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  1. It's not a floating panel. The top is like a raised panel without the surrounding rails and styles. Somebody mentioned a shaper, but 1) don't have a shaper, and 2) I'm not confident I could find the exact profile I'm looking for. I do have a 3HP router and router table. The more I think about it I'm leaning towards a plane and a bit of practice.
  2. Lots of interesting suggestions. I really appreciate the input. The top is actually for a side boards piece of furniture so the top is approximately 20" x 60" (yes, it's like a large raised panel). The long edge I can do on the table saw once I make a tall fence (that's pretty easy). The short edges I'll have to use some other method like discussed above since I can't stand a 60" piece up on the table saw. I may take the plunge and get a plane as this really seems like the right way to go. My second choice is leaning towards building the router jig (like for flattening a large piece of w
  3. That router jig is what I was thinking of, but looking for alternatives.
  4. Marc's video is pretty straight forward. I should have been a little more clear in what I am attempting. I want the 3" dimension to be along the face of the table top and the 1/4" dimension to be along the edge. To do what Marc shows in the video I'd have to set the circ saw at something like 75 degrees which doesn't make any sense. If I run the saw along the edge (essentially 90 degrees from the setup Marc had) then I can set the saw to 15 degrees. I'm thinking I'll need a fancy purpose built edge guide/jig so that the saw doesn't have a chance to tip. Still not convinced this is the be
  5. That's interesting. I'd probably have to rig up some kind of fence/guide thing because I'd have to run the saw along the edge. Definitely would want to try a few practice pieces, I could see how this could turn out wavy.
  6. I want to put a large chamfer on a table top -- something on the order of .25" x 3". I can't put something this big on my table saw and don't have much in the way of planes. I'm sort of picturing some kind of router jig, but I'm not really crazy about how I'm thinking that will work. Any other suggestions?