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  1. earbogast

    Changing blade in Hegner Multmax

    Just in case anyone does a search on this later, I finally got the blade in the holder to stick. It was taking me about 20 minutes per blade but then the blade would come loose once I started the machine. Really stupid of me really but there is a screw that goes into the blade holder. The screw will thread in either side of the blade holder but only one side works where the blade holder will clamp the blade. So in short, even though the blade holder has a thread in both sides of the blade holder, you have to screw into the correct side even though both sides look the same.
  2. earbogast

    Changing blade in Hegner Multmax

    Yes, I'm using that. Was doing some research and found on a scroll saw workshop by Steve Good where people had problems with the standard blade holders http://stevedgood.com/community/index.php?topic=6303.0 The blade just doesn't catch pushing it about 1/8 inch into the holder like the instructions but if you insert it further, the blade won't center.
  3. earbogast

    Changing blade in Hegner Multmax

    Just started using my Hegner scrollsaw and wanted to ask if any other Hegner owners have problems blade changing in the bottom blade holder? I have the quick clamp for the top blade holder but it is really a pain in the arse changing the blade in the standard blade holder in the bottom. Last one took me about 20 minutes and it's really frustrating. If anyone has had problems with this, how did you remedy? Maybe it's just me but I'll know if no one else has problems with this. Thanks in advance.
  4. earbogast

    She does Love me!!

    You have alot of catch up to do on her birthday.
  5. earbogast

    No more Excalibur scroll saws in the near future

    Hans from Hegner called me today. When I get excited, I have no will power. Went ahead and ordered he 18" Hegner. Don't think I can go wrong anyway. Now if I can just get some matching yellow paint from my Dewalt to paint the Hegner, significant others won't know.
  6. earbogast

    No more Excalibur scroll saws in the near future

    Thanks for the info. I just missed a call from "Hans" at Hegner today. Was thinking of ordering but I have some Jet products and I think highly of them. Maybe I'll see how solid that time is on the Jet model.
  7. earbogast

    No more Excalibur scroll saws in the near future

    I got it. Funny.
  8. earbogast

    No more Excalibur scroll saws in the near future

    Well I just called General and they didn't know what Acme tools was talking about. So I called Acme back and they said it was available March 1. But my order had been cancelled and I needed to re-order through custormer service since they still haven't given me a refund. Ten minutes after I got off the phone with Acme and I get this email so I have no idea what is going on: To: Earl Arbogast "Acme Tools" Order "1877972" Order Update [826533:143598] Hello, We have recently received word from General International that item EX-21K has been discontinued with no replacement. Due to this issue, we will be canceling your order. We did not anticipate this, and apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at 1-877-345-ACME (2263) Option #3 M-F 9:00am - 5:00pm CST. Thank you, Acme Tools eCommerce -----Original Message----- From: "Acme Tools" <support@acmetools.com> Sent: 12/27/2015 11:45 PM To: earbogast@elp.rr.com Subject: "Acme Tools" Order "1877972" Received Customer Service from Acme just called me for the re-order and they told me General informed them on Friday that the scroll saw has been discontinued. I give up. Ordering the Hegner from Advanced Machinery.
  9. earbogast

    No more Excalibur scroll saws in the near future

    Woodcraft website says " Out of stock, order now for current pricing. Expected Delivery on March 1,2016 ." Yes Acme said that too. But Acme said they got word from General that they cannot deliver any orders on any of the model scroll saws. Maybe Woodcraft gets word next week. I plan on calling General Monday to confirm though. Earl Like this
  10. I just had my Excalibur scroll saw order cancelled by Acme. I ordered the 22 inch and what the guy told me is that it is not related to just scroll saws. Apparently they lost a factory to make parts for their machines in Taiwan and somewhere else. Just relaying what the guy told me so I don't know for fact, General is closed right now as it is too late to contact them. Anyway, the reason I posted is the next level up I guess is a Hegner. Does anyone know if they have sales on their saws during the year sometimes? If so, I can wait as I have my Delta still. Appreciate hearing from someone cause if they don't have sales, I'll just bite the bullet and get one now. Thanks in advance. Earl
  11. Well after a couple of silly hiccups, I managed to finish my roubo build. It would have been a comedy movie taking you all through the whole thing but I'm satisfied as everything works well. Here is the end.
  12. There's a good reason I don't show my real face on the avatar. screw
  13. Thanks, I don't know how many different ways I can measure it but my screw comes out at 1". So I made my hole 1 1/8 inch with the same clearance you would have got. Seems ok, I'll finish tomorrow and see if I have any problems. Funny but I can't find anything at Benchcrafted to update it. I better take a pic tomorrow to show you I'm not crazy. Thanks though. Earl
  14. Ok, was wondering though if anyone could post their screw size and what size they made the hole. I haven't got a response from Benchcrafted yet. They may be closed. That way I can see if mine is smaller or the same size. Hate to wait till next weekend to do this part. Earl
  15. I was just now getting ready to screw the hole through my leg and chop block and the instructions I have say to make it 1 1/2". But it seems too big because I measured my screw and it is only 1". Am I missing a supplement or maybe they changed the size of it? I'll hold off since some of you may have the smaller screw and what size you made the hole. thanks, Earl