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  1. I'll have to check it out. I'm waiting for warmer weather anyway thanks guys
  2. I guess it can take a dado. I would go for a 6" blade and it would be slow going. Now i've never used a dado blade before, so do you buy a blade thats 3/8" or 1/2" or is it how you stack the washers and whatnot inbetween the blades that give the width?
  3. Thanks for the quick reply, I've been trying to find a manual online and been having trouble. I have done some google search's and from what I see I might be able to fit up to 1/2" dado. But 3/8" would definitely be better than a 1/8" blade.
  4. Hey guys I bought a used table saw last year its a mastercraft 55-6833-2. It's a table top kind. I am wondering if it would take a dado blade? The insert is about half the size of a full table or cabinet saw.
  5. Thanks a lot I'll let you know how I make out
  6. Thanks a lot guys. So just normal wood glue? Or it's there a stronger wood glue?
  7. Hey everyone, Im just getting into woodworking. I want to do a rustic type kitchen table for my wife. My question is what is the strongest or best option for joining the long grain to long grain lengths of wood. I'm not entirely sure on the dimensions yet but want to fit 8-10 ppl comfortably. I can't see biscuits being strong enough. Do you do tongue and groove? small mortise and tenons (floating tenon)? Thanks for your input. Shawn