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  1. Dave and Others I did not realize when I bought my Sawstop that there were two different bases . and I got the cheaper of the two so now I am left with a saw that goes one way only. To be honest it has not been a big deal, and now I have moved my saw to a new spot in shop where it only needs to go one way. So no biggie But I still like the look of Dave's new rolling stand and I really would like to raise my saw a bit . I was going to cut the legs down on my off feed table but if I raised the saw it would accomplish both issues. Still very happy with my saw! D
  2. Brendon Please explain your thoughts ? I recently sold my Delta Contractor Saw and it had the Incra fence on it and I was very happy with it? However when I bought my Saw Stop I went with there better fence and so far I like it also. now it does not do all the fancy things the Incra would do, but it seems easier to use for my work? I know many folks would think I made a serious mistake letting the Incra go . Dee
  3. Andrew really great looking base I am going to have to do something along those lines My new sawstop only rolls one way And It needs to go both ways to work well. Love the look of yours is the saw just sitting on it or is it bolted down ? I am really happy with the saw as I am sure you will be also. Dee
  4. estesbubbaI look at your great shop and it is fantastic how did you attach the standards to the studs looks to be about a 4 in spacing on the mounting screws , are all the screws in studs? Dee
  5. Vinny where does a guy find the green plastic piping I have looked here locally and all I come up with is the heavy wall black stuff? Thanks yours looks great. Dee
  6. New member here long time member of another forum, been into woodworking off and on most of my life I am mid 70s now so definitely on downhill slide. Here lately I have been enjoying building some construction equip and a couple old tractors , most but not all with Toys and Joys plans. \Took me a while to get registered probably something to do with lack of computer skills. Dee