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  1. Cliff

    Sawstop Inline Router Table

    Awesome review. You even saved me the trouble of the dust shroud since I have the same router. Getting this will free up a huge chunk of space where my router table sits now. I can hardly wait. I'll definitely get the router lift as well though since the adjustment on my Triton broke like 3 days after I got it and I never sent it in for repairs. Thanks for the great review!
  2. Those would be my answers.
  3. I think I must have this.
  4. As many of you are dimly aware of.. I like collecting comic book statues. I don't have a lot, maybe 13ish. But I tend to buy 2-4 per year so they are going to be taking up more and more room as time goes on. This has been my solution thusfar - (pics are 2-4 years old so missing quite a few statues) Four shelves from IKEA, and some led strips, also from IKEA. Closer look This is fine, but I don't like the lighting solution. I don't want to see the cords or lights at all. I've been through 6 total design phases, and this is what I settled on. Keep in mind this is the basic version because I'm not good enough in sketchup. -Sides will be glass, held in rabbets with strips of wood pin nailed into the legs. -Front will be 2 glass doors approximately 24" wide by 46 1/2" tall. I plan to use european style hinges. I've planned for up to 3/8" thick depending on what the glass place recommends -Shelf pin holes in the legs -3 1" thick shelves total including the bottom -Dimensions: about 50" wide, 10-12" deep, 66" tall. This leaves me around 16" per shelf and I can adjust them up or door depending on statue height (super expensive ones can get up to 21" tall, but most clock in around 15ish) I had planned to curve the front but can't figure out how to make that work with glass doors. So I've decided to steal liberally from Marc. I'll be copying these legs: They start at 2" and curve, down to around 3 3/4" at the bottom. I think I'm going to try for 2 1/4" at the top as I wanted lots of strength for the glass. I'll also probably curve the rails at the bottom, but not the top due to the glass. I'm not sure how this will look just being curved at the bottom. After sifting through the wood in my collection I was unable to find anything that was flat and straight enough to make 4 legs without laminating 3-4 pieces. I'm ok with laminating 2 pieces per leg, but 3-4 is amateur hour, which I'm trying to get past. So I went shopping, and ended up with wood for the shelves. Oops. There was an entire tree worth of figured 10/4 walnut. I found a piece that should allow me to get between 10-11" deep shelves at at least an inch thick. Although, since my top is supposed to be 14", I'm still not sure what to do on that, I may go back and buy another board, but each one is about $300. But whatever, I cut the 110" board in half and shoved it in my Prius. Along with a lot of empty monster boxes. A few days later I picked up some VERY rough common walnut at the cheapest mill in my area @$4.95/bdft. I picked through boards for an hour to find 6 pieces that were at least 4.5" wide, 8/4 and 70+ inches long - and relatively straight. The fourth leg I can make from stock I have at home. Even at that price point the 6 pieces cost me another $300. Today I did the first round of milling, just getting the rough stuff off so I can try to mix and match since I'll be pairing these up. Right off the bat I'm reminded how much better I like air dried walnut. Some of these pieces are uglier than usual too, which doesn't help. I'm hoping to minimize the ugliest parts and knots. After a few deeeeeeeeeep passes So this was day one, I anticipate this taking me up to 4 months because I'm going to go out of my way to take my time so I don't have a repeat of my last journal which is still unfinished.
  5. Cliff

    Hinges for glass doors

    yeah I think the final size in sketchup is looking like 46.5" tall and 24" wide. I'll definitely be talking to a glass supplier. I just need to know what hinges I'm using because then I know how much room I got for the shelf pins/shelf, as all that (hinges/shelf pins) are going to be on the same face of the leg - at least I think. I like the european ones.
  6. Anyone familiar with hanging glass doors? Size - roughly 2' wide by 55" tall? Maybe 1/4" thick. Opening outward like side by side refrigerator doors. I wanted to use Brusso but I don't know what to look for or even if they have such things. Any suggestions or tips? Or a company that is just as good as Brusso that might have what I need?
  7. Cliff

    Ribbon cutting board

    I've been wanting to make these. I actually just made my first regular cutting boards last week. Thought I'd do easy stuff before fancy ribbons.
  8. Cliff

    Opinion poll 3hp v. 5hp for home shop

    I just cut 2 inch thick purple heart on my 3 HP sawstop and I nearly cried tears of joy. I remember cutting 1 inch thick PH on my old delta contractor saw and it was pure black from the burning. Took me a lot of work to clean up all my cuts.
  9. Cliff


    i bought those tail hooks 2 years ago and still haven't used them. Everytime I bust out the gripper I think "why haven't I used those.. and do I still know where they are?"
  10. Cliff

    How do you transport your wood?

    For sure. And it's reliability is unparalleled.
  11. Cliff

    How do you transport your wood?

    Every person in my family has a truck and a trailer. Every friend has a truck. I have a prius because I drive over 100 miles per day. I really want to get a beater truck and trailer and kinda go down the route Cremona went. But right now I just have too many things going on to justify that expense. So.. I borrow.
  12. Cliff


    I also have a couple and love them. Then I got 2 sets of the jointer ones and use one for the router table. The original grippers were one of my first seemingly unnecessary purchases when I started. But they were worth it.
  13. Cliff

    it pays to be april wilkerson

    I do some imprecise projects. Then I precisely set them on fire or throw them into the trash.
  14. Cliff

    it pays to be april wilkerson

    I hate it when people pronounce silent g's - like a hard g sound on something that ends with -ing. Which April also does sometimes.
  15. Cliff

    it pays to be april wilkerson

    I'll look for that on the roku app. Thats where I do almost all of my youtube watching.