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  1. Cliff

    Only Festool...

    I thought I had pretty much all the Festool I need - then discovered that apparently the best raking light known to mankind is the Festool one. So that is unfortunate.
  2. My impact is I'm working at home. So far. There is a pretty good chance I'm going to lose my yearly bonus and not get the promotion and 6-10% raise due to a now uncertain economy. I'm ok with that if it means I still have a job. The recession impact will not be fully understood for some time I think. The stripping of grocery store shelves is pretty ridiculous. Severe overreaction. Then on the other hand we have spring break college kids acting like life is normal - will go home and kill their parents with what they picked up. So I'm a little confused on how our country can be so completely opposite. To me it's a fairly logical equation. We have this thing, we know it transmits quite easily, we know the age groups and conditions that can make it kill with a fairly high percentage. The result is "lets stay in." And - as a person with underlying medical issues I'm extra cautious. Even though I'm 41, I'm still diabetic and our immune systems tend to suck. Temp here today is 38, and somehow that keeps me out of my heated shop. I don't know why that is. Regardless, had a couple of warm days last week, started my new desk and am finally finishing cutting boards from 2 years ago.
  3. I ended up getting this a few months ago with the sawstop lift and the 10" expansion to the wing. That Triton router doesn't work well with the lift, so I used a Bosch one. So I can use the shroud, though I've not gotten it yet. I can second Mick's thoughts. I am super glad I got this thing.
  4. I grabbed the Makita 9403 4" X 24" Belt Sander from amazon. They have it for $233 with $25 off coupon. I've had it in my shopping cart for 2 years. I don't remember what the price was before but I'm sure it's never been lower.
  5. Cliff


    We did not take the elevator. My wife wasn't interested and I was ready to do anything to stop shopping.
  6. Cliff


    Did visit the pyramid. Not the type of place my wife and I would go, but we wanted to see what it was like. We ended up spending $300 in there. What is the AR thing? Does not sound familiar.
  7. Pretty amazing considering the upfront cost of them.
  8. Cliff


    On vacation in Memphis. Really like the woodwork in Peabody hotel.
  9. Might be time for a new house to hold more cases!
  10. Thanks all for the kind words. @treeslayer I love the idea of sliders but since I curved the bottom of the top rail it makes it hard or impossible. I didn't think it out very well! Also I don't know if anyone noticed by I had like 7 statues when I first started this project. Now I have 19. And 6 more on order. I might have a problem.
  11. Popped in the glass sides. Lights. Rigged up the power. Nothing fancy. Plugged into a wemo outlet so I can turn it on and off with my phone. A look at he empty shelves Final finished shots. I think I'm skipping doors on this. I think it will only detract from the statues. Also, I'm not pointing out anymore flaws. Though there were plenty :D Thanks all for taking a look at my first true furniture build.
  12. Cliff


    One piece is going to be a tall .. bench for lack of a better word. metal legs. but it will have plants on it. My wife specifically wanted to use it. I couldn't talk her out of it. To me it's a bit of a waste. The other piece I'm considering using as drawer fronts for a future dresser build. If not that then panels for something. I want to maximize my usage of it. $60 for each. I'd try to think if it's a good deal, but since I've never seen any anywhere else, it's hard for me to place a number on worth. I figured the price was right for me.
  13. Cliff


    Picked up a couple of 12" wide 81" long 8/4 spalted sycamore today at a flea market. Kiln dried, looks amazing.
  14. Started finishing the Top and bottom shelf. Still haven't finalized how I'm attaching the other 2 shelves so I won't cut to absolute final size until I do. Siliconed the glass into the sides. I used these points to hold it in place while the silicone sets. I intend to remove them and put in some sort of walnut trim or something. Depends on how it looks. Cut the back. Unfortunately, in my haste a couple of weeks ago to get the plywood in the garage with impending rain - I cut it to 57 inches, which it is - on the edges. But the curve screws that up pretty well, so this is the result- It's VERY small, somewhere just a hair over 1/16th. So I cut a piece And finally found a use for my bandy clamps I bought 2 years ago.
  15. I meant loose in thickness. I made them wide because I'm not confident in my ability to perfectly line up my mortises.