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  1. Thanks for posting this Mark. I was browsing the forum when I ran across this again today and on a whim I checked to see if this offer was still good. Much to my surprise not only was it still good but through today there was free shipping plus and additional $10 in store gift cards for every $100 you spent. I ended up getting the DW735X and a bag of candy for $531 delivered including tax. I will get my $50 gift card emailed once it all ships to me. Thanks again for posting the original offer.
  2. I saw this come up for auction literally just up the street from me and while I would love something like this I simply do not have the room. https://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=270&acctid=8890
  3. I agree completely. I picked up one of these small Rolair compressors and am very happy with it. My old compressor just could not even begin to keep up with the air chisel I was using to remove some floor tile but the Rolair did a great job.
  4. My thoughts as well Steve. At the end of the day it just was not worth the risk for me.
  5. I was not able to really find much for reviews and/or opinions on this model plus I was not able to inspect it so I ended up passing on it. I know that Delta now has a bad reputation when it comes to supporting anything that is out of warranty so I figured it was not worth a $550ish gamble.
  6. I am looking at this planer, actual picture below, that is being auctioned by a school district. Delta 22-790X planer link. I know that this is one of the Chinese manufactured Deltas but it is a fairly recent vintage and parts seem to be available. From the pictures I have seen it is in good shape and know that it was working when it was taken out of service. Any personal experience with this model would be appreciated. Also what would you consider to be a reasonable price?
  7. I have thought of that as well. The problem is that you are using a LOT of bags before you get to the same cost as even a moderate level HEPA VAC and a dust deputy.
  8. Thanks guys. I had looked at those online but I saw the "compact" description and that frightened me away from it for general shop cleaning. If it works OK for both of you I am guessing it will be just fine for me.
  9. I love my new CT26 but I am just having a hard time justifying the $175 for the basic cleaning accessory kit. Can you tell me what you do for general cleaning with it since I am not certain that I can see any real benefit to the green brand attachments?
  10. That's almost where I am at with it. If it wasn't my grandfathers then the decision wold be made but sentimental value is keeping me hopeful that I can pick up the needed parts reasonably. The thought of using the same plane that my grandfather and great grandfather both used seems pretty cool to me.
  11. You are 100% correct on them being very helpful. They are helping me with my difficulties as I type this now! Well crap. I apparently have a broken frog and perhaps some mismatched parts.
  12. @Lester Burnham Thanks for the video. He does quite a job there.
  13. @Lester Burnham Thanks for the link and those look great! @Dknapp34 I have read that the Hock blades typically hold a much better edge that 99% of the stock blades. I will check them out. I will be sure to take a look at his video as well. @C Shaffer I had not thought to check on FB. I will have to take a look there!
  14. I have searched but am not finding exactly what I I am looking for. I have a couple of hand planes that were my grandfathers that I would like to restore to daily users. The first is a corrugated bottom Stanley 5 1/2. The second is a Bailey 3. These both seem to be relatively popular and good candidates for restoration. Does anyone have any tip or tricks for restoring either of these? Also who is the best source for replacement parts for these? From what I understand it is typically worthwhile to spend the money for new modern steel blades on these. Is there anything else that you would recommend replacing? Thanks for your help.