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  1. This is a mirror based on a England piece from the 18th century. Curly maple, dyed using Lipton tea bags, wafer thin coat of BLO, blonde shellac as a top coat. The back was constructed from ten pieces of poplar in a ship-lapped fashion. It came out as good as I wanted to upon completion. I really like it when my craftsmanship reflects nicely back at me.
  2. The veneer was hammered and hide glue on the curved surfaces, and the center drawer and two center doors were hide glue and veneer press.
  3. Berkshire Veneer in MA is the best experience that I have had consistently. When in a pinch I will drive the thirty minutes to Certainly Woods in Aurora, NY, but the mgr there Greg Engle is not the most accommodating of salesman. It is like I am putting him out by stopping buy to purchase; it must be they prefer mail order customers to do-drop-ins.
  4. The book you have is Good Better, Best. The color version is Good Better, Best, Masterpiece. Both are indispensable when trying to get a client to see things, " my way is the right way." I also made the people who worked my gallery for me to know the book, and more importantly, how to convey quality to a perspective buyer.
  5. There is a long toothed rookie trying to make a name for himself this upcoming baseball season; he has special needs on his personal bat style. Hopefully he doesn't break the bat.
  6. People often think I am joking when I say that I can not afford my own work. I have been fortunate to have cultivated a clientele which allows me the opportunity to use my apprenticeship, formal education, and creative desires. All of my best work sits in others homes, but that affords me a home of my own.
  7. I made a pair of sideboards based on a piece in Good, Better, Best , Masterpiece by Albert Sacks. They are mahogany, with holly, ebony, lacewood and poplar. The finish is about 15 coats of super blonde shellac, which were rubbed out with pumice and rottenstone, and then obviously waxed. I am sorry to have to watermark the pictures, but photos of mine that have been on this forum have been used by someone who claimed my work as his own. Pictures when I am in the shots have no watermark, and I hope that the other pictures are not obstructing the view of the work. The hardbound book that I made of the project has 104 pages showing all the aspects of construction. I choose more pages to show then may be appropriate for this forum. If this is too much for the site I hope the webmaster would politely ask me to remove whatever needs to be trimmed off the post. I hope there is a way for anyone of you folks to feel that the information will assist you in your work. Any questions will be responded too, and if pictures make the explanation easier, I will post those upon request.
  8. Aspiration is easy, it is the perspiration and frustration you need to prepare to encounter. I knew that I was taking photos for instructional purposes, so I adhered paper to show the lines more clearly. It is not cheating to simply carve over the paper template, in lew of pencil lines on Honduran mahogany, which are hard for some eyes to distinguish.
  9. There is three times as much thought process as the actual physical process. My wife thinks that I'm flashing back to the 70's sometimes when I am deep into thinking and staring into space. Thanks for the props on the work.
  10. I sat on the idea for about 15 years before I had a break of time to do the project.
  11. OK, I am giving away a shop secret here folks; go put me put of business. This should be self explanatory in the photos. There is a continuity issue which should be easy to overlook, I was making multiple boards with varying design differences. The main concert of how to set up jigs and fixtures for productions runs is the point of the upload. I hope it helps your future needs for a jig or a process. Go forth and sawdust...
  12. A whole lotta dovetails, and a whole lotta hand rubbing on the finish, and a wee bit o' carvin'. It is a small box filled with even smaller boxes, so paying top dollar for some sweet grain mahogany was an easy purchase. The project was nothing but putting in the time on the 274 dovetails, and then rubbing out the endless coats of shellac finish with pumice and rottenstone. Careful decision making on where on the boards each piece would be cut took mild but some consideration. Ya gotta love mahogany.
  13. This table was considered to be enough to win the 2017 Craftsman's Veneer Challenge at AFWS in Las Vegas. The close up shots of the boards hopefully show the details well. A close up of the Parchessi board is on the forum from two years ago. I ton of fun to make, a ton of hours as well.