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  1. In all honestly, I doubt anything Woodpeckers makes is worth the money. But they are nice. I like the indexes in particular and I'm always on the lookout for another square. I have 3 or 4 that just do not lock. One is a brand new 4" Starrett that I never ended up returning so it just sits there.
  2. I have issues with flatness doing that. Not significant, but enough that the feet I put on the cutting boards need shims to sit flat.
  3. I got my woodpecker drill press table from They charged $6.50 s/h $108 total, cause there was a 15% sales event.
  4. Cliff

    Amazon Account

    I was just looking through my amazon orders and found that I bought a 23-gauge pin nailer 5 months ago. Which is unfortunate because I bought one 2 weeks ago as well. The second one is a Senco and I've got it out of the package and used it. I found the other snuggled up against the Festool vac next to assembly table. Guess I'll sell it.
  5. I used knock down bolts on my kitchen counter to pull two pieces together. This is an example from Rockler
  6. Cliff

    Outdoor Kitchens

    I am dreaming of a day I have enough space to do this as well. All Things Barbecue site is a great place like mentioned above. I order from there every couple of months for spices and such.
  7. I know I'm late to the party, but I think that looks pretty good. I hate pine and that does not make me puke.
  8. I had no idea you could use ammonia. That sounds like a great way to accidentally pass out from the fumes.
  9. Anyone have a favorite technique for finishing quartersawn white oak? I'm looking towards Wood Whisperer's Grandfather Clock as an inspiration. I assume there is no problem with putting ARS on top of a dye, but I have no idea for sure. I'm open minded to some ideas. I've never used QSWO before, but to me it's the one wood that looks good with a stain of some sort on it.
  10. I got 5 or 6 sheets of it 3 years or so ago. I think from fastcap. If you spent $100 it was free shipping. I like it but I've changed my layout a bit since I got it and had to reconfigure. One of them I just turned over and was able to cut into the other side. I also got the burning tool to cut it, skip that. Utility knife works so much better.
  11. fantastic job. i got some a smoker and grill area that badly needs some things built and I'm dragging my feet.
  12. It ranges from a very tight 1/16" to a very lose 1/16" and then the far left and far right sides seem to be just a bit wider, but they seem to match so it kinda works.
  13. I like it. Not as well as ARS but one coat really makes it worth it. The drawer fronts are actually kin dried from my local hardwood guy. Saw this board and grabbed it when I bought my new planer. The rest of the case walnut is air dried.
  14. Rubio monocoat I really think it was.
  15. Finished! Thanks all for watching, and to those that gave advice, super appreciated.
  16. I tried to get some of the sides evened up with a shooting board that I built a year ago and never used until today. I think I need to learn how to use it better because I sucked. + Sanded, chamfered and drilled some pull holes. Tomorrow I put finish on drawers.
  17. Glued in a strip to act as a stop for my top drawer. I'm going to have to figure out a semi-permanent solution to keep the drawer in though, cause it's very short and will easily be pulled out and fall on the floor. Sanded, chamfered, etc. Finish on the case. Using Rubio Monocoat. I'm really happy with the grain. It's not perfect but it's by far the best I've ever done.
  18. I gotta build the bench top it goes in. Well see which of us win
  19. Got Andy Klein's 20" vise in the mail today. Box was tied and banged up so I hope nothing missing or damaged
  20. My progress after another 2 and half hours. I've honestly just about had it. Each time I slide a drawer in I slam it a little harder. Pretty soon I'll be picking up the entire thing and throwing it. My frustration level is extremely high. My plan is to make these adjustments, moving the sides up where there are up arrows. then I'm chamfering and making sure everything is flush on the front with sanding, etc. I know how this became so problematic (using a tape measure to get my spacer measurements, so I'll take that as a lesson learned. In addition, there were a couple of drawers that were slightly out of square. And when I say slightly I mean the diagonal of a perfect drawer was 22 3/8" and one direction would be a little bit (looks to my eye to be 1/64th) over 22 3/8 and the other diagonal was just under. But then lets say my slides are slightly off and we're in pure hell from the compounding of errors. Regardless, I don't think I have the skill to do any better than this yet.
  21. I may try false fronts next time. I spent quite some time making sure that my fronts were perfectly cut then was hoping the slide placement would be perfect and everything would fall into place. But that never happens haha.
  22. Right on. Thanks for the opinions all. I'm about 5 hours or so into adjusting these drawers. I'll see what I can get tonight. I know some of them can be taken care of with sanding and planing. So far I've just tried to take care of the ones that i had to adjust the slides on.
  23. So question for you guys who are reading this.. how far do you chase drawer spacing/gaps? I'm about 80% happy with where I am, and I honestly wonder if once I do a chamfer/roundover and final sand if I'll notice that much. Some of my drawer slides were off.. had to fix that. I also had to shim some drawers to push them left or right. Part of that could be mistakes in my cuts, or that I cut these drawers to final size a month ago, and the cabinet has had plenty of time to move. I'm not sure. As this is my first real cabinet, I am sure there are things I can improve on. This is a rather close up shot of where I am now. I have not adjusted the top drawer at all.