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I grew up surrounded by sawdust. My father is a hobbyist woodworker of the Norm Abram generation, and had a standalone shop in the backyard when I was small enough to smack my head on the table saw every time I walked past it. Some of the earliest home videos my parents have show me, about 3 years old, fiddling with a tiny saw and a block of pine on the floor of my dad's shop. 

When I grew older and went to college to major in English (to become a teacher), I realized that I yearned to keep working with my hands even as I learned to work with my mind. My father and I spent the summer of 2009 driving one another insane as we worked together during the day (my summer job was with his company) and then worked together every afternoon to build my first real woodworking project: a traditional Arts & Crafts Morris chair. Without my dad I'd never have gotten started, and I'm so thankful that he taught me this awesome craft.

Since then, I've not really stopped woodworking. I finished college, got married, and have spent the years teaching for nine months and woodworking for three. My projects have grown more ambitious, and I've steadily honed my skills and expanded my tool arsenal. At the end of the day, I'm happiest when I can pat the sawdust off my clothes and say, "Hey, Dad! Look what I made!"