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  1. Denette

    Help finding specific router bit profile

    I was wanting to use it to cheat a bit and get a clean shoulder and crisp miter when doing blind mitered dovetails, but I'll manage with doing it in two steps. Having to hand tool that final mitered part is so tedious. Guess I'll experiment with multi-step solutions! Thanks for trying to help, everyone!
  2. Denette

    Help finding specific router bit profile

    I don’t really need any set width beyond that it should be wider than ¼” and have a cutting length of at least ¾”. Custom is not an option for me financially. I’m really surprised that what I’m looking for is so hard to find, considering how diverse the selection of router bits is. I just figured there was a term I didn’t know that was making it not show up in my search. Huh.
  3. Denette

    Help finding specific router bit profile

    I want a v-groove that is at the tip of a long straight bit. In other words, it’s a straight bit for like an inch, then has a 45° angle to form a v-groove-like pointed tip.
  4. I’m trying to find a router bit that is essentially a straight bit with a v-groove at the tip. It would look like this: Ive scoured amazon to no avail. Any help is appreciated. And yes, I know I could make this profile in multiple passes with multiple bits, but I want precision and repeatability.
  5. Denette

    The Dream Guild Project

    I’d bet that they would do a canoe. Marc hasn’t taught that, Nick has experience with it, and I bet it would be a popular project. I have no desire to make a canoe, but I bet it would sell.
  6. Denette

    Just made a website - feedback & criticism?

    Thanks, I'll do that! Good idea. I just went through and photoshopped out the bad backgrounds and lowered file sizes of almost everything - hopefully it's a trimmer, faster experience now. And no more toes!
  7. Denette

    Just made a website - feedback & criticism?

    Okay, I just shelled out $40 more for unlimited bandwidth. Anyone want to see how loading times do for them now? I think it should be a good bit better. The original bandwidth was only 2GB. Evidently this should make it load a ton faster.
  8. Denette

    Just made a website - feedback & criticism?

    I noticed the mobile site being a tad slow, too. Yeah, Wix is the service I'm using, and they automatically make your desktop page into a mobile page, although you can tweak the mobile layout as needed. I'll take a little time to photoshop some backgrounds and whatnot tomorrow. I'm going to bed, haha!
  9. Denette

    Just made a website - feedback & criticism?

    Okay, the edits have been made!
  10. Denette

    Just made a website - feedback & criticism?

    Well, there are three links to my Etsy shop - I guess I should ditch the “E” logo and replace it with a shopping cart icon. It’s not like Etsy is paying me to use their logo, and humility and subtlety won’t do for marketing. As for business... I’m covering my bases. I want there to be a clear way for potential clients to reach out. It can’t be my career, but I want there to be a clear paved road for it to be a lucrative hobby. I’ve gone through and downsampled the images to 50%, reordered them so that detail shots are paired with the related project, and also added the names, materials, and dates to each image in the portfolio. I also swapped out the gappy-looking dovetail photo for a better looking photo of the same drawer. I replaced the Etsy logo with a shopping cart logo, and changed the “Contact” strip out for a “How to Buy” strip. Hopefully that’s clearer. I’ll keep tweaking it! The next thing is to make the testimonials more in keeping with the site’s style. I’m making it an active element that swipes left and right through a lot of different reviews, each with a project photo.
  11. Denette

    Just made a website - feedback & criticism?

    Yeah, I noticed that the portfolio wouldn’t load myself a few minutes ago. I’ll get on it later today.
  12. Denette

    Just made a website - feedback & criticism?

    Thanks! I'm only the grammar police when I'm getting paid to be, no worries. They were a little gappy when that photo was taken - good eye. I'll get a better picture from after they were tuned up a bit. Thanks! I just used that photo because the lighting was good. The food pictures are already gone and replaced with a couple of testimonials! Taken care of. I actually didn't expect anyone to reply as quickly as you did, haha!
  13. I'm thrilled to have just set up and want to see what you fine gentlemen think of it. Any tips? Any glaring omissions? Criticism? Compliments? I'd love to hear what you guys think.
  14. Denette

    Where to buy sandpaper

    I haven't tried Klingspor, but I see that it is available on Amazon for reasonable prices. Not sure how Amazon compares to where everyone else gets it from. I have also used and been very happy with Mirka brand abrasives.
  15. Denette

    Cherry Driving me Crazy

    If you can’t shave your arm hair with a light pass of your blade, it’s not sharp enough. That’s always the first line of improvement - razor sharpness.