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  1. 4square

    How could i flatten my table top?

    How wide is the top? If there is a saw mill or commercial wood shop nearby they usually have a planer that will accept as much as 36” width.For a small fee they may run the top through their planer for you. Otherwise, break out the fore and jack planes.
  2. If there is a WoodCraft store anywhere near you they often times have woodworking classes with some of the best woodworkers in the country teaching the class.
  3. 4square


    Looks like you are using pine to practice with. Being a soft wood your chisels have to be super sharp. ( sharp enough to shave the hair off the back of your hand. ) Also cut lines could be deeper. All in all though they look better than my first crack at it!
  4. 4square

    So the journey begins

    Well said TIODS!
  5. 4square

    Staining pine stair treads for unfinished basement

    When I have to stain pine, I apply one coat of pre- mixed shellac and let it dry overnight then light sand with 400 grit sandpaper and wiping surfaces clean with a tack cloth before staining. ThIs seems to work well for me.
  6. 4square

    For the Beginner Woodworker

    Sound advise. Brings back memories of shop class.
  7. 4square

    New House, New Shop...and new Woodworker

    I put my lumber rack in front of the garage door. It makes good use of otherwise wasted space. My chop saw and stand are folded up and stored in a 6' closet that is adjacent to my shop. It is quick to come out and set up when needed. This allowed the needed space for a jointer. A ceiling mounted air filter should be your next shop purchase. It can make the difference between happy wife or grumpy wife.
  8. 4square

    The "why" question

    The answer to your question "Why" is " Why Not"
  9. 4square

    Bandsaw Advice

    It looks like you are using a pretty narrow blade. Maybe a wider blade would help. All of my b/s blades are no more than 8 TPI regardless of width. I find that the blades don't heat up as much which can help with the quality of the cut.