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  1. Well, first, there is nothing wrong with a crutch. I'm not a pro, I don't care how I achieve results. I don't care if I crutch my way through every wood project for the rest of my life. My normal method here would have been to place a mag switch magnet at the fence with a 1/32" shim then take the shim away and tap the fence to the magnet. I lost my magnet though. By lost I mean, I found it 3 hours later sitting on the planer right in front of me. This method is certainly much better than the method i tried without it. Tapping the sawstop router fence is difficult and prone to wild inaccuracy.
  2. I found the center of my dovetail bit on the router table. After I had found it and marked it, I noticed the plate has a zero mark. It did not match my center line. But as far as I could tell, mine is right. So I stuck with that. Then I cut my vertical divider grooves. Followed by making the matching dovetails on the divider. This is what my side pieces look like with all the cuts made. I couldn't believe this all worked out so smoothly. Test fit of vertical divider. I don't have microadjust on my router table, not sure you can do any sort of microadjust with the setup I have (as in woodpeckers/Incra setup.) Because of that I left the dovetails oversized. Then I sanded my fingers raw to get them to fit. I dry fit the entire thing, then glued one horizontal piece, and the dovetailed top board. Came back the next day and glued in the other horizontal piece. First horizontal piece I put glue in the groove. Second one I put the glue on the tails. Guess which one seized up and required hammering as hard as I could (with a pine piece to protect the walnut) until my arm fell off? It's the next day and my arm is still in massive pain. I also fixed a gaps and added wood filler. Also while looking at this I realized my back panel has to be trimmed. It needs to be 5" from the top to fit under the legs. So that will be up next.
  3. The top of my case is just a small piece, using most of the room allowed by my desk legs. Since it won't be visible, thought it was a great time to try hand cut dovetails. Look away to avoid disaster. I'll be honest, I thought I'd do better, which as many videos as I've watched on doing this. Layout First cuts, look pretty good. Second you can see I wandered from the line, but considering this is my very first freehand saw cut to a line - I'm not mad at it. Coping saw, I could use some practice. And a better coping saw than my $7 lowes saw. I've had my eye on the Knew Concepts one for a long time. New Veritas chisels sharpened up. Really sharp. I am actually discovered that you have to file the edges down on these. I walked away from this with 11 individual cuts on my hands. None from the tip of the chisels. Final product - looks ok, could be better.. Laid out the pins, lost my marking knife. I ordered a new one from Lee Valley but like everything it seems from there, it was on backorder. I just got notification yesterday that it shipped. In the meantime I used the thinnest pencil I had. It was not good enough. I stayed pretty far from the lines so I could chisel them. I thought I could chisel accurately to the line. Spoiler: I can't. Yup there they are.
  4. Last month I finished my desk build. In a way it was only half the job, because I wanted to minimize the work so I wasn't stuck on another 8-10 month project. So I designed the desk in a way that I could build a cabinet to slide underneath it. I had a major challenge - my desk was not flat. I was never able to get it flat without dropping under 1 3/8" thick and rather than go buy new stock or bring more in from my drying pile (air dried so it would take probably a few weeks to get to the shop equilibrium) I just rolled with it. Because if the top of it isn't flat, but I can't notice it while it's in my office, then who cares? Desk pic, if you don't recall/care: This is the sketchup drawing I did. I ended up reducing the depth from 26.5" to be even with desk to about 25" so that you won't be able to see how uneven the gap is going to be between the bottom of the desk an the top of the cabinet. I figured it was either that or build some sort of trim to cover it up, or even worse, build the desk to be out of square. I wasn't willing to deliberately build it out of square because trying to get things square has been such a difficult path for me. All of my stock was a MINIMUM of 16" wide, and 5/4. The 8/4 boards, I "resawed" by using a track saw to put a clean edge, then the track saw again to bring the width to about 7 7/8" (so it would fit jointer) then ran on edge on the table saw on each side. My bandsaw needs tuned up and I was too lazy to do it so this is how I decided to resaw. I tried to do a grain match with a sort of bookmatch where possible on the sides, as they would be the only real visible components in the carcass. Marked for dominos. I'm going to admit something that will make me look stupid. I have serious troubles getting flush panels with the domino. I literally do better without it. If I have 4 glue joints in a panel, 3 out of 4 will be dead flush and 1 with a small lip - without the domino for alignment. With it - usually one or two glue joints looks like this: That irritates me. Anyway, I sanded flush then marked the center points for my two horizontal dividers. Then loaded up a Whiteside dovetail bit - forgot what size. And seeing this picture makes me realize why I love Festool so much, as there was almost zero dust. Here is when I hit my first mistake. I had jointed one side of the panel and then used a track saw to square a side. And look where my saw went through Luckily I only used Dominos on one panel. Since each side of the cabinet is sort of a mirror image, and I wanted the cathedrals pointed in a particular direction - I could not make this the bottom. Good thing it will be covered with a desk top. Front: Dry fit, but without a back or anything so everything is a little skewed. It was here that I was pleased that my guaranteed mistake had already come with the cutting through Dominos. I measured and saw that the case was dead nuts square and my measurements of the internal drawer area perfectly matched the Sketchup drawing. I laid out the center line for the vertical divider. Yes, I really love that little Milwaukee M12 portable light. The lumen power is amazing.
  5. Cliff


    For me a personal milestone today, as I did a dry fit of parts, then measured the drawer cavity - and the dimensions 100% matched the Sketchup drawing I did. I've never managed that level of accuracy. I'm super pumped.
  6. Hopefully I have better luck with this one.
  7. I got that Porter Cable. It's fine. I think it may not be super accurate but I don't need it to be. When it dies I plan to get a Jet
  8. Just arrived. This is the brushless version of the 150/3 that I already own. I have some nerve damage in my arm so a lighter tool is always welcomed.
  9. Ya I got the Makita saw. Honestly the Makita track is not near as good so I have 2 55" festools, but this will be fantastic for putting straight edges on small slabs that I'm cutting down into dimensional lumber cause most of my stock is 12" or greater.
  10. 2 badly needed items came yesterday Festtol 32" track Domino trim stop
  11. Couple of LV packages came in mail today- My first Dovetail saw. A much better flush cut saw than my crappy Dewalt one. And, to add to the 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 chisels I bought a month ago, finishing out the upgrade from my old Narex set. These are the PM-V11s.
  12. Good thing he answered that cause I completely forgot.
  13. I got one. Best purchase I've made. Other than the Sawstop.
  14. Because I live in a different world than most. I put it to the side and didn't use it. It was less work for me to ignore it and eat the cost than to call someone and deal with it. It's been 4 years now so I don't know if anything can be done at this point. My hierarchy of needs: 1. Don't have to communicate or talk to people on the phone or in person 2. A man loves steak. 3. Everything else
  15. So here is what is interesting about Starrett. I have a 4" adjustable that has NEVER locked down. I find it incredibly annoying. I got a 6" double square from them that works pretty well - about a month old, and a 12" adjustable that i bought used on ebay when I first started in 2015. So 2 out of 3 work pretty well. That's good odds for a lower priced square, but for the price I paid, it needs to be 3/3. On the Woodpecker from I got the 3 Paolini ones I use often, the 12", 26", a carpenters square/triangle thing, several T squares. Very happy with them. Honestly at this point, if Woodpeckers makes a square, I'll probably buy it at some point. I also got some of the PEC double squares, 4" - they don't lock down either. That's why I bought this iGaging ones.