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  1. Gurus, I'm in the process of designing a dining room table. I'm leaning towards a design like this one from but would like to incorporate a butterfly leaf a'la the FWW article in July/August 2011. My question is regarding the grain orientation of the top. I'd prefer for the grain to run longways, but most of the examples I've seen with butterfly leaves have the grain oriented from side to side. Would there be a big concern from a wood movement perspective if I oriented it longways? I had planned to just orient the slots in the slides (where the screws attached to the
  2. If you're interested in Inventor, you should try Autodesk Fusion 360. It does pretty much everything inventor does but is free for recreational users.
  3. Woodcraft in OKC still has plenty if anyone is nearby.
  4. Is this sale valid online, or is it in-store only?