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  1. Well I’m up in Boone North Carolina “vacationing”. No not really. But I have a 16’ trailer with me and i was wanting to hit up a saw mill or two before I head back down south to Texas where the weather makes sense and isn’t mad at everyone. Does anybody have any suggestions. Also what species might I find in the area?
  2. Can't say I envy you for living in Houston Coop. It sound like your best option for a comfortable shop is to move. Personally I just use a 36" fan set to high to push the mosquitos and the humidity out
  3. Glad I wasn't the only who thought that
  4. Milwaukee sells some good blades but just about any bimetal blade should do just fine
  5. Pencils and tape measures are always in short supply. However, it is usually whatever I had in my hand last that I can't find.
  6. Rest assured your father is home now with our Heavenly Father and you will be reunited with him. Thoughts and prayers are with you my friend.
  7. Wow my autistic son won't even go outside. I'm jealous
  8. Brian Sengele


    I just kept mine simple...first initial last name
  9. Just moved back to San antonio from Dallas. Good to see there are few of us close by.