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  1. SawDustB

    Delta Cabinet Saw Dust Collection

    For the tilt slot, rather than using blue tape I've got a sheet magnet over it. They sell cheap ones at the hardware store that are meant to cover unused heat registers. They're the perfect size to cover the front slot, and it's a lot less work to remove it and put it back. I stuffed foam backer rod in between the top and the sides, which helped a lot with the leaks.
  2. SawDustB

    Best Hold fast

    Yes, mine are from Lee Valley too. Considering they're about 1/3 of the cost of the Veritas ones and work well, it's not a hard choice.
  3. SawDustB

    Milling Lumber by Hand

    I don't have a jointer, so this is my process for everything. I just get it to the point where there's no rock or wobble on the work bench. I usually use my #6 for most of it, although if it's really bad I'll start with a #5 with camber on it. Remember this isn't finish planing it, if you're going through a thickness planer after. It's much faster going across the grain and at an angle than with it. Mill marks are fine, as long as the board has decent contact with the bench. The Renaissance woodworker has a good video on this somewhere on his site. I found it very helpful the first couple times I tried it.
  4. SawDustB

    Coffee table design

    That's my plan, more or less. We've got a heavy duty hand truck at the building, so no issue there. I'll probably bring it in on an evening or weekend, so it should be deserted.
  5. SawDustB

    Sideboard Design

    It looks pretty good so far. Just my opinion, but on your questions: 1. I wouldn't have them slide in front of the drawers, provided you can get them open enough to access everything in the shelving space. It would force you to significantly recess the drawers and I don't think it would look as good. 2. I wouldn't bring the legs through the top. If you want to have them be through but flush, then I think that's fine. I think they'd get in the way of using the top. 3. You could float the top if you want, but I don't think the piece needs it. You would also need to essentially build a sub top for the sliding doors and cabinet to work with anyway. 4. Not sure on this one - I don't know what it would traditionally be. I'll be interested to see your final design.
  6. SawDustB

    Coffee table design

    I'm thinking that instead, I'll just bring it in and put it in place without telling anyone - a stealth coffee table delivery. They don't know I'm building it, just that I took the piece of wood. I'll transport it in pieces, though.
  7. SawDustB

    Coffee table design

    I've basically got the joinery fit together. A couple of the bridle joints need a bit of finessing to close done gaps, but it's all square and going together fine. Here's my mock up, after I heaved the top back onto the bench. And a view of the under carriage. It definitely looks like I'm building the ultimate bench on bench here... This thing is heavy!
  8. SawDustB

    Coffee table design

    Here's the legs as built. I'm still fitting the tenons on the second set. For scale, they're 12" high and 16 5/8" wide. I've gone ahead and routed the spots for the legs on the underside of the top. I've left 1/2" gap width wise, but if anything I expect the top to expand, so that should be plenty. I'll be using a lag bolt or two for attaching the legs to the top, allowing for wood movement with a slot. I'm looking for something to use between the legs. Right now I'm still going with the idea of pipe, just trying to figure out what. My best options look to be either buying 3/4" galvanized pipe, or getting a 1" brushed nickel curtain rod. I'm thinking that I'll put 3 of them across the table width. The stretcher in the leg assemblies is 12 5/8", so if I put 3" between the pipes they'd span 9" of it. For finish, I'm going to test a couple of things for the legs. The top may end up getting some kind of gray dye or stain to match what's in the space. This may actually be a good application for the wood weathering solution from my last project, the tool stand.
  9. SawDustB

    Dead blow hammer

    I just use my 20 oz Wood is Good round carvers mallet. It works perfectly. I don't think it's critical what size and shape, since just about anything hammer like will work.
  10. SawDustB

    Coffee table design

    I know . I briefly debated using it for a joinery bench or something before remembering that I have no room. I figure if nothing else if it's not needed as a coffee table it can double as a sitting bench.
  11. SawDustB

    Coffee table design

    I know. I was trying to make sure it didn't look like the base was going to be crushed by the top. Structurally, it didn't need to be that heavy. I like the legs at the 2x3, but I have debated giving the stretchers a diet. I know the pipes likely aren't required, but I think it would look good. I do think I'll make the base attached with a couple of screws through the top stretcher, so I can move them separately. The top is heavy enough by itself.
  12. SawDustB

    Coffee table design

    I've started down the road of building a variation on the original base I showed. The pieces are all 2"x3". I'm planning to use bridle joints at the top, and mortise and tenon for the lower stretchers. I do want to join the sets of legs together. Right now I'm leaning towards using a piece of 1" steel pipe (maybe 2 of them), but I'm still deciding. Here's the mock up before cutting the joinery. I am going to try dyeing it black, since I think that'll look good.
  13. SawDustB

    Coffee table design

    Ok, thanks. I may end up just buying the aniline dye in black at Lee Valley, since I can walk over there from work next week. I'll definitely test on a scrap.
  14. SawDustB

    Coffee table design

    This has to be one of the few projects that can make the Roubo look thin. I've planed the surface on both sides. I still need to fill some holes and sand it as well. I took a few shavings in the process. Here's the piece of ash I'm thinking of using. I can build a base like the first sketchup picture out of it if I make the members approximately 2x3.
  15. SawDustB

    Best Hold fast

    I have to agree, for the money I don't see how you can beat these. I love my pair of them. I glued leather on the business end, which helped them grip much better. They work well in both my sliding dead man, which is 1 3/4", as well as in my 4" top (both hard maple).