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  1. This router is an excellent choice for light duty. The fixed/plunge base combo kit is the way to go. Dust collection attachments are available for both bases. If your budget is a little tight, this can be your only router and there's not much you can't do without some patience. I liked it so much I bought a 2nd one (motor only) to reside in my pantograph so I could leave it set up for better consistency. Another nice feature is variable speed but you are limited to 1/4" shank bits. I also have a Porter Cable 7518 (motor only) for lift-table duty and a Craftsman fixed base for occasional use when the little Dewalt is not enough. A dedicated router for your table is highly recommend. Jasper circle jigs are incredibly handy. I recommend factoring compatibility into your choice. A Festool 1400 is on my wishlist, but $555 is a considerable sum. Perhaps it's a fair price for the Mercedes Benz of routers. I don't think I would recommend it as your 1st router unless you're positive about it being a worthwhile investment.