously? They've been making this model for years. I doubt the upgrade will be coming anytime soon." Also I did my job in a similar fashion. I would scrape the plaster off the walls using a flat spade shovel. Scoop it up into 5 gal buckets and carry it out to the dumpster. When all the plaster was gon
  3. No not yet, but I imagine when I open up the unit after this is all done that I may have a few dents in them. I was saying it as a joke....doesn't always come out that way in text.
  4. Hmm, interesting. I'm interested to see what the blades look like once I'm done. Maybe I can get them to replace that part. Shhh don't tell them how I broke that big chunk off.
  5. Been a while since I've been on here, but I wanted to share my experience with a new tool. Right now I'm in the middle of a huge home renovation where we are pretty much gutting the whole house while still living there. Walls were crumbling plaster with blown cellulose insulation behind. Last weekend I finally completed the removal of all the lath and plaster from our main floor, but was then left with all the cellulose insulation that needed to be removed. I tried scooping it into buckets, shoveling it into a big garbage bin but it was very dusty, time consuming, and so itchy. Time for p
  6. Same, I was just giving you a hard time back. Yeah, the whole wait 18 months is frustrating but doable. If it came out tomorrow I wouldn't be in any position to pay for it at the moment. 18 months gives me some time to save up.
  7. You really have nothing to lose. The pre-order is refundable if you want to back out at any time. The reason that guy camped out is because of order priority. The order priority follows Tesla employees, Current/Previous Tesla owners, orders place at Tesla Dealerships, Online orders. Then theres region priority too as they roll it out.
  8. I don't quite thing thats how depreciation works. Either way, I'm pumped to get the car.
  9. Agreed. The removal process from the house caused most of the nails to be pulled out from the back. Any nails that were still in the wood got removed carefully. Most were nailed through the tongue so any damage that occurred was there where you shouldn't see it.
  10. So did anybody else here put in their order for a Tesla Model 3?
  11. Thanks for the recommendation. Right now I'm thinking we will leave them the dark stain, but good to know if we do decide to paint.
  12. It was difficult at first to find which side to start taking them down from. The first 2 rows were mostly junk once I pulled them out as they got damaged. After that I had more space to work with and they came down easier. For most of them if there was any damage during the removal it was just with the tongues which I'm not really concerned about. These are also only 3/8" thick.
  13. Agreed. That whole block where the house was located had been demoed. All new houses in various states of construction, all right on top of one another. I get that people want to have new and big homes, I mean we almost built one before we bought our house, but I wish they didn't need to destroy some of these old works of art. I guess old homes aren't for everyone.
  14. It was in Wayzata, MN. We believe the house was built in 1940 as there was newspaper for some of the insulation and we found most of the dates to be from 1940. We're hoping to do a similar update to our home as you mentioned. Ours is an old what I would consider Craftsman Style home so we are hoping to keep the original charm but also bring it to a more modern day Craftsman style home.
  15. My wife and I have an older home built in 1919 with custom woodwork throughout. This summer we are planning on doing a major renovation to the house to bring some things up to date, fix some electrical issues, etc all with trying to keep the character of the home intact. Well this past week I bid on some items through an online auction that I hoped would help continue the flow of character in our home. The auction was for a older home that was getting demolished. So after winning a few items the wife and I headed up to the house on pickup day to get our things. The first item that we
  16. Same problem here in the tech world. I'm a Systems Administrator for my full time job, but I do residential computer and other electronic repair on the side. Its all by word of mouth, but I hate getting the phone call for me to "just talk me through it". That or someone will ask me to do the work, I'll tell them my hourly rate and how long I estimate it will take and they either hire me right there or they make up some excuse. If they make an excuse I know they were never really planning on paying me anyway. I value my free time from work, don't you. I do give out discounts to some c
  17. If you still have it, I'd be interested. I was just looking at the microjig the other day.
  18. Directly from Powermatic's website on warranty:
  19. Cool, well I'm still waiting to hear back from them on a couple questions but otherwise I hope its still available.
  20. A Jet 13" Planer/Molder (JPM-13CS) just came on my local Craigslist the other day. The reviews of it are pretty good. Just wondering if any of you have had any experience with the tool. The guy is asking $450 for it and it appears to be in good shape. I don't plan on using it for molding purposes so that feature is not an added bonus for me. Just wondering if anyone had thoughts on this tool. If I do go take a look at it, is there anything in particular I should check for on it? Thanks!
  21. Did they have the signature 1 moment where they found something structurally wrong with the house or big plumbing issue? Gotta call the home owners for dramatic commercial break...
  22. Yeah, my Grandpa had purchased the saw new way back when. He moved into a smaller house 10ish years ago to downsize and lost the big shop space. I got the saw in the move, but haven't had a shop space of my own until this past year. I remembered as a kid working with him and it being a pain to get setup just right. Now working with it, more directly, over the past year I've realized how much time Grandpa put into each project just because of the fence.
  23. I agree. When I read through posts and see your name pop up I have to re-read it to make sure they weren't talking to me.
  24. Just watched his video on this. Thanks for the tip!