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  1. This bad boy is about a year old and has seen about 10-15 hrs at the very max on it. Has the upgraded spiral cutterhead. I bought it at last years wood expo in Vegas. I paid $6477 plus shipping I’m willing to listen to offer of around 5k. I have the invoice and can provide it upon request. Location is the central coast of California This is the 16” jointer/planer PM if you serious Dustin Cookson
  2. Thanks guys for the reply's. I'm liking the Nova drill press. Might have to put the drill press on hold for a milling machine though.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions on the table. I've never owned a drill press so thats the kind of input I really like pond hockey.
  4. Just like the title says, im in the market for a drill press. Price in so so much an issue. I just want a machine that has quality, I will never regret buying. Size wise I will most likely go for at least an 18" model. Power can be either 110v or 220v. Thanks for any input Dustin Cookson
  5. Good to hear.. Just bought one over Black Friday. Cant wait to get it at try it out.
  6. Thats a great Machine. I was at the AWFS and they had this machine set up running demos. Its was impressive. Made me really jealous, being as i was there to buy a Hammer 16" jointer/ planer. I know the feeling on waiting. My hammer is expected to be delivered in the middle of October. Congrats on a fine machine.
  7. Thats sure is tempting. Its only 2hrs away. It all looks so big though. bandsaw looks awesome but huge. Same with the saw and shaper. I need to down size. Wish my needs were different. I really want the 16" width on the planer/jointer. I love my 20" planer, I'm already down sizing with the 16". If I do get a 12" its going to be in the combination Hammer 5in1. I hate all the decisions I need to make. For what you get thought it sure looks a great deal.
  8. Thanks I'll do a search for it. Its space that is driving my need for a change. I already have a 20" planer. I just dont have that much more room for a jointer.
  9. Anybody out there with one with some feedback on then? Im looking at getting either the jointer/ planer or the combination machine. Space is tight now that i have a car parked in the two car garage i use as my shop? Just looking to see how well they really perform in the real world. For the jointer/ planer im looking at tge 16" with the silent power cutter head. They look like nice machines but every company can make even a crapy machine look good online. Anyfeed back woukd be great. Thanks Dustin Cookson
  10. thanks for the replies. I'll take some pictures tomorrow of the end grain
  11. No idea. My dad had it for what seemed like forever
  12. Sorry fixed it. First time posting to this site
  13. I'm just looking a getting idea of what kind of wood this is. Thanks Dustin Cookson