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  1. Thanks for the tip Stumpnav. I'll have to pick one of those up.
  2. Yes, congratulations on the puppy. Love those GSDs. This is mine. His name is Strider and Max in the background. They both like hanging out with me in the shop but Strider hates noisy machines so whenever he sees me reaching for the remote to the dust collector or a power switch on a stationary tool, he heads for the door. One of the benefits of me using more hand tools lately is we both like the noise level better.
  3. Stumpnav - Just curious, when do you use the toothed blade?
  4. I think that is totally awesome of your wife and her friend. Not crazy at all. You hear about tragedies like Nepal and a lot of people respond by making donations but sometimes we forget just how good we have things here in this country and how many millions of people life "tragic" lives everyday with no media coverage, no worldwide awareness, no hope in sight. Your wife must be a very strong and compassionate person to want to work in a NICU. You should be proud of her.
  5. Had mine for about a year and wouldn't trade it. Great all round/jack-of-all-trades plane. So much easier to set up than a traditional chip breaker/frog/lateral adjuster set up. Easy to swap the blades so I like to keep a second one with a slight camber to it for more aggressive stock removal since I don't have a scrub plane.
  6. My hardwood supplier can't hardly get walnut these days. And what he can get looks a lot like cow doo doo...
  7. I've been using genuine JET sleeves from Beaver Industrial Supply. Not the cheapest but they seem to last.
  8. Hey guys, New forum member here, and a lefty. As Barron mentioned, I too have tried using benches made for righties and it never felt quite right. So this past winter when I built a Roubo, I set it up for a lefty. Leg vise on the right end and tail vise on the left. Feels much more "natural".