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  1. I ended up getting this a few months ago with the sawstop lift and the 10" expansion to the wing. That Triton router doesn't work well with the lift, so I used a Bosch one. So I can use the shroud, though I've not gotten it yet. I can second Mick's thoughts. I am super glad I got this thing.
  2. Pretty amazing considering the upfront cost of them.
  3. Might be time for a new house to hold more cases!
  4. Thanks all for the kind words. @treeslayer I love the idea of sliders but since I curved the bottom of the top rail it makes it hard or impossible. I didn't think it out very well! Also I don't know if anyone noticed by I had like 7 statues when I first started this project. Now I have 19. And 6 more on order. I might have a problem.
  5. Popped in the glass sides. Lights. Rigged up the power. Nothing fancy. Plugged into a wemo outlet so I can turn it on and off with my phone. A look at he empty shelves Final finished shots. I think I'm skipping doors on this. I think it will only detract from the statues. Also, I'm not pointing out anymore flaws. Though there were plenty :D Thanks all for taking a look at my first true furniture build.
  6. Started finishing the Top and bottom shelf. Still haven't finalized how I'm attaching the other 2 shelves so I won't cut to absolute final size until I do. Siliconed the glass into the sides. I used these points to hold it in place while the silicone sets. I intend to remove them and put in some sort of walnut trim or something. Depends on how it looks. Cut the back. Unfortunately, in my haste a couple of weeks ago to get the plywood in the garage with impending rain - I cut it to 57 inches, which it is - on the edges. But the curve screws that up pretty well, so this is the result- It's VERY small, somewhere just a hair over 1/16th. So I cut a piece And finally found a use for my bandy clamps I bought 2 years ago.
  7. I meant loose in thickness. I made them wide because I'm not confident in my ability to perfectly line up my mortises.
  8. So that part where I forgot to cut grooves into the legs for the back.. gave me an opportunity to buy a rabbiting bit. I'll still need to do some chisel work with this to get the plywood in. I sanded the main case up and put 4 coats of ARS on it. I went and picked up maple plywood, which I have rough cut to size. I also ordered the glass sides. Came to 9 5/8 wide by 57 1/2" tall. Started on the shelves. I had to resaw 10/4 or 12/4 walnut. Can't remember exact thickness. It broke my bandsaw blade so I had to buy a resaw king. I skip planed because they were pretty flat to start with. This is where I learned that even though I had put a new helical head in my 735, it did not have what it takes to plane 12" wide 3" thick walnut. This has got me looking at maybe picking up a 15" grizzly soon. Some looks at the boards with mineral spirits Bottom shelf was cut first. Mostly to length. I got half inch pieces of glass coming so I'll wait until I get those in to make my final cuts. I'm also waiting on getting them in to figure out how to put the shelves in because I ... just have no idea. I'll take recommendations. I did leave the bottom shelf protruding up from the rails. I like it like this. Today I glued the top
  9. Popped the rails out of the clamps and did some clean up, not terrible. The color mismatch is very noticeable, but thats how it goes. Laid out my dados And threw in a test clamp Made the dados on the router table Started domino-ing my way through the project. It was a lot harder than I expected. First I had an issue with my domino.. it wouldn't plunge all the way in to 25 mm. So I had to trim the dominos (turned out to be a plastic piece stuck that was causing this.) Second there were something like 16 joints to make and I managed to not label them all. And or some reason, my dominos were not snug. It could be because I cut the mortises then worked about 6 80 hour weeks in a row before coming back to the project so humidity changes screwed it up. Also, here I pluged from wrong reference side While I was at it I chiseled my stuff, conveniently forgetting to do the back dados, which is fine since I forgot to cut dados in the back leg pieces anyway. Since my dominos were so loose, I put some more in. Then did the sub glue-ups. I did the sides first, actually a few days apart. Then the rest. This was easily the most frustrating and stressful glue-up I've ever done. I used titebond 3 because I knew it would be bad, and it still almost set up with things not together right. I thought I planned well, but it turned out that I really didn't. This rail tried to twist, so I had to run a 12 inch clamp on it to get it to stay straight.
  10. I don't want to brag, but I might just finish this project. I'm setting records for the most and dumbest mistakes and yet still have a functioning project. Since this is my first ever actual furniture project, I find most of these errors somewhat ok. It's just a learning curve. I made a template for my legs, and set up my new sawstop router wing. I made 5 legs. Glad I did, I destroyed the first one and my template almost immediately. Next four went much better. Overall my experience went pretty ok. There were some major inconsistencies. So I clamped them together and sanded those inconsistencies out. Then I started on the rails. I have to admit, I should have thrown these away and restarted them, but I'd have had to go buy more material because the only 8/4 walnut I have is still drying. Here are the mistakes I made, in no particular order: 1. I cut a curve into them, which ruined my inset glass door idea. 2. I cut a curve into them BEFORE trying to cut dados for the glass and back 3. I cut my material too thin and had to glue on extra stock after the curves were cut - which btw, was a terrible grain and color match. 4. This may be a leg issue too, but I completely screwed up my placement of the glass and left no easy way to put in shelf pins. And here are the pics Then fixing the rail thickness This seems like a lot of clamps
  11. Does it bother you that the cherry darkens and walnut lightens over time though? I was trying to think if I'd like the look of it in 20 years type situation.
  12. I honestly cannot stand painted wood of any kind. Everything about it makes me mad.
  13. Thanks for the thoughts guys. I made this post as I was leaving for the hardwood place. He only had Maple which was the direction I was leaning anyway. Fyi I found out today that tiger Maple ply runs $265/sheet. Then add $160 for shipping. YIKES.
  14. Buying plywood back for a large case I'm making. Case is Walnut. My choices are Maple, Cherry, African mahagony and sapele (ribbon stripe) Thoughts? This will have glass sides, glass door fronts, figured Walnut shelves and I will put lighting under every shelf. Concerned that my favorite, sapele, will be too dark.
  15. Cliff

    New tool brag

    I know I'm responding to this a couple of weeks late.. but oh well. I gotta get that brushless 150. That and an extractor. The 1400 router won me over with nothing more than the racheting collet. Just brilliant. I use it way more than the other 3 routers I got.