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  1. So did you need some kind of retrofit based on you saying you tossed the ballast, or do the LED tubes work straight out of the box into fluorescent light fixtures? Where did you get the lamps? <edit> Didn't take me long to do some quick search and research to find what I was looking for. It seems it would be a lot easier for me to replace the tubes with LED tubes instead of finding the fixtures with built in LED. Like you, I could buy two new fixtures, bypass the ballast as instructed, and get myself the right rated LED tubes. This could be the easiest solution for me I think. I can't
  2. One of the two fluorescent light fixtures I have in my garage/shop has started to flake out on me. I've determined it is not the lamps. In my researching of troubleshooting the issue, I decided I wanted to replace both fixtures and subsequently fell into the abyss of options, light color, led vs fluorescent, etc... I spent maybe 4 hours last night researching and looking for what I thought might be right, including the Wood Whisperer post made on the subject, and I have yet to come up with something. I'm hoping someone here may have some advice for me, or some product suggestions. I don't n
  3. No jointer yet, unfortunately. That's on the short-list. I have all kinds of techniques for jointing with a table-saw jig, but I need my table saw up and running first No strips of plywood. I just moved and took no materials with me, but getting some plywood and cutting a strip would be fairly easy. I'm not opposed to buying a good dedicated straight edge, but $350 would be a bit much at this stage of my game.
  4. I've had my Grizzly G0771 delivered to me a couple months ago, and I've been very excited about putting it to use, but I'm just now able to start putting it together. I have it sitting on a mobile base currently. The very first step is to attach the extension wings to each side of the main cabinet table, and make sure they are level with each other. I think I have it pretty darn close to co-planar level. I had to loosen a couple bolts, take a soft mallet and bang on a few corners to get it to where when I run my finger over the where the edges meet, I don't feel a ridge. Then I took an old S
  5. So much for Grizzly shipping G0771 in late July... I just got a notification that mine was shipping today.
  6. Thank's for your input Scott. I was about to pull the trigger on the G0715P. I'll have to do a little more digging and read up on the 771. So it looks like the 771 is a newer model, a little bit cheaper, wired for 110v, almost 100lbs lighter, but a downgraded fence/rail system? The 771 is not available right now. According to another forum I read, there was a recall as there was apparently an incorrect pully used for the motor shaft. Not sure how long out they will be shipping again. **Edit** I called and was told shipping availability was July 9th. **Edit2** new Email says expe
  7. I was building the wall, not the OP.
  8. Good idea. I won't be using it for furniture, personally. I'll be making an accent wall out of pallet wood.
  9. I actually have a project coming up where I'll be using a lot of recycled pallet wood. I'll be purchasing a planer soon as well. Can you tell me why a spiral head would not be good in this case?
  10. Ah! A roller base, well that makes things a little easier! I'm surprised there's no sale from either of the big box stores either, but you can buy 10% coupons for lowes off of ebay for a few bucks. So that's an option too...
  11. Well that's good to know about the breaker then. I guess they state to get an electrician to avoid any liability. I know I need to ultimately decide on what I need, but I'm hoping to get some more pointers why one may be better than the other etc. I have a few projects slated, a 9 foot rustic dining table, entertainment center cabinets, and a home studio desk. I know from reading around that it's usually better saw from the get go, and could plunk down the extra $$ for the Grizzly, but just trying to ascertain if the extra $260 is worth it. I do like the fact that I can move the other saw
  12. I finally have garage space again and can put together a decent workshop for myself. I've done some basic woodwork in the past, but haven't had the space for the last 6 years. I had to get rid of my larger tools which wasn't a big deal since they were very basic/starter quality, so I'm in the market for some new toys. I have a decent budget for a new table saw and I think I've narrowed it down to these three. I've been back and forth so many times on these and I can't seem to seal the deal on one. I'm hoping some of you may have some input or advice on these. The grizzly is the most ex