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  1. I'm going to get a few planes to supplement my power tools. I saw that Hock has Krenov kits. Does anyone have experience with these, or knows a better alternative for a Krenov style plane? Also I want to use this plane as a smoother, will it do the trick? Thanks
  2. Lately I've had troubles ripping even thin boards on my delta contractor saw. I've got the larger model with a Besemyer fence. My boards seem to be getting caught between the stock splitter and the fence. The wood is ver hard to push through and I'm also getting a small wave in the cut. The splitter seems in line with the blade. Suggestions on how to fix this without buying a new saw? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the advice. I've decided to do a table, most likely a desk tresle style to build my skills. I have not built a table yet, should be interesting.
  4. Already done. I've built shaker style benches, mirror frames, a porch swing, work table (my first tenons), jewelry boxes, shop cabinets, etc. I'm really looking to move my skills into the fine furniture realm. I think vie done ok up to now, but nothing is really what I would call great.
  5. Thanks. I guess looking at it that way I should consider the project first. Ill think about that and probably ask the obvious question, what project next?
  6. Yes very undecided. Too many things I think I need, not enough money.
  7. Hi I'm new to the community and have a few questions about tool purchases. I've got 500 to spend to upgrade my tools. I have all the basic floor tools, including a jointer(6") and a planer(12"). Most tools are delta. I want to take my skills to the next level. I don't have a shoulder plane or a high end Dado stack, nor a track saw, or anything festool. What would you suggest? Do I need this stuff? I do plan on doing some cabinetry for my house and thought the track saw would be a good addition. But maybe some hand tools to clean up my jointery. Thanks Joe
  8. Hello, I am new here and am looking forward to learning from all of you. I'm working through the podcast and am loving it. I've been dabbling in woodworking for the last 5+ years and want to improve my skills. I mainly use powertools but have decided to add some hand tool skills. My most recent projects are an OM guitar from a Martin kit and a hanging tool cabinet. Both are in process. Thanks Joe Noll