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  1. I had the same difficulties with the site. However I was able to get the items I was after; the jack rabbet plane and the shooting plane!
  2. I ordered the following additions to my arsenal today: Does anyone have either of these?
  3. I think I will just use my router for this purpose and call it done until I get more experience with the hand tools.
  4. I'm thinking of ripping as close to 45 degrees as I can and then clamping the 2 halves together in such a way that allows me to try and joint the miters. Although, I could just hit them with a chamfer bit in the router after ripping if I have to.
  5. A shooting board seems unlikely with 4 ft boards.
  6. How do you cut long, accurate miters by hand? Go
  7. Just a few...
  8. Paul uses it to lube the soles of his planes. I plan to use it for that, chisels after sharpening, and my saws. I figure if he's been using it for 40+ years, who am I to question it? I'll post should I find it to cause any problems.
  9. I made a "Paul Sellers" oil can. It took 2 full bottles (6 oz) of 3-in-1 oil.
  10. Any updates on that coffee table...?
  11. So after careful consideration, I've ordered the Stanley 16-401 Bailey Chisel Set. I've watched the video of Paul Sellers sharpening some cheap chisels several times and figure I can make due with these for quite a while. I am also curious about using a bit brace; specifically, boring the many holes for knock-down bolts, countersunk hardware, etc. I plan to practice before hand but am curious how difficult a task this is going to be. Regards, Mark
  12. Hey Chuck, wouldn't the PM-V11 chisel reduce the need to "touch up" as often?
  13. Thanks for all the replies. I agree with the advice about the #8 and have ordered the #7. I was still excited from using the #8 at the event. My real confusion is about the block plane, shoulder plane comments. I originally wanted the medium shoulder plane, and an adjustable mouth block. I don't know how getting the rabbet block plane is going to help. Regards, Mark