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  1. Denette

    Walnut Vanity

    Made a fair bit of progress the last two days. First, I’m thrilled to say that my client is happy with an undercoat of boiled linseed oil and a top coat of polyurethane. That’s my favorite finish, so count that as a victory in the “influencing clients to choose a good finish” chart! I’m pumped. I now have all the walnut joinery finished. I assembled it all and used a little tape to help mock up the final look: The birch plywood panels will be up against a wall, so no worries there, btw. The client told me to not waste good materials on that side. The only trouble I’m having is that I made a rookie mistake and made the top rails all mortise-and-tenon rather than bridle or dovetail joints. I’m getting blowout on the end grain on most of the mortises: Truth be told, I’m not that worried. It’ll be basically as strong as a bridle joint once there’s glue in it, and then it’ll be covered with a countertop for the rest of human history - not to mention that this vanity will be screwed to wall studs and never moved again. It’s already way overbuilt, even with the blowout. Next up is the plywood, I gues!
  2. Denette

    Walnut Vanity

    Got some tenons cut tonight! Actually, afaik I cut ALL the tenons for this project. Tomorrow I’m going to use my sexy powermatic mortiser to cut the corresponding mortises. Meeting with the client Saturday to discuss finishing options, wish me luck! *eek* Also, I replaced that one stile I wasn’t so sure about. I had scrap and made use of it! Better to fix it now than later. The one on the left is the original funky piece, and on the right is it’s replacement. Still not perfectly straight grain, but worlds better.
  3. Denette

    Walnut Vanity

    Made up some samples of various finishes so my client can pick what she likes. Safe to say that we probably wont be using the ferrous sulfate, it looks like grey paint. Leftup to my own decision, I’d probably go with Danish oil topped with wipe-on poly. But we will see.
  4. Denette

    Walnut Vanity

    Yeah, I know. I feel you 100%. I'm hoping to convert them. They will be coming by the shop next Saturday and I'm going to have a few samples of different finishes ready for them. But stain is just for the birds, man. If wood was supposed to be a certain color, God would've made it that way, and any manmade finish just fails to stack up to natural wood IMO. But I'll see what I can do with danish oil, linseed oil, and topcoats. Hopefully it'll please them. But really though. This is going to be the nicest piece of cabinetry in a several mile radius. They should realize that and just match their other stuff to my work, not ask me to do the opposite. I've had to match white oak to Walmart particle board grey "wood" printed decals because my client on that project would not budge. But whatever, it pays! Yeah, it's going as well as I could ask for! All the work I've done for the last year and a half has been for clients. They've kept me plenty busy, and I've got projects lined up into probably February or March. After that I think I'm going to take a little break from commissioned work so I can actually KEEP something I make for once, hahahaha. But yeah, it's going very well! Small side business for supplemental income.
  5. Denette

    Walnut Vanity

    I'm making a vanity for a client. Solid wood exterior with plywood interior and drawers. They want it to be dark, so we went with walnut. Here's the material as it arrived: I finished laying out the pieces and got all the solid wood down to its rough dimension yesterday. It's my first time to lay out the pieces like this - I don't know why I haven't done it before, it's a great preview & helps me figure out the grain orientation a lot better. I'm 95% happy with the layout as it currently is. The only piece I'm not in love with is the center stile on the right side - just a case of making do with limited stock. It'll be next to a toilet for heaven's sake, so I'm not super concerned. If I'm committing grave error let me know, but I don't think it's THAT bad. Good color match at least. My client wants it darker. I hate, hate, HATE using stain, so I am looking for a better way. I played with some dark danish oil, to moderately pleasing results. I was reading Jeff Jewitt's finishing book last night and he mentioned Iron Sulfate as a way to semi-naturally / chemically darken walnut, so I'm going to order some of that and test it out. It's pretty cheap and seems very safe - it's sold as an iron supplement for people to drink, so it's probably way safer than ordinary stain anyway. I'm planning on going the utility over grace route for the drawers and cabinet hinges - this is a working cabinet, not a piece going in an art gallery. Full-extension self/soft-closing drawer slides, blumotion hinges. Haven't got my mind settled on pull/knob hardware yet. And thankfully, the client is taking care of the countertop and plumbing. All I have to do is come and install it in place. Should be a fun build! It's my first piece of real walnut furniture, aside from some dabbling in small projects like cutting boards, bandsaw boxes, and floating shelves. Walnut is niiiiiiice.
  6. Denette

    Does Cricut have a place in the shop

    I think if you wanted to do marquetry or patterned veneerinf it’s not a bad idea, as long as you can get the material in thin enough sizes. I wouldn’t use it, but it would make for some easy marquetry.
  7. Denette

    Cherry darkening with sunlight

    All of the above info is good. I’ll add that another way to get a darker color faster, and add some depth and richness and durability along the way, apply boiled linseed oil. Let the wood soak up as much as it can, not unlike how you’d treat a cutting board. Wipe away the excess, then forget your project exists for two weeks to let the linseed oil cure. Topcoat it with an oil-based finish like wipe-on polyurethane. In my experience, the first top coat of poly will dry very slowly, but subsequent coats will behave normally. A year and a half ago I was discussing this issue with a former board member (Eric) who didn’t believe me, so I posted this demo on YouTube: The small pale board has wipe on poly without any BLO. The rest is BLO with poly on top.
  8. Denette

    Solid cherry sideboard

    Three last pictures, courtesy of my photographer wife’s staging skills! And yes, it is my own design! I try to design my stuff all from scratch.
  9. Denette

    Solid cherry sideboard

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone! I have added a ton of pictures to the original post above, check it out!
  10. Denette

    Black Friday cometh

    Hey, no kidding?! How cool is that? You responded to my post from a year ago, hahaha. But it's awesome to see that Jorgensen is back in the saddle, riding that... pony.
  11. Denette

    Solid cherry sideboard

    Not yet - strictly speaking it isn’t finished yet, I snapped a part on a hinge when I was installing it and it’s supposed to deliver tomorrow. But once it’s finished, you bet it will be!
  12. Hey everyone! Back from the dead. Here’s what I’ve been up to for the last three months or so! It’s a sideboard that will serve as an entertainment center for a client. Solid cherry all over, with cherry veneer plywood for the shelves, back panel, and internal vertical components. The only screws in it are holding the ledger strips in place and fastening the top via figure-8 fasteners. I’m pretty happy with it!
  13. Denette

    Help finding specific router bit profile

    I was wanting to use it to cheat a bit and get a clean shoulder and crisp miter when doing blind mitered dovetails, but I'll manage with doing it in two steps. Having to hand tool that final mitered part is so tedious. Guess I'll experiment with multi-step solutions! Thanks for trying to help, everyone!
  14. Denette

    Help finding specific router bit profile

    I don’t really need any set width beyond that it should be wider than ¼” and have a cutting length of at least ¾”. Custom is not an option for me financially. I’m really surprised that what I’m looking for is so hard to find, considering how diverse the selection of router bits is. I just figured there was a term I didn’t know that was making it not show up in my search. Huh.
  15. Denette

    Help finding specific router bit profile

    I want a v-groove that is at the tip of a long straight bit. In other words, it’s a straight bit for like an inch, then has a 45° angle to form a v-groove-like pointed tip.