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  1. SawDustB

    How do you transport your wood?

    I just use the roof rack on my CR-V, although I'm maxed out at about 100 bf. I'm lucky, though, since my hardwood dealer is only a couple km from my house, so I'm not usually going far. It does get a little dicey if you buy 12' lengths, as I did with my Roubo, because the distance between the roof rack rails is less than 4'. Usually if I really want to get more, I resign myself to removing the car seats and putting it inside with the end out the lift gate.
  2. SawDustB

    Daughter's bookshelf with drawers

    Thanks Chet! I'm really happy with the result (although I'll be even happier once it moves out of my shop soI can look at starting something new).
  3. SawDustB

    Daughter's bookshelf with drawers

    Yes, true enough. At the pace I've been going I've got a couple of years of projects lined up . I think next up might be my hand tool cabinet, finally. I've been wanting that since before I started building the Roubo 2 years ago, but I decided having a workbench to build it on would make it easier. The only question is whether I make it out of something different or just go back for more Birch... It works well, it's relatively inexpensive, and it's easy to match to BB plywood for obvious reasons.
  4. SawDustB

    Daughter's bookshelf with drawers

    Not a bad idea. I've actually found that the selection for me was better after the cabinet guys came through and cleared out what they wanted, since a lot of the remainder had flame figure on it. Unfortunately, at the moment my pace is about 1 large and 2-3 small projects a year, so I don't actually buy all that much wood.
  5. SawDustB

    Daughter's bookshelf with drawers

    Thanks! I'm really happy with how they came out. I found them to be easier than I expected - probably just had it hyped up in my mind as one of those ultimate woodworking accomplishments. I'm glad I took @shaneymack's advice and fixed up the spacing on them. Yeah, I really like the birch when it has that figure on it. I stood there hunting through boards for interesting ones. I think the lady at the wood store thinks I'm a little nuts, since she mostly deals with cabinet guys that just want super plain straight grain and nothing else.
  6. SawDustB

    Daughter's bookshelf with drawers

    I'm calling this one done. It's got three coats of Enduro var, and I rubbed it out with a brown paper bag. I like the final result. It's subtle on the Birch. The dovetails came out well. This was my first time using hand cut dovetails in a project. The drawers seem to operate well. There's a little racking of the slides if you push hard off center, but I think they'll work well. Attaching the fronts was a pain but they're lined up well in the end. I screwed the back on. I intended to glue around the edge, but didn't mask off the finish. It worked well, but I had to drill the holes around the edge on an angle. This detail is my favorite part. There are a couple of bark inclusions, and because I was watching the river table build they now have butterflies. Other than bringing it in the house and mounting the French cleat, I'm finished. It may be a few days, but I'll take a picture in place. Thanks for following along!
  7. SawDustB

    Daughter's bookshelf with drawers

    One full coat on. It's looking good!
  8. SawDustB

    Daughter's bookshelf with drawers

    I'm not sure at the moment. I've only got space for something small. The one that died is a store brand 5 gallon that I mostly used for changing tires. I'd like something quieter, and I borrowed a Makita compressor of the same size and it's a lot better. There's a 10 gallon unit from California air tools that looks interesting - very quiet, oil free (not sure if that's good or bad) and slightly better flow ratings. We'll see. After this project, I don't really need the compressor again until winter tires go on in November.
  9. SawDustB

    Daughter's bookshelf with drawers

    Back on track! I was able to borrow a compressor from a friend at work. I lost most of today, but I was able to at least spray the drawers with 2 coats. The drawer fronts look pretty with some finish. I love the look of flame Birch.
  10. SawDustB

    Daughter's bookshelf with drawers

    I swear, this is the project that I'll never finish. I finally got to spraying, and halfway through the second drawer box my compressor died. I'm hoping it's just the thermal overload. Otherwise, I might be brushing.
  11. SawDustB

    Stanley depth adjustment

    I agree with @Chestnut. All my planes are Stanley (4-7) and they all are clockwise to increase the depth of cut.
  12. Usually when looking for a place to put the new one away...
  13. SawDustB

    I Can Not Get A Flat Glue Up Ever

    For those of us without jointers, I've used the match planing method successfully to get a flat glue up. I find it helps to make them as seamless as possible, too. It's definitely a better edge than directly off the table saw. See here for what I'm talking about, using a hand plane:
  14. SawDustB

    Daughter's bookshelf with drawers

    Not yet, but I will before it goes into her room. I still have some more finish sanding to do. Thanks! I'm not sure she believes that I'll ever finish it.
  15. SawDustB

    Daughter's bookshelf with drawers

    Full test fit! I'm happy. So is the client