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  1. There are drawers on both sides. My sister and BIL currently live and a 2 bedroom house and don't have room for the bed to be off the wall. Eventually they will be moving and the bed will be able to be centered in the room and he will be able to use the drawers on both sides.
  2. Yes, they are on full extension slides
  3. last weekend I wrapped up and delivered my nephew's Christmas present (he needed his bed sooner rather than later because he now has a baby brother) He was really excited to finally have his "big boy bed" It is Red Oak with sedonna red stain (their choice not mine) finished with polyurethane . the lighting in his bedroom isn't very good so the pictures aren't the best.
  4. I have not used much cherry. That boards was planed (took about 1/8" off) right before that picture. I was in a hurry and was on my way out the door to work when I snapped that picture. I will try to get a better one.
  5. Trying to finish up a project (captains bed for my 3 year old nephew). And then I will be getting started on the Mill build. I already have most of the parts, steel, pulleys, motor etc... that I will need. Now I just need to get started. I will start a thread for the build here in the next couple weeks.
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    wood ID

    Can anyone ID this wood? I went to an auction and bought a lumber/sheet good cart that had a mixture of oak, walnut and a bunch of this. I originally thought it was Cherry but once I compared it to some known Cherry boards I am not 100% sure now . Here is the end grain The board on top an the narrow boards in the background are the ones in question. The board with the blue writing is one of my known Cherry examples. What do you guys think?
  7. my plan is to have the saw head running on a track that the log will sit on. the plan is to only need to lift the logs up a couple inches (roll them) onto the log bed. She is more concerned will how long the logs are going to have to sit in the grass have have weeds grow up around them. When I asked her how long I could have for the build ...She told me a month was too long
  8. @Brendon_t, Just to clarify, "All of the parts I need to purchase"....that I don't already have... I already have a few hundred dollars worth of steel that was left over from my Horse trailer rebuild project.
  9. That is my problem. because of the size of the logs I am only able to carry 2 of them at a time. So driving a couple of hours to take them to the mill isn't very cost effective for me I had a few sawyers that list themselves at mobile reply to my inquiry saying they leave their mill stationary.
  10. I I do like quarter sawn and rift saw log and am hoping that I will be able to get some good quality cuts from these logs. I have a couple logs to practice my skills on, but they are no where near the diamter. I am located in Central IL near Champaign-Urbana
  11. I know there are a bunch of people that don't like like red oak, but I make a lot of projects out it and do enjoy working with it. Around here kiln dried red oak cost about $5/bdft for 5/4 using an online doyle scale I am estimating there is roughly 2000 bdft of lumber there. I have also lined up a kiln to do the drying for me and am guesstimating that will only cost a couple hundred bucks. as far as the chainsaw mill, I have considered it, but I don't like the extra waste that is created from the kerf of the chain. I have priced all the parts and steel that I need to purchase and wil
  12. A friend of mine had a guy come in and fell two huge red oak trees on his property. In exchange for helping him clean up the aftermath he gave me all of the wood I wanted!! I now have roughly (8) 8 foot by 30" diameter logs laying in my yard waiting to be milled. I have contacted about 8 sawyers in my area and only one of them answered me and is willing to travel and cut at my location. after he gave me his rates and asked me a couple questions he has become unreachable. (I could go on a rant here about hiring people to do work and how I can never find people/companies willing and able so
  13. There were a couple goofs, none of which were my fault. The Cake person didn't leave any boxes for the left over cupcakes and the wedding cake. The caterer failed to mention to us that we needed to bring our own containers to take left overs home and we didn't really make it clear to the guests when they could eat the cupcakes. But the biggest comedy of the night was my new wife puking all over the back patio of the venue at the end of the night At the end of the day we are married and we had a good time, that is all that matters.
  14. Congrats on your Wedding as well. She knew I was working on something for her, but didn't know what it was. I accidentally left some purple saw dust laying on the floor of the shop so she also knew it was being made with purple heart.
  15. Well crap.....That would have been smart...I was so happy to have them done that I forgot.
  16. Well the big day has come and gone and everything turned out well. We are Married and everyone had a good time. I put the final touches on the box the day before the rehearsal. I covered the inside of the box with black felt and installed the hinges and magnet for closure. I also decided to use some scraps to make a picture frame. which I think really turned out great. as you can see she seems pretty happy with them and the picture frame is now on the mantel in our bedroom and the box is in out living room for all to see. I am still planning on making the box out of Cherry now that
  17. This lid was made just like a raised panel door, I cut the edges of all the rails and styles. Then cut the Ends of the rails. Them used the panel cutter to make the purple heart center.
  18. No damage done to my pride...I was PISSED when that happend. I have the KREG router table and fence that has a cam lock on the right side and a screw lock on the left side. I had the right side locked down in plane with the bearing and the left side was slightly behind the bearing. so when the board transferred from the bearing to the fence it left that dip as the board cleared the bit.
  19. I was wondering if someone would see that . The out feed side of my fence was a little wonky and I didn't notice it until the damage was done. She will never notice the slight dip. Actually cutting purple heart raised panel wasn't that bad. I just took it slow and only took light cuts.
  20. I got back in the shop this weekend, Jessica now knows that something that she isn't allowed to see is being made, but she still doesn't know what it is. My first step this weekend was to figure out how to setup the new template in the 4200 series dovetail jig. That about an hour and several scrap pieces of poplar to dial in for a good/thigh fitting joint. I was assuming that the trough dovetails would be just as easy as the half blinds that I have done in the past...I was wrong.... I ended up using two routers one with the dovetail bit and the other with the straight bit. After
  21. Hey the electric fence is for our 5 horses. We just got access to another 3 acre pasture that a friend is letting us "rent" free of charge. The new template for the dovetail jig is "out for delivery" on the UPS tracking page. Hopefully I can get out to the shop and set it up and make some test cuts in the next couple of days.
  22. I have the 4210 which i have used to do tons of half blind dovetails for drawer boxes and didn't realize that it needed other parts to make through dovetails so I placed an order for the 4213 though dovetail/box joint jig. That is just the way I had the boards sitting. Dovetails will be in the end grain.
  23. Since my Fiance's mother works 2nd shift and doesn't wake up very early, we didn't get started on the electric fence so I had a chance to get out to the shop on Saturday morning. I worked on the Maple and Purple Heart. I laid out my rough cuts and squared a face and edge on the jointer and then went to planing them down to the desired 1/2" thickness. I HATED to turn all that beautiful wood into saw dust, but I don't own a band saw that is large enough to resaw and the local woodshop wanted an outrageous price to do the resaw for me. When I had the Maple and PH down to 1/2" thick I
  24. For those of you that took time to comment on my other thread in the general woodworking thread, Thank you for the great advice and I have decided to take a combination of it. @Eric I am going to make one box out of Cherry (I really do like the look of cherry) and I am also going to make another box with out of Maple and Purple Heart, Just because I can. The local hardwood dealer here in town told me that they have some finish with UV inhibitor in them and they that might keep the purple heart from turning color too quickly...I am not sure if it will work or not, but I will give it a try.
  25. I have never really documented anything I have built on an online forum. I think I will try and start a project Journal on these boxes. it probably won't be very complete as far as the steps go but I will try to keep it up to date with the process.