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  1. About two months ago,after resetting my TS blade back to .001 again. For the 20th time in two years Well it started me thinking about my granddad. He got me into this woodworking thing in the late 60s and i never been able to shake it.after we've been in the shop awhile he take a bottle of old spice off the shelf and put some on his shirt and say girls like that, but i digress. The point is that it started me thinking about his last table saw it was a powermatic model 66 that thing was a great saw plum and square everytime. Thats what I think should be on your mind when purchasing a table sa
  2. amess612

    Table Saw

    OK I've made my decision its going to be a Powermatic PM 2000 the three hp model does anyone know of any deals out there that I should know about before ordering the saw
  3. don't know if this is ture or not but have been told that is got a high silica content and can be real hard on blades best air dried for three or four years
  4. I'm starting to understand my sons love of the internet. I can't even believe the value of you guys answers thanks so much for your help with this I really need to get this one right
  5. I saw the dad the day the boy cut the dog didn't see the boy again for a long while. i can't say what happen always felt uncomfortable bring it up. I don't know if your familiar with the American woodworkers guide but he has one and swears by it and i do think its good, I just love the way powermatic performs it always seams like the over build and i like that in a machine
  6. it could be a very good deal if it is cut wright riff and quarter sawn the trouble with the standard lumber yard stuff is that it has to cut into smaller pieces to gain stability I personally don't like 12 board glue ups riff cuts can be real good if you take the time to match the grain of the wood so I wouldn't walk away without taking a good look at.
  7. I know a guy in hawaii that has one his son has cut a hotdog on it to show his friends how it works. Its not out of the question but I grow up on the old model 66 and i loved that saw I can't remember my grand farther ever doing anything to it and it cut true every time I don't even know if that is still available today just hoping it is and beside that i've found over the years thats its not the machine its the person behind it that makes the difference.
  8. I asked the question yesterday comparing the powermatic pm1000 to the pm 2000 I should of asked how it compared to a Jet or Grizzly or unisaw I don't have another space on my power box so getting a 220 volt saw means a bigger box and alot more money all around thanks for the in put so far the guy with the schematics was spot on.
  9. I have a delta table saw and it doesn't mater what I do the thing won't stay [blade] paraellel to the miter slots. Does anyone have any time on the new Powermatic pm1000. If its good it would meet all of my needs. thanks any feed back well be great