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  1. dead stack

    Agreed. I'm done replying to this thread. Didn't mean to start a big debate. If you have the time and space it's certainly not going to hurt to sticker your lumber so best not to take any chances.
  2. dead stack

  3. dead stack

    Right because it's taking about commercial processes. So you air dry until 20% and then kiln dry so you can use the product in a reasonable time or You can also continue to air dry until equilibrium. Moisture content. Did you read page 55? It clearly says once lumber reacher 20% there is no need to continue to sticker it and lumber can be taken down and bulk stacked.
  4. dead stack

    You just had to read the one page that was quoted. But it's cool. Your clearly smarter than the people that literally wrote the book on drying lumber
  5. dead stack

    Guess he also disagrees with the us forest service and university of Wisconsin Madison. These guys are considered the worldwide experts on lumber production and according to their manual on air drying lumber once you get below 20% there is no reason to sticker the stacks and you can bulk stack the piles to save space. See page 55.
  6. dead stack

    This is a piece of Air dried maple. It's been dead stacked in my garage for two years now and at 11%. That's a freshly cut end from the middle of the board.
  7. dead stack

    I have plenty of air dried lumber that is 10%-12% which is equilibrium for around here this time of year. Common thinking is that it takes lumber about a year per inch of thickness to reach equilibrium so unless you're in the rainforest air dried lumber will certainly be lower than 18%. Especially if it has been sitting in a barn for 40 years. At this point it's not worth arguing about more so we can just agree to disagree.
  8. dead stack

    Ok so the lumber is air dried and let's say it's at 10%. I move it to my basement sticker it and it sits there for a year and dries to 7%. I then take it out to my garage shop a few weeks before I start building the project and it picks up moisture and it's now at 12% what did I gain by having it in my basement stickered? Then I build a piece of furniture and bring it into my house. Equilibrium moisture content in my house in the summer is close to 13% and in the winter closer to 6% so the wood is going to continue to move and pickup moisture and then loose moisture.
  9. dead stack

    This is what I said. Take it out of storage and move it to your shop a few weeks before you plan to use it and sticker it then. No reason to sticker it in long term storage if it's at equilibrium moisture content. Of course it doesn't hurt anything to sticker it either. If you have the room and the stickers go ahead and sticker it.
  10. dead stack

    I agree it's never going to reach 8% unless it's kiln dried but what is the point of stickers if it's never going to reach 8%? Once it gets to equilibrium all it's going to do is move a few percentage points with the seasons and it will do that regardless of being stickered or not. Move it to your shop a few weeks before you plan to use it and sticker it then and you will have no issues at all.
  11. dead stack

    If it's dry no need to sticker it. None of the lumber at the local hardwood dealer is stickered. None of the stacks of lumber in my basement are stickered either. Just keep it up off the floor and stack it neatly.
  12. Stitch & Glue Kayak Build

    Very cool! I've always wanted to build a strip canoe. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Blanket Chest - Wedidng Gift

    I guess this is more of a showcase than a journal. Next time I want to do a better job actaully making a journal. Anyways, Just about finished with this. Just need to put some lid stays on it and touch up the finish a little. Just in time for the wedding Saturday! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
  14. Blanket Chest

    Great job. I'm normally not a fan of the super dark stain but it looks great on this piece. I might have to try it out in the future. I have a bunch of red oak I got for free.
  15. Blanket Chest - Wedidng Gift

    Thanks for input. You bring up a good point. I wonder if the curly maple for the top will be to much. Maybe just a plain maple top would be better and let the panels be the highlight of the piece.