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  1. Hello , I am building a couch table which will have a 5' x 1.5' veneered top. I dont have veneer press so what would be the best substrate to use. I was thinking 3/4" MDF. The bulk of the table will be walnut and the veneered top will be curly maple with bloodwood strings. Any feedback would be great. Thanks
  2. G0453 15" 3HP or the Polar Bear version
  3. Hello , I am looking to buy a new planer that is 15" or larger. I am currently looking at the Grizzly 15" planer , which seems to have good reviews and is priced well. I don't want to spend more than 1500$. Anyone have any opinions for me. Thanks
  4. Thanks, I am going to be using Cherry and a clear finish , oil based. Where can I find 16/4 cherry stock ? Thanks
  5. Hello , I am going to be building a project featuring the cabriole leg in the picture below: It call for 3.5 x 3.5 x 18" stock. My question is , does it have to be a solid piece of stock with those dimensions , or can it be a glue up ? I have this size of tapered legs with glue ups and usually am not very happy with the grain pattern. My worry is that with all the curves , there will be too many glue lines (mismatched grain) with all the curves of the leg. What is the standard procedure for this type of leg. Thanks
  6. I have the one at woodsmith site , I was looking for others. I though maybe some members here might have made some of there own they could share. Or maybe I missed an issue of a wood magazine that had one., Thanks
  7. Hello , Thanks , but there is no full size pattern at that site. Just instructions on how to cut it out on the bandsaw. I am looking for actual size drawings of different leg types so I can make MDF templates. Thanks
  8. Hello , I am looking for full size patters of different leg styles. Especially the Cabriole Leg. I haven't been able to find them on the internet. If anyone know where I could find them please let me know. Or if you know of a issue of a magazine that has them, Thanks
  9. Dave B , How did you cut a quarter out of the column? Keith K , I need 3/4 of the column , do I need to rip it in half , then rip one piece in half again? Thanks guys
  10. Hello , I was very curious as how to make and attach round fluted columns to a piece of furniture. Here are some pics they may better help explain what I am talking about. Thanks
  11. Hello , I have a few slabs of 1.5" marble about 22" x 22" and wanted to make 2 coffee tables with the marble. I was going to do a standard mortise tenon legs with aprons and then a miter frame on top with the marble inset into it. My question , or where I need help is how do I support the marble. Obviously the aprons will be covered by the mitered frame on top , so they cannot take any of the weight. I thought about putting 3 rails across 2 of the aprons to support the marble , but that seems like I am using to much wood. Any suggestions , plans, drawings , links would be appreciated. Thanks