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  1. Looks like I have 'another' big project on my hands. Thanks for all the recommendations, it'll take me a while to parse through all these recommendations.
  2. I'm asking what woodworking books that you have decided to purchase and use as a reference. I already own Hybrid Woodworking by Marc so that suggestion can be checked off already. I am thinking of any topic and not looking to neglect or turn down anything at this point. So I'm open to any suggestions and if possible a link to the book would be appreciated so I can find the book that is being mentioned. I hope that this hive mind of great woodworkers can help me trim away the redundant books that are out there. Thanks
  3. Thanks, didn't want to confuse it with jargon from work.
  4. Thanks. I'm aware of them so it helps knowing other ppl know more about them. What does S3S mean? Not entirely sure what it means. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Yeah I just wandered around the new Lowes that opened in the area and checked out the prices on the Bosch routers they sell. Will look around a bit more since I have the time before I can drop the money to purchase one.
  6. Anyone know of any good suppliers in Alberta or more specific Southern Alberta?
  7. All the good suggestions are very helpful, I know getting a well rounded starter is a consistent piece of advice that will serve me well. And it makes the decision a little less worrisome knowing that many of you have had great success with a variety of brands.
  8. Thanks, that is really what I was looking for. I know that trust and the internet don't necessarily go together all the time.
  9. Ok the topic might be a tad confusing. As a new woodworker I was wondering if there is a reputable resource either online or printed that goes through the different species of wood and goes into some detail regarding the wood. Such as origin, hard or soft wood, common uses, etc. Things of that nature that would allow me to get a good basic grounding for the type of wood that I should look for during the planning stages of a project. Any help is much appreciated.
  10. Just a quick note, I appreciate all the suggestions and the video (which was awesome). I'm going to take a little time and find out more regarding each product that was suggested. Thanks, it's great that this community exists.
  11. So to expand my novice set of tools I'm looking into various routers, and I am looking for advice on what type, kind, brand, Horse Power (HP), combo, etc would be in the long term most beneficial. I am not a fan of buying one thing then learning that something just a bit more expensive would serve greater purpose later on as I develop my wood working skills. I've had advice about getting a plunge router with around 2.5 HP. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.
  12. That was the exact motivation to join. Thanks for the warm welcome.
  13. I've been toying with the idea of taking the plunge into proper woodworking and by virtue of the community joining the forums. I've just finally got the home renovations to the point I can move all the stuff out of the garage and back into the house making room for this new hobby. I'm sure my first venture into this hobby will be making some mirrors for the various new bathrooms that I have that are unusual sizes. I really like that this community exists as there isn't a huge local community outside of professional contractors. Thanks, Jeff/EverStudious