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  1. Brian Sengele

    Saw mills

    Well I’m up in Boone North Carolina “vacationing”. No not really. But I have a 16’ trailer with me and i was wanting to hit up a saw mill or two before I head back down south to Texas where the weather makes sense and isn’t mad at everyone. Does anybody have any suggestions. Also what species might I find in the area?
  2. Brian Sengele

    Air Conditioner

    The poor house
  3. Brian Sengele

    Air Conditioner

    Can't say I envy you for living in Houston Coop. It sound like your best option for a comfortable shop is to move. Personally I just use a 36" fan set to high to push the mosquitos and the humidity out
  4. Brian Sengele

    Running Horse

    Glad I wasn't the only who thought that
  5. Brian Sengele

    Reciprosaw blades

    Milwaukee sells some good blades but just about any bimetal blade should do just fine
  6. Brian Sengele

    Shop Survey: The Most Hunted Item

    Pencils and tape measures are always in short supply. However, it is usually whatever I had in my hand last that I can't find.
  7. Brian Sengele

    Texas woodworkers?

    Just moved back to San antonio from Dallas. Good to see there are few of us close by.