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  1. Yes I'm sure of it. It's either a bad photo or taken somewhere in my adjustment process where I hadn't gotten it right yet. But when I started adjusting I had all the screws turned all the way in so that the tables was hanging down and in no way affected the straight edge. Thanks for all the suggestions on how to cope with the problem. I'm sure I can find ways to live with it. I guess what I need to know is if I should return it or not. Or to put it in other words; am I expecting too much when I want a flat bed on a cheap planer? Will the next one be just as bad, or is it worth the time an
  2. Hi. I just bought my first lunchbox type planer. It's a cheap Chinese model which I recognize under many brand names on the web. After cleaning off all the nasty grease I began to level the out feed and in feed tables, as I could tell by eye they were both pointing upwards on the ends. Doing this I noticed that the (very flimsy) bed inside the machine was not flat either. It's got a bow to it in the middle. Is this normal or acceptable? I know it's a cheap unit, so I'm not expecting high quality, but a bowed bed can never plane a piece flat right? Other then thi