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  1. I'm still in the phase when I am compelled to show the flaws in my work. Trying to get past it.
  2. This puppy is done! Lots of mistakes but I'm happier with this than anything else I've ever made. For me it was a skill building project and it succeeded in that respect. You can really see the trim tearout and sanding scuffing from trying to fix it up here.
  3. I think it's likely my prius would bounce off of the miter station. Since I wasn't going for furniture level on this, there are plenty of flaws already, ad I'm good with it. Just the top itself, I had to hand plane the trim down and it tore out everywhere. And when I attempted to sand it it scuffed the hell out of the hardboard top. So I left it looking chewed up and counted it as a learning opportunity to never cut my trim oversize by 1/4"
  4. Wow. I'd jump all over that deal right now. I just got a quote from BellForest for 100bf of cherry and it was $543. I think I'd go as high as $3/bf for cherry if I got to look at it first. I can get it around here kiln dried for $6.00/bf, and from Bell Forest for even better - and their stuff is amazing. I got some tiger maple, african mahogany and curly cherry from them a few years ago and it's still dead flat, unlike the stuff I get from my local sources.
  5. When I first started woodworking I thought I was just dumb and didn't know what I was doing because my cuts were always off when using tape measures. I was unaware that it should not really be used for precise measurements. Like everyone else says, I've learned to adjust to relative dimensioning.
  6. Especially with me. Destruction follows me wherever I go. I'll probably get this door finished and put on and accidentally drive through the shop with my car and destroy the miter station completely.
  7. Just a simple interior miter station door. It is not inset though if that's what you meant. This is my first door of any kind.
  8. I was out of commission for a week+ due to medical issues. In fact I'm still not supposed to be on my feet til Monday-ish but it was 70 degrees out and I was about to go nuts sitting on the couch. So I started my door. Rails and stiles panel
  9. Used the jack plane to improve the gap. And, somehow, managed to chip the drawer face above and to the right of the pull. Not cool. Routed the grooves for the t-track. The one side pictured went poorly. Track slipped. But I think I can repair it by putting walnut strips in there. It won't look perfect though. Also despite my best attempts, I hit brad nails. I picked this thing up yesterday. I absolutely love it. I have a lot of issues with my arms. Tendenitis, nerve pain and tennis elbow, so the much heavier dewalt impact driver (18v, non brushless) is a real pain in the butt. This little m12 is amazing. I'm definitely moving into Milwaukee hardcore.
  10. Slowly sanding and finishing my way through this. Other than that, all I have left is to route grooves for the t-tracks and slap on some pulls. I got one completed (only went with 2 coats of finish, I'm just too impatient to do more.) This gap displeases me. It wasn't nearly this bad before finish. The two drawers rub. So I will have to address that issue before I'm truly done.
  11. Thanks I may pick some up because I'm going to put pull out trays in my outfeed table for the festool stuff.
  12. Well, I had 2 requirements, 22 inch slides and wanted them the same day. The ones I had to order after I bought out all the stock were just because they were the same exact ones I had already bought. It doesn't really matter. They are great for what I need them for.
  13. It does seem a little absurd even for them. But then again it probably costs very little to design and prototype something.Then they just throw it out and see what happens. I like that they do crazy things because sometimes they really nail a need that you don't even know you had. Meanwhile, I can't imagine having the room to wheel around anything in my shop!
  14. Hahaha. Well it's definitely a space issue. Unless i can figure out a good way to store them in the place that I use them most I'm working on some ideas.
  15. Built a pull out shelf that I was planning to put my track saw on to get rid of the insanely too big Makita systainer. Of course, it doesn't fit in that space. But with the spindle sander down below I couldn't have done any better. I'll have to figure out what tools to put there. I know at some point I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get rid of Festool systainers, I just don't have room for them it seems. Put trim on the tops. Went pretty well. First time doing mitered trim. Also first time using the new SCMS. I made the trim about 1/4" taller wider than it needed to be in case there were undulations or bowing in my tops because the plywood sucked. There definitely was on the long top. But on the two smaller ones it just left me with tons of extra material. First I tried to use a flush cut bit. It didn't work that well for me. I think my bit is dulling. This walnut is insanely hard too and tears out easily. It's the most difficult walnut I've ever used. So I switched to the painful way. Once those were done I sanded them and put a first coat of finish on. Also put first coat on 4 drawers that were sanded previously. Then opened the garage door and water dripped right on them because it's hurricane season in IL somehow. Whatever. First coat so they'll be sanded.